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Meet Rico! The Singing Dog From Holland!

Ok… you guys know that I’m a pet lover having owned dogs most of my life.  And recently we inherited our latest addition of Oscar– a CAT!  Can’t stress enough that I never thought I’d have a cat but I did find out that they are equally as cool as dogs.  And of course you … Continue reading

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To ‘lighten the load”, here’s something to make you chuckle…

Since my return last week, it seems as though all I’ve posted was “heavy stuff’.  Well, I have fun (just like the next person) and for those who’ve stopped by occasionally– hey… I’m sure you’ll see that.  I have a special weakness for little tykes and dogs and my buddy “T” knows that.  He just … Continue reading

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“Ramsey and Pablo”… “America’s Cutest Couple”

Okay– since there are so many heavy things going in the world these days, I figure it never hurts to ‘spread a lil’ sunshine’ from time to time.  This is for all the pet owners out there (sorry to the cat lovers but I’m a dog lover personally).  I was introduced to this duo about … Continue reading