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To ALL Of The Readers (and ESPECIALLY the SUBSCRIBERS)! :) A “SMILE” for you!

So… last week, I was at a train station and saw the absolute “make my day” sort of thing!  I’m a animal lover (a dog owner most of my life until we actually “inherited” a CAT)!  lol  Cats are now my PERSONAL favorite, by the way!  🙂  Anywho…

A young lady was walking, with her stacks of morning coffee, and THEN I noticed her satchel, which had a itty-bitty Corgi in it!  I raved so much about the Corgi’s ADORABLE-ness, that a couple (cute red-head and her beau) came over and snapped the “perfect” shot of this little girly!!!  12 weeks of life with those super soft “puppy paws”!  🙂  The puppy is resting her paws on me!!  🙂

Hope it makes your day (or night) as I really want to say just how much I appreciate anyone who finds “Why O’ Why?”, reads and EVEN subscribes!!  🙂  All 167 subscribers of this blogs, TRULY humble me!  I feel I owe you so much but simply wanted to say that I’m HOPING I’ll have an actual full WEEK of downtime to publish some things that I’ve had NO TIME for!  It’s been “killin'” me, you guys!!  🙂 

So thank you ALL, for hanging in there with me (it really is a small crew here and we ALL work) you dig? 🙂  I hope everyone enjoys their downtime this coming week and I look forward to uploading some stuff during the break, too!  🙂

Take care of each other and keep your eyes open as “they” are counting on us NOT, to. 😉


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