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Junior… The Death of Innocence. Just spoke to a Rikers Island Officer *** RAW PUBLISH***

So… this is a very unedited publish.  Just got off the phone with a Riker’s Island Officer.  Why?  I couldn’t comprehend these killer’s “protection” while held before a TRIAL. 

Since I’ve never had an interactions with prisoners or known anyone in “the system”, I was simply inquiring about why these “bandits” were being protected or in ISOLATION!  Officer Barraca (phonetic spelling only and THANKFULLY a woman, because I am one) explained the following…

We are held liable for their safety” until TRIAL.  If something should happen to them, there could be a monetary award for their FAMILIES” (depending on the circumstances)!! 

So let’s just slow down on our emotions and help make that NEVER happen!   It’s very interesting that this woman was “reading my mind” as… even before I could complete this sentence… SHE concluded [my thoughts] which was…

“I hope they WON’T kill them and let them serve their time”. She said and I quote; “I’d just said that SAME THING” only YESTERDAY”!  So these BOYS are not being shielded as we think!  And thank GOD!  We CERTAINLY can’t allow any possibility for some monetary gain to each of their “families”!  They raised ROTTEN kids so NONE of them should EVER be “rewarded”!  Even if by; “default”.

To that Borough (The Bronx)… PLEASE… USE YOUR HEADS AND BE RATIONAL.  Now is the exact time for change!  Even some officers feel the VERY SAME WAY!  I’m actually SHOCKED to find a cop who does care about their community (and NOT a ‘BULLY cop”)!!  It really is time for that community to BAN TOGETHER.

Image result for junior death in the bronx

This Officer concluded our conversation by saying just this… “let us ALL, just PRAY”!  She appeared to be just as saddened by this as me!  A normal citizen.  When Junior’s street sign is erected/affixed… decorate it with your LOVE.  And do give the Bodega owner a real chance because, what did ANYONE expect him to do?  And according to one report I’ve read…  (you can see a short summation of THAT, HERE) as there were TWO calls made to 911 from that location!  It’s funny… crime has such a rippling affect.  Junior lost his life, those bandits are held until trial, his parents are grieving and the store owner APPEARS TO BE, ‘shut down’.  His death is a REAL wake up call to ALL!  INCLUDING, “Chiraq” (aka; CHICAGO)!  Minority on minority crime… MUST END!

2 thoughts on “Junior… The Death of Innocence. Just spoke to a Rikers Island Officer *** RAW PUBLISH***

  1. There is so much sadness going on in NYC, especially the Bronx. Demonic forces are strong over here and only getting stronger!

    • Cababella… So true and not just in NYC but all over, sadly. I truly hope this very disturbing event, will serve as a wake up call to ALL. While he’s not the only child to loose his life, his was a most vicious attack. I hold on to hope since at least one of the gang members had so much remorse, he “apologized”. That has to be a first! And I need to correct one item about the Riker’s Officer… she was actually a Captain so she wasn’t some empathetic rookie. Very seasoned in her experiences and was indeed, disturbed by this as well. Thank you so much for comment and please, feel free to share. 🙂 It would “kill me” if these families get any sort of settlement as I never knew that a city could be held liable (if someone dies before trial). I’m sure most of us, didn’t know that. 🙂


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