“Youtube” Videos (The ARCHIVES)

While trying to gauge/master this ‘crazy world of blogging’, I have come to accept that I’m still in the rudimentary stages of perfecting “Why O Why”.  Utilizing many videos (lots involving Youtube), I’ve found that Youtube is becoming a more shittier source.  (Shitty in the sense that either “the user” or Youtube will delete video references at any given time.)  So…  NOTE: Should youtube ever delete the clips referenced, and if the hyperlink: “Watch on YouTube” appears, just click and you’ll go to the song/clip chosen.  This notation is for all youtube videos that are linked on “YOY” cuz youtube has been fvkin’ up my groove lately!  Thanks.

Peace, love and happiness.

7 thoughts on ““Youtube” Videos (The ARCHIVES)

  1. Im glad there are some people that are not so easily brain washed and see whats really going on…
    We slide a slippery slope into new world Fascism . and most people will never see it coming till way to late..

    Thanks for the site

    • Chaz– THANK YOU! I was beginning to wonder if I was speaking to the mute!!! Your comment and timing is wonderful because a sister was so close to throwing in the towel ESPECIALLY after this latest bin Laden farce! ‘Scares’ me to think of the many who are brainwashed because it almost feels as if it truly is “too late”. Why O Why can’t people simply begin to seek more information than they are told?

      Thanks again for your timing!

      Jazz 🙂

  2. i’m so glad i found this site.thank u for the time u take to put all this info. up..it is wonderful to know that not everyone is worshipping celebrities or the t.v. they come in on. in 2003 when liljohn and missy and other rappers started endorsing the liquor patron,grey goose and expensive products i started turning off hiphop.it became an advertisement not music.its promotes sin and love for expensive things.and whats worse they really teach our black men to sin from day until night and still believe they are a Christian!! thats why there are so many songs with lyrics about being on the fence like ‘is there a heaven for a g’ ‘only God can judge me’,i know the Lord is lookin at me’ and many others . alot of our ppl were raised in the church so they know better. we are witnessing people who are in love with the world because they dont want to let these false idols Go!!

  3. and pertaining to b.e.t. why have black people been saying for years b.e.t is trying to keep black people down but then alot of people continue to watch the “programs”? smh

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  5. are we all forgetting Obama does not have a legal birth cert. we do not know if michelle is a man or not. the secret service thing is a reptilian, lee Strasburg on the same video is a shape shifter, whats up ? no comments good or bad can change the fact that we can not answer any Obama questions with his family morphing, and not even knowing if his wife is a transgender or not. feeling really insecure guys………….HAVE A BLESSED DAY

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