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I’m placing this update at the TOP only because it’s important.  A recent posting presented here called; “If You’re Still In Doubt About Hell… Listen To This”. invoked something in me and well, let’s just say… it woke this sista’ UP (again) and as I re-review what God considers sins, profanity is indeed one of them therefore from hereon there will be no more profanity included in the articles at “Why O’ Why?”.  Feel free to express yourselves however YOU choose as comments will NEVER be censored but I’ve made a personal decision because I do feel wiser in knowing that one of the tricks of Satan is that he’s got us convinced there is such a thing as “a little sin”.  I considered a little profanity here and there to be no big deal but I see NOW that THAT is one of his most ingenious traps! 

I can’t stand the heat, not crazy about bugs (butterflies and lady bugs is IT for me LOL) so I’m trying to do my best to make it to Heaven.  🙂

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!



On this blogsite, we’d like to attempt to add a slightly new perspective on life and current events, while reminding everyone how very important history is.  You’ll laugh here and there, but ultimately, we’re hoping to invoke thoughtful actions amongst our readers.  We want to also remind all of humanity–“we only have one life to live”.   We should enjoy every moment, “take each moment in” and do our best to fulfill our highest potential.  PLEASE BE ADVISED… some language may be very direct from time to time.  With that said, this is NOT a blogsite for anyone under 18 years old and you’d be well advised not to visit while at work.  I refuse the internet speak so profanity will be spelled out (with the exception of the word; “motherfucker”).  Until you’ve broken bread with me, writing the word vs. hearing me say it, may not come across as intended.  But for the record, it is my favorite cuss word! lol

Feel free to write your comments— they are all welcomed (even if we don’t agree, I love a good debate).  We all have so much to do, with little space and time.  By the way, the musical postings (normally posted on Wednesdays and Fridays) can be found under the search tool by typing in “MWJ” [Mid-Week Jams] or “FGF” [Feel Good Fridays] or type “music” in the search box.  You’ll find our diverse taste in tunes there. Additionally, when you see; “Must See”, “Must Watch”, etc.– we’re not kidding!  Those types of videos must be seen.

Research everything we expose (it is definitely available to everyone right now), groove to the tunes we’ve posted, and hell… just be enlightened and enjoy.  Don’t forget to take action on subjects that move you to respond (react or get involved).  That’s our sole purpose!  So… “Love, Live and Enjoy”, but especially become ACTIVE.

Increase The Peace with Critical Thinking.

EDITORS NOTE (3/10/11):  If you guys run across something that is dated or the clip is no longer available, just drop a line to let us know!  I do quite a bit of research for these entries and I welcome updates/links/info on ANY information we provide.  And FYI, comments are never closed here so if you feel a topic well after its’ original posting, don’t be shy– speak your mind!  I see you guys are peeping and that’s gravy, baby! 😉

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!