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Why Did Junior (from The Bronx) Die? An Ex-Music Executive Tells the truth about “rap musics” roots. Designed to create MONSTERS!!!!

I’ve held onto this for longer than I’ve cared to (numerous laptop crashes etc, just kept pushing this behind).  Since Junior’s barbaric killing… I think now is the PERFECT time for this letter to be seen (again).  Published in 2012 (and ALMOST, lost forever).  Without further ado, here is the full cut & paste.  Direct … Continue reading

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If Jay Z “Invented” This “DIAMOND HAND SIGNAL”…

… then why in the hell was Aaliyah flashing this same gesture before she died In 2001??!!! Please stop making excuses and see the deception.  You are being so niave to this it makes my stomach hurt!  All of these “artists” know full well what they are doing when they flash these hand signs.  To … Continue reading

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** ALERT ** The Superbowl Is A Sex Trafficking Haven! Welcome To The Real World ** ALERT **

From the amazing lady, Tuacca at the “Ultimate Evil” she brings us yet more vital information regarding sex trafficking at one of ass-merica’s favorite sporting events.  The last time Tuacca shared her research she helped us to know that pedophiles have a secret language.  This time she’s letting us know that we need to be … Continue reading

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Recent Charges of Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood Just Tip of Iceberg, Experts Say

A serious word of caution for all of those stage moms who are dying to get their children in entertainment.  Here’s some words from a former child star who’s confirming that Pedophilia is a huge problem in entertainment: I literally heard that they were ‘passed around,’” Arngrim  said. “The word was that they were given … Continue reading

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Coxsackie-Athens Valedictorian Speech 2010. Meet Erica Goldson!!!

This is probably the most important Valedictorian speech you’ll hear!  It is extremely refreshing to see that someone sees through this amazing fog!  She writes on her blog: “A travel log of a former over achiever who decided she’d rather be an explorer, forming her own path than submit to the unfulfilling, mainstream version of … Continue reading

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Kid For Sale On Ebay? Is this a joke and if so, why? UPDATED: 5/18

++TURNS OUT THIS WASN’T A JOKE AND (according to this article) THE CHILD WAS ONLY 2!!++ From, ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP (WZZM) — The Ottawa County prosecutor is reviewing a case against an Allendale Township woman, who investigators say tried to sell a 2-year-old girl on eBay.  Detectives with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department say dispatchers … Continue reading

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A Powerful Message for the Absentee Fathers (you should really be ashamed).

I’ve been trying to find some accurate numbers on this for at least a year and a half but I’m pretty confident that 64% of black children are growing up without their father is spot on.  1 is too many but 64% is down right shameful.  This is a crisis and I’d love to know … Continue reading