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The MOST Important Film on Today’s Media by John Pilger

I watched this only days ago and when I went back today (to youtube) of course it was gone!  It is hands down the most important and recent film that tells you the painful truth about media and how we were led into this war through the most manipulative manner possible… omission.  You’re going to … Continue reading

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Jorge and his daughter Alexa Narvaez

I will be forever amazed by all the ‘dads’ who abandon their children.  This is Jorge and one of his two daughters sharing quality time together.  How some ‘dads’ can give up moments like these is beyond me.  I don’t know if Jorge is a single dad but he’s a father of two working his … Continue reading

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Racism… A “Rant & Observation”

I’m having difficulty finding a title other than “Racism” for this entry because the thought of this subject came up in a most unpredicted way.  I was researching the rankings of the safest cities in the world for my post on Amsterdam.  Seems simple, right?  Well, when I typed “safest cities in the world” into … Continue reading

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Deep down… haven’t we ALL figured out that we are the same yet?! Peep this…

I am NOT a fan of Sarah Silverman.  To me, she is a clear example of the ‘clicks’ in hollyweird (IMO).  I know why a friend sent this clip of her (Silverman) to me… he knows that I appreciate Janeane Garofalo (which is who I’m certain he had in mind).  Here’s Janeane’s photo (the dark … Continue reading


In prep for this Friday’s (9/24/10) Blogtalk ‘blogcast’… What Is Black Culture? Part II

Ice Cube… now a popular “mainstream” actor and director, who has a production company.  But before then… here’s one song that made him (very) popular… (MATURE LANGUAGE IS CONTAINED WITHIN). Here’s a picture of him (and his lovely wife and kids).  But before then… well… he was proud to be a “gangster” (even though he’s … Continue reading