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*** Kenneka Jenkins MURDER IS SOLVED (IMAGES are PROOF of FOUL PLAY)!!) ***

I’m back for a moment to include the best I could do to point this out.   There was a discovery that we could see images within Irene’s sunglasses.  At first I thought people were reaching, but sadly, there is indeed something there.  The pre-party (Irene’s glasses) video definitely reveals LOTS more than we’re lead to believe.

Below is the first screen shot I captured…

If you look real closely, you can see an image of what looks to be a girl, sitting on the floor, legs almost fully extended in front of her.  There’s a white nightstand and she’s actually leaning up against the bed.  Here’s a tighter shown were I drew some outlines.  The two lines indicate the bed (or mattress) with an outline of the girl figure…

And now, this shot is as tight as I could get it without distorting the image… (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE)

I say this is solved because Irene MUST be called in for questioning!  This last image is a figure “swooping in behind the girl” and that is the exact time we hear the sirens!  She turned away too because this was THE BEGINNING OF Jenkins’ sexually assault!  That’s why the previous channel I mentioned yesterday (“The Knowledge” which Youtube took down September 25th– less than 24 hours after they posted their two clips), who focused in on what the MALE VOICES IN THE ROOM WERE SAYING!  In this image… I enlarged it so that you could see a dark figure coming from behind her. (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE and compare to other images and you’ll see that this figure “moved into the scene”).

And as I mentioned yesterday, the dialogue is actually very clear once we tune out the chicks that are talking.  That really weakened and muddled, “help me” really was her and not that AWFUL song!  We are also dooped moments later that Jenkins was saying “I’m not DRUNK, I AM enjoying myself”.  That was someone else altogether! 

Again, the males are saying things like, “lay down, where you going?”, “I can toss you around like this all night”, “open her mouth up”, “She think she crazy”.  And after the toilet flushes we hear another guy say a few moments later; “get to it” and then we hear her cry for help!  Everyone in that room were witnesses but we know for SURE Irene saw it happening!!!  Her sunglasses revealed it all!!!!  And don’t take my word for it… go back and LISTEN to that video again!  It’s ALL THERE!!!!

If I can find that “The Knowledge” was able to re-upload their clips, I’ll be sure to update you all.  I’d like to add one more thing in closing… IF the mother reviewed the footage, she of ALL people should know that was NOT her daughter roaming the halls.  Jenkins, although “curvy” is nowhere near the “curvy-ness” of the girl roaming the halls!  Here’s another shot of Jenkins… her mother KNOWS something, too.


16 thoughts on “*** Kenneka Jenkins MURDER IS SOLVED (IMAGES are PROOF of FOUL PLAY)!!) ***

  1. Jazz I read somewhere that the image was stretched to fit the screen or something and that’s why she looked thicker. What do you think about that?

    • HI AGAIN!!! 🙂

      I just clicked your link and I’d actually watched this one. 🙂 The Jenkins he’s pointed to (answering the door) is “the all ready to roll, decoy”, as that is the same body frame we see in the video surveillance! I’m saying, her attack happened PRIOR to this portion of clips they uploaded. When we compare the pic I showed of Jenkins in the pink top, her walking into the hotel building with her 3 “friends” and even that “mirrored video image in the bathroom”, her frame is consistently more “petite”, wouldn’t you say? She’s not “petite” like a “white girl”… but DEFINITELY “petite” to “the average black person’s point of view”. 🙂 Hell… I’m in my 60’s and I definitely DO NOT “fit” what the “black world” considers, “stacked”!!! I, in that views eyes would be considered “petite” even though I’m not! 🙂 I just ain’t got “ass for days” like some KIDS can actually have!!! And you want to hear something “unnerving”? A colleague of mine has a daughter who just turned 14 over the summer! That song “Brick House” was named for her as she is VERY “stacked”! More than the decoy on security,too!! I can only say to that body double attempt… my eyes KNOWS what they are seeing. 🙂 I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could debunk that portion of my findings at the VERY least. 🙂

      A note since I just came back to this… for the FUTURE READERS OF THIS entry/comment… NO N-WORDS ALLOWED!!!!! You WILL NOT be approved. Not on this subject or ANYTHING that is presented on “Why O’ Why?”. Cannot stress ENOUGH just how I lost VALUABLE time researching this because I cannot hear past this word! EVER. For the researchers out there who are TRYING… KILL THAT WORD POST HASTE! IT COMPLETELY DILUTES YOUR EFFORTS!!! I guess I shouldn’t be TOO surprised that Rosemont Police have nothing of Jenkins on their website cuz too many are NOT BEING HEARD and simply… BECAUSE OF THAT WORD. For the newcomers… I think Richard Pryor actually said it best… https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2010/08/20/the-n-word-lets-eliminate-it-for-good-mature-language/ There’s also a “tab” at the top [of this blog] for “New Rules For Comments… Dang Nabbit” for the newcomers, too! 🙂 We, at “Why O’ Why?”, simply DON’T GET DOWN LIKE THAT.


