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Kenneka Jenkins: “Death By Freezer and Friends”. The “Conclusion”

Hello, fellow people!!!  I’ll get right to it cuz this one is looong, OVERDUE! 🙂 This has to be one of the most intriguing and EXTREMELY difficult cases to penetrate an IOTA of the truth, that I’ve come across!  That is for certain!  I feel “fortunate” in the fact that it took about 2 weeks … Continue reading

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A Unique Munchkin Experience To WARM YOUR HEARTS!!! (plus an Update on “Why O’ Why?) :)

HELLLOOOO fellow people!!!  🙂  Been a LONG time I know!!! 🙂 This little clip was recently captured in Portugal while a family was on their vacation.   I think it might capture one the most PRECIOUS moments ever recorded between a mom and her baby.  You decide… 🙂 K… you guys KNOW I’ve just MELTED!  … Continue reading

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Like A BOSS!! :)

Though many of the long time readers here may well know, I LOVES ME SOME animals (dogs, cats, puppies and kittens– you guys can have your spiders, rats or snakes as pets)!!!  🙂  This post is inspired by a video I received YEARS ago with this badddd (shut-cho-mouth) doing “a BOSS thang”!!  🙂  Cuz I … Continue reading

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CUTE Babies DANCING!!! BIG Smiles!!!

Just because of “our elections” tomorrow, thought people MIGHT need a SMILE! 😉 In case you hadn’t heard… “Mi LOVES me MUNCHKINS”!  🙂  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!!  Just a lil’ something to BRIGHTEN your day (considering this DISASTROUS “political season”)!  Thanks “T” for the clip, my man!  You ROCK!  🙂 … Continue reading

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*** (MUST VIEW & SHARE – 2015) Victims Of GLOBAL Pedophile Ring SPEAK OUT! CAN YOU HEAR THEM?!! ***

*** ADDENDUM UPDATE: 2/7/15 @ 1PM *** HERE is the private video collection of interviews with these children (21 videos total) with running times from 1 minute to 7 minutes per clip.  Download them and watch.  The children are speaking… CAN YOU HEAR THEM?!!! *** ADDENDUM UPDATE #2 JUNE 3, 2015 *** It was just … Continue reading