** NEW ** Rules for Comments (DAG-NABBIT)!!

It’s unfortunate that I feel that there is now a need to outline a few rules for commenting but the recent activity has forced the hands here at Why O’ Why.  I want to state that this makes me feel as though I have to monitor children and I thought I did a pretty good job of setting the tone at Why O’ Why without trying to lay out some friggin rules.  This all stems from the exposing of a website called; The Vigilant Citizen because he’s a disinfo agent.  The mudslinging, accusations of real names being used– talk about “hot mess” activity?!  Well, Why O’ Why is allergic to two things; stupidity and DRAMA!  The rules are simple:

  • No use of the N-word is ever allowed.  It’s a part of history and that is where it belongs.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No usage of real names.
  • When you make a claim– better back it up or you’ll be banned from commenting on this site in the future.
  • Stay on topic.

Alright.  Nuff said.  Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

Jazz – The Captain of THIS Ship

10 thoughts on “** NEW ** Rules for Comments (DAG-NABBIT)!!

  1. On a picture of the Pope with an inverted cross, you said that the inverted cross was meant to be a mockery of Jesus. Actually, an inverted cross originated to symbolize that the person wearing or carrying the cross was not worthy to carry a cross next to Jesus and was started with Roman Catholic priests.

    • Hi Lilli and welcome!!

      I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole especially knowing that satanist have re-defined it. Here’s a good description to summarize it;

      Satanists have taken it and made it a symbol of “anti-God” or “anti-Christianity.” Just as the pentacle was a Christian symbol at one time, but has become associated with the occult. Because of this, Christians no longer use it.

      And I’ve actually been to Rome (unfortunately). I can only describe it this way; “beautifully hateful”. “Actually, an inverted cross originated to symbolize that the person wearing or carrying the cross was not worthy to carry a cross next to Jesus and was started with Roman Catholic priests.” Roman Catholic Priests were pedophile then as now– so why is anyone listening to them? lol

  2. For some reason i can only post here and it has nothing to so with this sorry…. I recently saw some clips with Cathy O Brian and it struck me how much she resembles Kelly Pickler. Do you think she could possible be her daughter? I know it sounds far fetched but they look so much alike

    • Hi Devon and thanks for the heads up! I’ll send wordpress a note.

      I had to look up this Kelly Pickler and I’m not sure that I see a resemblance. I know Cathy has children who were abused within the network so it wouldn’t be surprising though. After all, Cathy was a “Presidential Model” with really high ranks. In that world… anything is possible. Excuse me– I’m having flashbacks of what Cathy writes about Hillary Clinton (**holds back dry heaves **)! I’m convinced these people are void of a soul!

      • Is that the story where Hitlerie had sex slaves at the white house and she performed well lets just say she really likes the beaver.

      • Hitlerie! LOL! Good one! Yep– that’s the one! She’s got a special thing for poor MK’d Natalie Portman these days. It’s funny– before becoming aware of this sick underground lifestyle the “rich” have, I actually use to feel sorry for her with all of Bill’s cheating and then it dawned on me– they have a merger, NOT a marriage. She likes the ladies anyway so they are good (those nasty devil’s advocates)! 😉

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