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Is Jerry Sandusky Part of The Illuminati Pedophile Network? An Article by Henry Makow.com

Now that we know Sandusky “pimped out” those boys to rich donors, I think it might be important to bring to your awareness the article from Henry Makow.com as it highlights those global network of powerful people who are the sickest kind of pedophiles.  I found it really interesting (and disturbing) that Sandusky was given … Continue reading

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Kid For Sale On Ebay? Is this a joke and if so, why? UPDATED: 5/18

++TURNS OUT THIS WASN’T A JOKE AND (according to this article) THE CHILD WAS ONLY 2!!++ From BattleCreekEnquirer.com, ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP (WZZM) — The Ottawa County prosecutor is reviewing a case against an Allendale Township woman, who investigators say tried to sell a 2-year-old girl on eBay.  Detectives with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department say dispatchers … Continue reading

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11 Year Old Girl Raped By 16-20(?) Men!!! (An Update)

** UPDATED INFO (3/31).   FOR ALL WHO WERE BLAMING THIS CHILD, YOU SHOULD READ THIS LINK ** I haven’t wanted to post anything on this because it’s so hard to imagine what this child suffered through as well as 20 guys… :sighs: I don’t like where the debate [via net] is going on this topic.  … Continue reading

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Karma is always at work– Part 3: “The Rescue” (update)!!

******UPDATED NOTE 9/5/09:  There is some additional information contained within this post: Seems quite a buzz is going around….  It seems that the many cut/pasted post on my last update is on several blogs out there.  Unfortunately, it is not directing readers to the aforementioned, which does include more information that you all may need to know.  I … Continue reading