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Kenneka Jenkins: “Death By Freezer and Friends”. The “Conclusion”

Hello, fellow people!!!  I’ll get right to it cuz this one is looong, OVERDUE! 🙂

This has to be one of the most intriguing and EXTREMELY difficult cases to penetrate an IOTA of the truth, that I’ve come across!  That is for certain!  I feel “fortunate” in the fact that it took about 2 weeks to even begin to find some research that was presenting this case WITHOUT buffoonery (i.e.; the N-WORD)!!  Just “UGH” WITH THAT!!!  Because I started “late”, about a few weeks after this broke the news, my eyes are seeing what was ALREADY there!!! 

The post/entry below this one, shows what I could actually see with my own eyes through Irene’s sunglasses (reflection) and then I stumbled upon a youtube channel that showed TWO images that confirms Jenkins was indeed a victim of an assault!!!   His channel was removed by Youtube (I’m assuming) so I was only able to capture one of the two screenshots he uploaded of Jenkins’ sexual assault and appearing dead while being carried by “a dark figure” or what I call; “the hoodie guy”, before they terminated his channel.  Before I show you the screenshot he gave, I need to include this…

One channel I glanced at gave a synopsis that Jenkins navigated through those halls with her eye closed.  He froze that image of her, which is CLEARLY her, but not within the time frame of what we’ve been presented.  In short, that is her face but not while the fake Jenkins was filmed walking.  It’s an edit, as I believe they were retracing their steps!  Why bring in an “editing team” (not JUST that Chicago Tribune editor named, Kasondra) if they were not trying to hide something? Van Treeck is no “stranger” to editing video of murders that have occurred, namely that woman named; Sandra Bland!  She’s been named as the editor of publicly released images/videos in THAT case TOO!!!  Sorry, that I didn’t link, but it’s easy to research and find.  🙂

And here’s what appears to be an “editing team” that security camera’s at Rosemont Crown Plaza caught, rolling in their equipment for the next 30+ hours they’ll need to edit while “on location” (INSTEAD OF being at a news center).  They are using standard carrying equipment cases while “on location” or “remote”… 

This group of people are tied to a network of higher ups that most of us are COMPLETELY unfamiliar with.  “They”, and by “they”, I mean, those gang members in the room, the hotel, local police and media are REALLY “connected”.  So let me get to this screenshot…

The image on the left is what this channel laid proof that Jenkins wasn’t walking those halls.  To the contrary… she actually was being CARRIED at the time she was transferred to the freezer which is CLEAR, as the image on the left, of the screenshot I captured, indicates.  The image on the right is the same image that the aforementioned channel, froze.  The “fake/decoy Jenkins” was used to TRY to retrace the path utilized to take her there…  (CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE)


The shot we see on the left shows a clear outline of shoulders/arms, which can correlate to her being carried and a need to reenact them CARRYING her to the freezer!   I can even see an outline of his head and the doorway he passed… since she couldn’t have walked there.  Logically speaking, if she was compromised by a drug or had too much alcohol, I find it hard to believe she’d roam “aimlessly” for over an hour, don’t you?  Her autopsy report is VERY disturbing but it does lend to this as a VIABLE angle for ALL of the footage that the Crown Plaza released as she had contusions on her ankles!!  Hey!  Is ANYONE familiar with the word; “re” PERFUSION”?  If NOT, keep THIS in mind, as you read along!  Seems a gland that “mother Jenkins” may have needed (after her bout with Cancer), COULD be what mama needed and PERHAPS kept her quiet. Could THAT be possible?  Sure hope NOT!  Continuing…

Why is that [autopsy] important?  This screenshot shows a suspicious garbage bag being moved through the kitchen and it appears to have a body in it.  And when it hits the structure next to it… it looks exactly like where feet/ankles would be.  Does this look like towels, sheets and blankets or even a rug in a garbage bag, to you?

Click HERE for the link I used for the above screenshot.  As that cart was wheeled through the kitchen, it hit another shelve right in the very area of this bag which to me, looks exactly like it hit her foot or ankle.  And the guy with mop bucket following right behind this cart… WOW!  EVEN if this was a garbage spill (instead of her blood)… seems the same person who wheeled out the garbage would be responsible for picking up leakage vs. another entire OTHER person, following directly behind him!   The Crown Plaza in Rosemont must have a HELLAVA personnel BUDGET! 

