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To ALL Of The Readers (and ESPECIALLY the SUBSCRIBERS)! :) A “SMILE” for you!

So… last week, I was at a train station and saw the absolute “make my day” sort of thing!  I’m a animal lover (a dog owner most of my life until we actually “inherited” a CAT)!  lol  Cats are now my PERSONAL favorite, by the way!  🙂  Anywho… A young lady was walking, with her … Continue reading

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Something SLIGHTLY “Different”… My Real Life Hummingbird EXPERIENCE! :)

About a couple a weeks ago as I was walking through my REALLY charming neighborhood (loaded with strollers, moms, cats and dogs), I was walking back to the house then out of NOWHERE… a Hummingbird swooped down to suckle the nectar from a flower RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!  The flowers’ pedals were white (by … Continue reading

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Meet Rico! The Singing Dog From Holland!

Ok… you guys know that I’m a pet lover having owned dogs most of my life.  And recently we inherited our latest addition of Oscar– a CAT!  Can’t stress enough that I never thought I’d have a cat but I did find out that they are equally as cool as dogs.  And of course you … Continue reading