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First Hand Encounter with “The Mass Controlled Mind”!

This is a real trip to me but I’ve got to get a gauge… is it just me or did I truly encounter a mind controlled person who is exactly what this mass-programming is all about?  First thing… I think this person is pretty smart so it blew me out of the water for this … Continue reading

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Mark Of The Beast Begins In India

The great culling has begun.  Under the guise of “curbing corruption”, 1.2 billion Indians have submitted to the Mark of The Beast.  Eye scans, finger printing (the right hand at that) and monitoring individuals on a massive scale will soon be complete.  Their naivety will be their undoing… “He causes all, both small and great, … Continue reading

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Have You Heard of Susan Lindauer? Well, you should…

This little spitfire is really something else!  I’d be the first to say; “what took so long for a former government employee to blow the whistle, yawn”… it almost makes you not want to hear their potential lies because too little too late, right?  Well, this lady was silenced through The Patriot Act!  That’s right, … Continue reading


Hickey Paralyzes Woman

The next time you find yourself getting intimate, be sure to cover your neck — a hickey might be more dangerous than you thought.  That’s right, a woman in New Zealand suffered a small stroke that partially paralyzed her after receiving a hickey — or as the Kiwis call it, a “love bite” — from … Continue reading

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Restaurant promotes sex in its bathrooms

Uhm… I’m down with being creative and keeping “romance” spontaneous and all, but this seems just a little nasty to me! Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (in Canada) is inviting customers to have sex in its bathrooms.  The Valentine’s weekend promotion takes uncomfortable but electrifying sex from the close confines of an airplane and transfers it to … Continue reading

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Tennessee lawyer Mark Lambert bites off part of Greg Herbers’ nose during fight over bathroom stall! Really?!!! WOW!!

A lawyer got his nose bent out of shape during an altercation over an occupied bathroom stall — and retaliated by chomping off part of a man’s schnoz.  Mark Lambert admitted during an interview with WMC-TV to biting off a portion of Greg Herbers‘ nose, according to a report on the TV station’s Web site. … Continue reading