And now that the Rosemont Police have released the crime scene photos, IF she was walking to the freezer, how was she able to do that on a foot that looked sooo bruised and INJURED???  And didn’t she have on BOTH shoes when “security cams” caught her walking the halls?!  So, she just closed the door but before she laid on that nasty floor, she took off her friggin SHOE?!

There’s no way she could walk on THAT foot like what the security cameras showed!  This case is closed, according to Rosemont Police even though we see there was trauma to her body, her clothes were dirty/stained as well as her shoes, she was ALSO half-dressed but when she closed that door, she kicked her OWN ass, to death?!!  Just shaking my head.  There’s even a piece of what looks like a trash bag, on her nail!!!  Her stiff hand is a sign of rigor mortis, by the way, meaning… this body has been dead for at least 1-7 hours…

STILL not convinced that this is Jenkins dead body though, as she was not wearing THAT watch when she entered the Crown Plaza- Rosemont…

Nor can that SAME watch (via Rosemont crime photos) be seen on “her” when in the bathroom (via that now FAMOUS clip of her in the bathroom). Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the video following… she’s actually not wearing anything but a black band (of sorts, maybe a hair tie) on that wrist!  You’ll see the video I linked below (“the pregnant nosed girl” is that thumbnail/screenshot).  You’ll know IT when you see “…Jenkins full LIVE…”.

And THEN, to add more to the findings… I came across a Youtube channel called; “The Knowledge” who, AMAZINGLY, was able to transcribe Irene’s LIVE video!!!  I hear REALLY well (no kidding) but he was able to “drown out” what the girls were saying and ONLY focused on the MALE VOICES!!!  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a quick snippet of the dialogue which he typed/transcribed and I LITERALLY, “cut & pasted”:

Irene: Did you put any influence in this ??? 2:43 toilet flushes

Guy 1 : Lay down where you goin ( people laugh )

Guy 2 : Open ya mouth up (Guy voice garbled) Cant tell which guy but he says ” me too shawty ” sounds like a belt is being loosened 2:58 guy sounds horny 😢 ew ! 2:432:59 irene is moving as though someone is having sex behind her ( check the facial expressions)

Irene : What yall finna do ? 3:01

Guy : Lay her down bro… Lay ha down

Girl : sounds like a girl says who gives a fuck (garbled audio) 3:08

Girl : Help me Help me Help me !!! (Check it out Chief Keef blasts) 3:13 music briefly malfunctions (irene turns says wtf)

Guy: ” whats wrong with it”

Guy 2 “trippin” 3:213:35 irene dancing so you cant see whats happening in the shades reflection Continues moving head around or sideways so you cant see whats happening still… Music stops 3:33

You can go to his channel and look for “Irene Part 2”, I believe he titled it.  Open the description box and you’ll see exactly what I highlighted above.  JUST in case his channel gets remove before this gets posted (been INSANELY BUSY, you guys), I did save every word he wrote!!   Ask for the PDF of it and you’ve GOT IT!  And… once you read it?!!  You’ll HEAR this dialogue loud and clear!!!  No DOUBT!!!  All of those girls in the room, watched her attack and rape happen.  No doubt.  I find that UTTERLY disturbing (BY THE WAY).   And here’s where it REALLY “twists” for me…

I do believe she was set up for a revenge rape, “gangland style” revenge type thing but something went TERRIBLY wrong and she died!!!  I don’t think they were planning to KILL this girl but it happened and they did “clean up their tracks”.  Although, I think one guy did choke her till unconsciousness (I’ll elaborate in a few more paragraphs), I believe she had a heart attack, perhaps (from the sheer FEAR of what was happening to her COMBINED with her spiked drink), which is why I believe her lips look white in the above image where she looks deceased. 

In fact, I believe this girl was attacked at least 4 times on camera thanks to their “LIVE” VIDEOS!!  Twice, within Irene’s uploads and twice with the old looking, cockeyed dude’s “live” videos!  Look at those LIVE videos again!!!  Jenkins is attacked in the bathroom when the “thumbsucking toothed girl” (I believe she’s the cockeyed boys’ HALF SISTER) says, she’s giving a drink to “that girl”, and when the “manager comes to the door”, an attack is happening there, too!! 

