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Black Folks Dancing to COUNTRY AND WESTERN??? Hilarious!! :)

Couldn’t QUITE decide on a title that I ACTUALLY liked (may change this one later) but thought this was a GOOD chuckle! lol  Our timing and rhythm is truly “off tha CHAIN”!  LOL  Thanks again, “T” for the clip– you ROCK! 🙂 Just a lil’ note before viewing. 🙂  I grew up in “white world” … Continue reading

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Another Good Cop! FINALLY!

It’s very rare, due to the quiet militarization of our policemen, that we find one who crosses the blue line.  But thanks to a little cat named NYCresistance (youtube) who’s undercover recordings was profiled on a program I watched the other night– we finally get to see another hero!  The last time I was able … Continue reading

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Operation: “First Casualty II” – New York

This is simply outstanding!  I’ve been following Grant Collins, Adam Kokesh (as well as others) for a hot minute and I’m so amazed at what they are accomplishing.  What these guys and many like them prove is that the men and women of the armed forces can (and should) speak out.  I think “proud ass … Continue reading

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Coxsackie-Athens Valedictorian Speech 2010. Meet Erica Goldson!!!

This is probably the most important Valedictorian speech you’ll hear!  It is extremely refreshing to see that someone sees through this amazing fog!  She writes on her blog: “A travel log of a former over achiever who decided she’d rather be an explorer, forming her own path than submit to the unfulfilling, mainstream version of … Continue reading

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Finally! ::sighs:: An Officer Breaks the Silence!

I saw this on atlanteanconspiracy.com earlier today.  I like popping over to his site because he has a way of finding great videos that illustrate just how true the term “conspiracy” is.  Please, humor me for a minute… I just want to state for the record how my dictionary defines the word ‘conspiracy’; “a plot … Continue reading