      Jazz 🙂

      • “I saw that clip”… CORRECTION, PORTIONS OF IT. 🙂 I tuned OUT when the girls with the fingernails all over there lil phone screens kept SPEWING the n-word! I did get at least THAT far with his compilations/analysis of findings! 🙂 I’d already seen (as much as I could bear) the girl in the red (with the lil top knot) and the ‘fingernail girls” in separate clips, prior. Unfortunately, this was one of MANY clips I HAD to ignore due to that n-word that has been in OVERKILL. I can turn a cheek to most profanity (OF COURSE, LOL) but that n-word has NO justification. None. So this notation is to disclose that I only saw PORTIONS (via other sources) of the video you linked. 🙂 But to MikeLarry credit, with his very thick East Coast accent (which I love, OF COURSE), he was very “decent’ (people SERIOUSLY MISS-USE THE WORD “RESPECT” these days, but THAT’S another topic lol) with his choice of words at aiming our focus on Jenkins’ FRAME! 🙂

        A FOOTNOTE: To those who MIGHT be wondering why I’m am not addressing this TEENAGER (19 was a TEEN last I checked) by her first name? Painful but true, I think her first name is ABSOLUTELY… ABSURD AND DOESN’T fit her AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL SMILE (and those KILLER DIMPLES) at ALL!!! To me??? She SHOULD have been named a VERY SIMPLE… I don’t know… Lisa?!!!! ANYTHING BUT KA-NEE-KA!!!! I’m finding it VERY “disturbing” that we’ve (US Black folk) has developed such an affinity to any “A’ sounding name, that we’ll create anything!!! just UGH with THAT nonsense ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Lil back scene tidbit… that show; “Livin’ Single”– there was a buzz within the “insider” industry (WAY back when I actually was involved in that CRAP) that this characters name, “Khadijah” (played by Queen Latifah) was actually a “rip” AT at this AFFINITY we (Black folks) were BEGINNING to “develop”!!! The quip was, once audiences heard THAT name, they’d stop this CRAP! AND… that was WAY back then and it’s NOW, 2017!!!! Talk about a “backfire”?!!! And people REALLY THINK they call it “television/radio PROGRAMMING” FOR NOTHING AT ALL?!!!! Just sayin’. 🙂

      • Jazz I honestly skipped over the girls that were dropping the n word. I have seen clips of that video and like you said, just no! Those 2 dingbats were just plain dumb.
        But you are right. I didn’t notice until last night that she was wearing a black wrist band and not a gold one!
        I also find it odd that in the video I linked it shows that 4 minutes after she gets off the elevator, near the lobby, a lady and a child get off the elevator. They look like they are headed to or coming from the pool. Now it was well after midnight. Why was the pool open at that time? What mom would bring their child to the pool at that ungodly hour? So was it really after midnight? Was it really 2-3 am?? It’s all just too much!
        I am still not convinced that these kids nor that 30 yr old looking dude did this all on their own. Who edited these surveillance tapes? I feel something more sinister is at play.
        I also read the google reviews for the hotel yesterday. Someone said “be careful here. Stay at your own risk. Dark things happen here. They are organ harvesting. I can’t say too much here but just be safe”. Now I don’t remember the exact words so I went back today so I can copy and paste it here. Well it’s gone today. All the other comments saying the hotel is covering up a murder for money or Justice for Kenneka are all there, but this one comment is gone. Just odd. I’m not saying I believe this organ conspiracy but it is odd.
        Now how is a police department closed, ever?? No hotline?? Do you see what I mean? This seems bigger than those kids!! Goodness!

      • CLAUD!!! 🙂 Real quick (I’ll be back later tonight)… 🙂

        “I am still not convinced that these kids nor that 30 yr old looking dude did this all on their own”… I’m not EITHER!!! 🙂 I AM implying that “lots of monies” were exchanged, though! For WHATEVER REASON… this was a LARGE operation/execution and those “ragmops (girls) and sloppy jacks (boys) COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS ON THEIR OWN!!! But I’m SURE they’d be willing to be PAID to play their parts!!! Hell… MORE THAN HALF couldn’t form a COMPLETE SENTENCE so CLEARLY– they are NOT the masterminds!!! 🙂 And dig this (IF I haven’t already mentioned… I now think that organ harvesting could have been at PLAY!!! Why stick her in a FREEZER when a dumpster is outside the premises????