There’s a  fake Jenkin’s being used as a decoy as she fixes our eyes on her while the real Jenkins’ girl is being attacked in this SAME area!!  Don’t believe me? When you get to this part of the (directly) below clip, you’ll recognize this screenshot as this is their “decoy” for Jenkins appearing to be in the DOORWAY (looks like a LINEBACKER compared to Jenkins’ more PETITE frame) but the REAL Jenkins girl was in the area everyone TURNED TO.  SERIOUSLY… watch the MOVEMENT in that area and watch HEADS TURN… SOMEBODY, “got JUMPED”!!!

The girl with the pregnant nose (with the “Pepples” hairdo), Monifa, even peeps in as this scuffle is occurring.  LOOK AT THE BACKGROUND, you guys (a room/area where everyone turns to look!)  Hits @ :41 seconds…

… and finally, Irene’s sunglasses!!  I DO believe Jenkins says… “I’m TRYING to keep my head CALM” which hits @ :28-29.  Watch Irene’s shades as you will be able to see, LOTS!!!

Below is the screenshot from our previous article that was uploaded and I can clearly see the figure of a woman, sitting on the floor.  Can you? (AS USUAL, with “Why O’ Why?”… when you see pics… just click them to ENLARGE. 🙂  In 2018, I won’t repeat that “directive” as it really SHOULD be clear (understood) that we’ll NEVER post TINY images. 🙂  Click the pic (sometimes once or twice for a TIGHTER VIEW) and you’ll see why a pic would EVER be included on this BLOG!  🙂  In OTHER words– we ZOOM IN, ALWAYS!

I made a comment on one of the channels I came across about the music that was played during ONE of her attacks, that it was “demonically inspired”.  And this PROVES that demons were manifesting through the people there, cuz that old looking dude, named Ty??!  HIS popped out for a moment!  Peep this which is only a FLASH of a frame that my eyes could ACTUALLY, see… (click to enlarge)

I ALSO hope you guys will recall that his DEMON said; “turn that happy RING TONE, OFF”!!!  Demons can’t BARE the signs of ANY, joy!!  The name of CHRIST or The HEAVENLY Father!!!  At ALL!!!  While they CAN torment us, they MUST YIELD to the LIGHT OF THE LORD (or ANYTHING that reflects HIS light)! 

This is not a “glitch” and I hope everyone who’s seen that video recalls that he kept Jenkins in his view.  She was the sole target of that night.  And this is just ONE of the demons following these people, by the way.  Hey!!  Even if you do not believe in that aspect of real life, this kid’s dad is a straight up gangster!!!  Ties to politics (you’d be naive to think politicians don’t use thugs/gangsters for their dirty dealings when necessary) AND Freemasonry!  Engine search; “Carl Nesbitt”!

There’s another dude that was there after Jenkins’ body was discovered (in the middle of the night) and this dude is INDEED a Freemason!  They are ALL related. 

He’s related to Nesbitt (imaged above in the yellow safety vest) and Ty (the cock-eyed, eye-shifter) is Nesbeitt’s SON!!  And the thumb-sucking teeth chick in the white tank shirt next to Ty? That’s Ty’s half-sister!!! Here she is with their Dad…

Yes.  They are ALL related!!!

Seems there was an UNDER-AGED girl there that night, only SEVENTEEN, you guys, who STILL gets whoopings from her mother– a “GOOD” mom in my opinion (when you think you’re “grown” because you now have titties but a mom will beat your ass if you miss curfew– KUDOS), so she’s afraid to come forth!!  BUT her consciousnesses could not bare to keep her silent so I believe, she created a fake account to PURGE HER SOUL AND she revealed exactly what my OWN eyes could see!!!  PRIOR to me even discovering her!!!  Here’s a screenshot of just one of her “purgings” on social media…

To add more to my feeling (intuition) that she [Kimberlu] IS telling the truth about that night?  Here’s another screenshot she put out that I was able to capture!

COULD she be a fake?!  Yes!!! ABSOLUTELY!!  I don’t know her AT ALL and even I COULD SEE that Jenkins was  NOT amongst FRIENDS.  She was attacked (at least ONCE) while sitting on the floor!!!  Irene’s sunglasses revealed THAT to me!!!

