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Alanis Morissette “BLOWS THA WHISTLE” With Her Song: CELEBRITY! WOWZER!!!!

I think this is a REMARKABLY clear example about how truly dark “the industry”, is (always has been).  Thanks “T” for the intro to this twisted song.  Subliminals throughout with coded language and imagery (when you view the video).  This “lil diddy” is so forthright one can only ask– “whatsamatta US”? (instead of “whatsamattayou?”)!!”  I … Continue reading

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GET OUT OF TOWN!! An update about Sherry Peel Jackson and a special “Feel Good Friday” (FGF) by Take 6!!!!

I just spoke to her husband, Collin and he informed me that Sherry is due to be released on February 15, 2011!!!!  EDITORS NOTE —  November 26, 2010:  Collin explained that they are forcing her to a “half-way-home”  first, unlike Martha Stewart, but I’m still so incredibly happy that she’s heading home soon, you guys!! … Continue reading

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Feel Good Fridays (FGF-A): Joe

We’ve been feeling somewhat restricted with our music selections.  We’ve been informed that readers like a visual when they check out music.  I personally want to challenge that!  Who needs a visual when the recording  starts and ends the way they should be (smooth, clear or doesn’t end so abruptly).   So with that in mind, … Continue reading