        P.S. I got in touch with the Mayor’s “proxy office” today!!! Spoke to a MICHELLE after 14 attempts to reach an (as in SINGULAR) “investigator” of this case! SEEMS Jenkins’ case only has ONE PERSON WHO CAN TAKE CALLS!!! Michelle actually DID listen (to what I shared re: that video and those screen shots) and she is actually looking at the clip (in the article) as I type this! She’s forwarding it to the Mayor’s office (Bradley A. Stephens, Sr.)! Somehow, my internet search lead to the Mayor’s SONS’ office, instead!!! I told her I’d check back in a few days! More to come! 🙂

        Jazz 🙂

      • Hi there, Claud!!! 🙂 I actually found him (her) and sent a note to ask if they’d do a radio show with me! That was the “greenlight” I was referring to! 🙂 Sent the message via youtube but haven’t heard back just yet. I think I’m going to a short show this evening to summarize my findings. Unfortunately, I think I was right about what I was hearing. And even though Irene does appear to be involved, I think she was trying to capture key things when she loaded her video. Oh… that old looking dude I thought was at least 30? Try 35! 19 and 21 year olds “partying with a 35 year old guy” in the mix? Yes, something is NOT right about that. Thanks for the heads up! I sincerely appreciate it! 🙂


  2. Jazz look at this video. Try to ignore all the cursing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HWtzot2I2k
    There are so many videos out there trying to analyze this whole situation. Now as far as her looking different I thought it had something to do with the cameras or maybe edited to fit the screen or what not, I now think I might be wrong if we are assuming all of the video surveillance cameras/equipment is the same in the hallways and lobby and the rest of the hotel. In the video of her walking in the front lobby she looks much thinner and her hips look more narrow when compared to the videos of her roaming the halls. Now as far as the rips and tags on her clothing being on the wrong side, I believe that when you reverse the camera on your phone to take a selfie, the image becomes mirrored, therefore everything appears opposite or reversed. But what really seemed off too me is that the girl roaming the halls has a much bigger bust and her boobs barely fit that bra top. IDK. Still too many questions.I’m also very confused with the timeline of the events that took place. For instance, was she raped before she was roaming the halls? Was she being raped in the hotel room? Was that before or after she was roaming the halls? was it before, and is that why they had a look alike to throw people off? Would a bunch of obvious hoodrats concoct such an elaborate plan?? Very sinister stuff!

    • Hi there, Claud! 🙂 Thank you for commenting and weighing in! I will look at your link shortly… 🙂

      I know many are going to doubt this, but those images are really there. And the point of this was prove that they uploaded some of their clips in REVERSE order, so the room were we see everyone is actually AFTER she was assaulted and killed. What really convinced me? That cleaned up audio that “The Knowledge” produced. Falls right in line with what we’re seeing and when listening to the male voices ONLY, all of it can be heard (and more than just what I highlighted), sadly.

      As far as reverse video and stretched editing… there would be easily identifiable markings of that. 🙂 That editor was sloppy, but not THAT sloppy. 🙂 And I agree, her “girls” were overflowing in that bra and it has a black seam across the cups were Jenkins’ was all white (and not very well fitted as her “girls” hung LOW). Plus, her hips are not as pronounced as the girl who did the video walk. I also froze a frame just as she was walking under the one camera… even in the face, that’s not Jenkins.

      That image I included that shows the lines for the mattress is really key. The white part just above those lines are what I believe is a pillow (that bed was unmade). There’s also a lady who found a naked image of a man (pale in colour) that looks like he has one foot on the floor and is straddling someone ALTHOUGH, I’ve not gone frame by frame to find this for myself. Yet! 🙂

      As to why they’d throw us off like this? Just a WILD guess only (they were ALL in cahoots– cuz that party looked fake as hell to me) I personally think a lot of money was exchanged. I also think people are on to something when they claim that jealousy played its’ part. And the ring leader (the old looking dude who took most of the video and DEFINITELY kept Jenkins in eye-view) really did want that girl in the WORST way (it’s claimed that she rejected him once)! We’d be naive to think that black men aren’t predators too. There is a “scene” when Jenkins is leaning over someone and steps back. As she does, you can hear her say, “what is this” referring to her drink. I don’t have those silly phones everyone uses today but I’m told those can actually be edited to INCLUDE making time changes on recorded video.

