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A Brief Announcement about “United We Stand As A United Front” on Blogtalk

I am so doggone happy to announce that Folk from the website “Black Folks Don’t Swim” and I are going to make our little gig on the airwaves a permanent thing!  Yep, we’re joining forces to continue our discussions on the complex topic, “What is Black Culture?”!  It will be a monthly discussion and the … Continue reading

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Folk from the website “Black Folks Don’t Swim” will return to blogtalk this Friday night @ 11PM EST

Hello, fellow people!  Folk from the website “Black Folks Don’t Swim” will be joining me again this Friday to continue our discussion on What is Black Culture/Tradition.  Last week, the switchboard crashed and I wasn’t sure if we were actually being recorded, therefore we’ll be joining forces to continue where we left off.  It turns … Continue reading

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In prep for this Friday nights’ blogcast, here’s a song by the rap artist “Nonchalant”…

I truly want everyone (who gives a damn) to understand where “Folk” (from the website “Black Folk Don’t Swim”)” and I will be coming from this Friday with our on the air discussion.  My friend “T” just sent me the link to an important rap song that I almost forgot about.  It was yet another … Continue reading

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“Folk” from the blogsite Black Folks Don’t Swim will be back this Friday night!

Hello all!  “Folk” and I will be doing a follow-up blogast on our conversation about “What Is Black Culture”.  We had a blast this past Friday night!  We not only ran completely out of time, but we also want to address some solutions to encourage the Black community to ‘love’ each other more.   I definitely … Continue reading


In prep for this Friday’s (9/24/10) Blogtalk ‘blogcast’… What Is Black Culture? Part II

Ice Cube… now a popular “mainstream” actor and director, who has a production company.  But before then… here’s one song that made him (very) popular… (MATURE LANGUAGE IS CONTAINED WITHIN). Here’s a picture of him (and his lovely wife and kids).  But before then… well… he was proud to be a “gangster” (even though he’s … Continue reading