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PDF’s Of The New World Order Blueprint! Uploaded 11 Years Ago Too!! ( – French Website)

So my plans aren’t going quite as I expected therefore I’m still working on making this much more consistent.  The more each day passes, the more information is being revealed.  It never ends you guys BUT… it’s about to! I stumbled upon another whopper of a youtube channel and this lady is something else!  Talk … Continue reading

Politics and all that jazz / Serious Shit / Something Cool

An important interview this Friday night on Blogtalk…

I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I’ll be interviewing two gentlemen who have incredible information that can very well change your lives as you currently know it.  We’re going to cover a little known subject called Accepted for Value and how to save your house from Foreclosure.  Naziyr and Doug Riddle have an amazing … Continue reading


Save your home from Foreclosure and learn about Accepted for Value. Upcoming guests on “United We Stand As A United Front”.

Hello, fellow people!  I wanted to jot a brief update about two gentlemen who will be appearing on my blogtalk channel; “United We Stand As A United Front“.  We are still penning a date but it looks like it is fast approaching.  There is a strong possibility that the show they will appear on will … Continue reading