* NEW * CollapseNet Banner

UPDATE: AUGUST 18, 2014:  Though the tab will remain (I still want people to know who he was and what he stood for), the banner has been removed.  Since Michael’s death, the organization has changed what they stand for.  R.I.P. Michael Ruppert.  You are missed.

I wanted to introduce you to Michael because he’s one of many who is trying to change things.  This clip is from 1996 and he hasn’t stopped yet!  Check out the clip first…

You’ll notice a new banner featuring CollapseNet.com.  This is what he’s been working on for the past year or so and the more I look at what he’s doing, the more I like it.  People can prepare for the coming crisis or not but there’s now a banner on Why O’ Why to further expand your knowledge and offer you resources to prepare for the seriousness that lies ahead.  Ruppert has been exposing truths a lot longer than me and I know he’s the real deal.  He offers a wealth of knowledge and you have the option to sign up to receive more exclusive information but it’s certainly not required (although I did sign up). 

I can’t say when, but 2012 sure feels like that’s when the fireworks are going to fly!  And again, I’m so not referring to the end of the world I’m talking about the execution of some MAJOR event that’s going to change everything.  And if you’re still in denial about the impending financial crisis/collapse and that this Fiat currency is about to turn into dust– just remember that gold and silver is more expensive than it’s ever been.  That ain’t no fluke, ya’ll.  So check out some of those items on our blogroll from time to time and click the banner for CollapseNet.com.  I’m trying to build a “research center” so that when people finally realize what’s happening, Why O’ Why will have been there the entire time as a source to try and help you understand some of this twisted NWO stuff. 😉  Since I missed my opportunity to work with Ted Gunderson – July 2011 (R.I.P.)— I’m not missing this opportunity to work with Mike!

“Remember; when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has past” — Steven Cyros


Dome of the Rock…

*** This banner is discontinued as he has passed away and the people who are now in charge, I cannot vouch for. ****

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