      I also want to point out a loss of time. One of the time stamps on surveillance video actually SKIPS TIME! So yes, there was a WHOLE LOTTA editing going on. While I do have SOME questions, this answered the most critical thing to me which was, was she drugged, gang-raped and then died? Hell, one guy says in the clip I supplied, said something like; “it’s about to be a MURDER”!! Irene actually LAUGHS after he can be heard saying this! I personally believe they kept her in that hotel room until it was safe to take her to the freezer. And didn’t one of the “scabs” work there? In this clip, we can actually hear Irene say something about; “Killing and chillin waiting on the freezer cause this bitch finna set her up OR go down”… and NOTE… Irene’s title for this video says AFTER the party. Check it out… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwPo5HQDzo0

      Oh– and the reversal of the mirror shot in the bathroom… to my mind, no matter how you slice it, that black band was on her left wrist. As the double is walking down one of the halls, we can see that the sleeve is too long (compared to how Jenkins’s is made) but you can STILL see a watch face and not that black band that should have been on Jenkins if that was really her on security cameras. I’m deeply convinced (now more than ever) that was NOT Jenkins. In fact, Jenkins is wearing something on her right wrist but it looks nothing like that watch we can see in the security video.

      This is more sinister than I would EVER have imagined such young kids would even entertain! Although, the creepy guy looked to be closer to 30 years old, to my eyes. It also doesn’t help to discover that one of the “scabs” boyfriend (who was AT THAT “PARTY”) just recently left Chicago and uploaded his video in reference to this and turns out, Jenkins brother killed one of HIS friend back in 2014. The allegations of retaliation are ringing true. I’m literally contemplating contacting the police department right now. 😦


      An ADDED P.S. I JUST called the police in Rosemont! Can you believe it???? Their offices are CLOSED and they have NO tip line or even a person to take a call IF THEY have a lead!!!! They don’t even have anything about Jenkins on their WEBSITE!!!!

  3. what happened to freedom of speech? let the intelligent N words speak in any fashion its not like this website a job interview lol.

    • Yo!, AGENT7!!! 🙂

      Hey! I get your quip but NO WAY… NO HOW!!! 🙂 NOTHING to do with a “job interview” as you say (believe me… I get it)! 🙂

      Since you maybe didn’t see my reference to Richard Pryor, how about what David Banner has said?! 🙂

      “Out of ALL OF THE WORDS WE COULD have chosen… we chose THIS WORD”? It is LITERALLY, pure IDIOCY to even ADVOCATE in this words’ “defense”. Hey– when one has actually lived through a SMIDGEN of what this did to a people in the just the LATE 60’s… THEN people will understand my FOREVER stance AGAINST IT! Now… that’s the truth, ruth!!! smiles Saying this, right here and right now– “ANY black person who “identifies” with this word or TRIES to “spin it”, is simply put– IGNORANT.

      (The ONE and ONLY as I will NEVER allow my ancestors to DIE IN VAIN)!

  4. BRIEF UPDATED: Item of note in clip…

    @ 1:52 (and just seconds PRIOR… PAY CLOSE attention to a “thud” you’ll hear!!!! Sound JUST LIKE a “scuffle” WAS OCCURRING!!! And AGAIN!!! FOCUS on ALL MALE VOICES PRIOR TO THE @ 3:20 mark!!!!!!

    I’m “out for JUST” a few DAYS!!! I WILL be back with updates as soon as I find them AND have “GREENLIGHTS”!


  5. somewhere around the 1:45 to 1:55 mins you can clearly see the dude with black sweater walks in front of Irene gets on the bed he is on in his knees and you see him undo his pants. kj is laying in front of him on her side. after that you can hear him say this bitch is crazy and hear him moning. it make my skin crawl this is the first time I have noticed it. you also notice end the end right before Irene gives phone to monifa the same guy on black sweater is the one who pats Irene on the head I guess letting her know he is gone.

    • Hi there, Amy!!! 🙂 My apologies for the delay but LOTS going on these days!!! 🙂

      Thanks so MUCH for commenting on this very disturbing case by the way! I have to be honest, this Jenkins’ case has completely DRAINED me! I’m actually surprised, too! It’s so upsetting to find that this young, BEAUTIFUL girl, got wrapped in such a group of wolves! When I review “Irene’s glasses”? I see more and more (unfortunately)! While I am still planning to publish my final assessment of this case, I’ve actually had to force myself to “take a step back” for a moment. I just screenshot a tear flowing from her eye (while deceased in the freezer)! Her last moments on earth must have been a FRIGHTENING ordeal! I simply wanted to chime in for a moment as I seemed to have miss your comment a few days ago. 🙂 I’ll be back soon for the conclusion and to respond to the insight you’ve shared! 🙂 It’s genuinely appreciated that you took the time to leave a comment and I’m sure others who may visit “Why O’ Why?”, will feel the same way, too!!! 🙂 This is simply, one the most disturbing cases I’ve gotten wind of. When I discovered Mind Control on small children who are used as sex slaved, well, this case has made me pause in the same manner. But I WILL, be back! 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you’ll visit again real soon! 🙂 Take care!

      The Lady and CAPTAIN of THIS Ship! 🙂

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