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Best Rebuttal EVER Regarding Illegal Immigration! (MUST SEE)

Hello, fellow people!  🙂  Had two seconds so needed to “pop in”!  🙂

This is a very quick clip regarding “undocumented immigrants”.  When I discovered that they are removing jobs, college opportunities for u.s. citizens as well as owning an impressive % of housing… well… thought this clip might be worthy to add to that “pot of discussion”! 🙂  Just watch Joe Thomas, “KILL ‘EM” with one of the BEST analogies/rebuttals, I’ve EVER SEEN (regarding “undocumented”)!  The added bonus?  It’s actually pretty FUNNY too!!  🙂

And just in case you doubt there is a real need to say NO to illegal immigration… peep this well put together video that brings the affects, real “close to home”.  Pun intended.  Though the clip is “targeted” for millennials, ALL need to become aware of THIS horrific future planning!  Watch the full clip cuz they give us a glimpse of exactly how this might become the future in america (bka– “ass-merica”).  They (the uploaders of the below clip) definitely deserve a “tip of the hat” for showing us what’s been happening in China, as they’ve “spearheaded” this future HELL (on earth)!!   A note to millennials… if you are “the future”, please… EDUCATE YOURSELVES.


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