This case has all sorts of “twist and bends” and some have recently suggested that this is ALL a hoax based on a”real event” that occurred in March of 2017.  Seems a lil black girl in the “hoods of CHIRAQ” was gang raped and this incident was uploaded on facebook with 40 viewers.  So I dug a bit to find that yes, there WAS a case where this happened EARLIER this year. Here’s a screenshot of a channel that reveals what HE found, though I could not find this same image…


BUT… I DID find an article on this case back in March 2017

Click HERE for the full read.

I’m not sure how valid this is, but I do see that there was an actual link to this image (one I’m ABOUT to present).  Before I show you (the below), I need to state… I think this girl was NOT a fully grown woman and she involved herself in settings that could easily jeopardize her one day.  When playing with snakes, you MUST prepare to “get bit”.  She was affiliated with a gang (called herself a: “ANA GIRL”) and then I found a channel who located this… (CLICK TO ENLARGE)



I have had a hard time believing her “innocence” from the onset of my research into this case because I had a SERIOUS problem with a TEENAGER going to a HOTEL and arriving well AFTER 10PM when they’d be winding down if they were MY child, and home by MIDNIGHT (as a fully graduated high schooler who’s off for the summer but has a PLAN, if not college) but I also don’t believe this girl deserved the set-up she got. 

She was on her way to a new life (working in a Nursing Home) but she’s not nearly as innocent as people want to believe.  Sadly.  She, in my personal opinion, is the epitome of; “be careful of the company you keep”.  People are simulating what they see and this girl lost her life for “dabbling in it”.  Trying to be “tough”, “hard”, or hanging with a “tough crowd”, flashing money, FIGHTING IN THE STREETS and “so on”.  Does anyone remember the CLASSIC flick called; “I Want To Live”?!!! 

This case is THAT to a tee but with a the HORRIFIC end of being drugged, raped, BEATEN (she walked in with teeth and died with at LEAST one front tooth missing– according to crime scene photos of her).  This poor black little BEAUTIFUL girl (with an AMAZING smile), did EVERYTHING… “wrong”.  I do think this poor child was born into it, too.  I think her mother’s boyfriend (an ex-con convicted of MURDER) was being inappropriate (i.e.; molesting her) with this child too.  Yep.  I do.  I also think, “moms” was probably harboring a bit of envy.  They didn’t appear close from the footage I’ve seen and Jenkins was really pretty compared to her “mom”, who by the way… was posting her marital status (on social media, trying to get that ex-con BACK into her life) about a MONTH before Jenkins died.  Her priority were… JACKED.

I realize this is a LONG and poorly formatted article… don’t know WHY “Paint” is leaving soooo much space between each image I’m linking so I’ll simply take this is as “a sign” to pause, for NOW!! 🙂

I may include more of my findings as there is so much that has been uncovered, but I’d really love for this to be my final posting on this subject.  It TRULY has been UNSETTLING to discover this report.  No lie, you guys.  I genuinely hope this information will help until the full unveiling of this case will be revealed.  I PERSONALLY… will NOT hold MY BREATH that her case will be solved anytime soon!  Heck…

The JFK files have FINALLY been “fully released” recently, yet they didn’t yield a DARN thing.  HE was the President and after 54 years??!!  “They” released NOTHING more than what we “knew” when HE died?!!!  Get OUTTA HERE!!!  I can’t IMAGINE that the Jenkins’ death will ever find a place on the roster of TRUTH.  I simply will pray that everything and everyone involved WILL BE brought to LIGHT.  Keep your eyes OPEN though, as they are still hoping we, WON’T

A quick note… I AM hoping that 2018 will allow more time for me (us all) to get back to this BLOG!  So much has been discovered, yet the time?  Simply hasn’t been there (but in a GOOD way)!  Just want to say, that I appreciate every single person who finds us!  And a special thanks to all who’ve subscribed (and leave comments– we LOVE IT)!  I’ll do my best to add something new in the coming new year more FREQUENTLY.  I appreciate you all, SO MUCH! 🙂  Be safe and watch out for one another, fellow people.


The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

P.S.  My apologies for the “non-edit”.  🙂  I simply couldn’t allow 2017 to end without sharing my findings on this girls’ case.  Will edit shortly (full tags and all).  Feel free to share and will see ya’ next year! 🙂

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