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Black Folks Dancing to COUNTRY AND WESTERN??? Hilarious!! :)

Couldn’t QUITE decide on a title that I ACTUALLY liked (may change this one later) but thought this was a GOOD chuckle! lol  Our timing and rhythm is truly “off tha CHAIN”!  LOL  Thanks again, “T” for the clip– you ROCK! 🙂 Just a lil’ note before viewing. 🙂  I grew up in “white world” … Continue reading

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CUTE Babies DANCING!!! BIG Smiles!!!

Just because of “our elections” tomorrow, thought people MIGHT need a SMILE! 😉 In case you hadn’t heard… “Mi LOVES me MUNCHKINS”!  🙂  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!  Just a lil’ something to BRIGHTEN your day (considering this DISASTROUS “political season”)!  Thanks “T” for the clip, my man!  You ROCK!  🙂 … Continue reading

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Something SLIGHTLY “Different”… My Real Life Hummingbird EXPERIENCE! :)

About a couple a weeks ago as I was walking through my REALLY charming neighborhood (loaded with strollers, moms, cats and dogs), I was walking back to the house then out of NOWHERE… a Hummingbird swooped down to suckle the nectar from a flower RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!  The flowers’ pedals were white (by … Continue reading

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John Lennon on Population Control

I hope people are finally catching on that over population is a myth.  We have plenty of resources and enough space for everyone in the entire world to live in a state the size of Texas which leaves the rest of the world with wide-open, unoccupied space.  The tag-team of Al Gore and Bill Gates … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About The “R” Word!

It’s a subject that I usually reserve for family and friends but there is such a presence happening right now that I think I will put my two cents in on religion.  Now… I’m not talking about religion as in attending rituals on a Sunday, I’m talking about recognizing that if there is dark, there … Continue reading