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Kenneka Jenkins Murder WAS Solved!????

I actually wasn’t to include anything on this subject as I was THOROUGHLY disturb by ALL the n-words being tossed around.  A REAL turn off!  But last night, kid you not, I found a channel called; The Knowledge and I believe this channel actually SOLVED THIS!

They only uploaded two videos (Jenkins related ONLY) and this morning?  That channel is GONE!  As of 54 minutes ago!  I’m going to keep an eye out and see if they are able to come back cuz it really did SOLVE THIS!

They actually transcribed what was hard to hear and Jenkins really did say; “help me” (they wanted us to believe it was her saying; “I’m not drunk, I AM enjoying myself”) just as they blasted music to drown her out!!!  One of the guys actually said, “I could toss you around like this ALL NIGHT” as another guys says, “open her mouth”!  Yet another male voice can be heard saying “get to it” and then that music is turned on and UP!

I had to go back in for surgery so still in recovery and THOUGHT… “I’ll download these in a minute”.  But that was TOO LATE!  By then, they were GONE!  Just DAMMIT!!!

Again, keep a look out.  The channel was called “The Knowledge” and they’ve had that channel since 2013 with not ONE upload until Jenkins.

I’d actually sent them a private message this morning to ask that they send their findings to the cops.  54 minutes later… GONE!  Who doesn’t want THIS truth to get out?

Why do I feel like I FAILED?


2 thoughts on “Kenneka Jenkins Murder WAS Solved!????

  1. Something is terribly wrong with this whole situation. It feels like dark forces are at play here, meaning satanic, ritualistic, sacrifice… idk.I’ve watched so many videos on youtube and I have noticed something is just not right with the mother. I will be looking for this site you mention. I do not think you have failed at all. I do think you are correct to say someone does not want this info out there. Too many questions here!

    • Thank you, CLAUD!!! I do feel like I failed though cuz I actually could have downloaded these two clips when I went back to them this morning! It really does pain me but thank you for “excusing my SLOW TO ACTION MOVE”! IF I could rewind time– we’d have EXACTLY what we need to SOLVE THIS! Sending messages to those I recall leaving comments so am HOPING someone ELSE uploaded these! 🙂

      And I agree… this one deserves as much “spotlight as possible” as something VERY FOUL did happen to her but I can ASSURE YOU AND EVERYONE… what I saw in those two clips, NAILS IT! It really was retaliatory and rape was (sadly) INVOLVED. That “organ harvesting” angle didn’t fit with this case… at all!

      Here’s is another channel I found (and could stomach) that did a video analysis that CLEARLY demonstrates (ok– I am a former editor) that there was someone guiding and hiding BEHIND the “double” for the security cameras. I never believed that was her they showed us on cctv security. Hips are more prominent than Jenkins and the shoulders are broader too! Do I think the double was acting “drunk”? Nooo! I think this person was indeed LOOPED in order to “pull this off”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm59ZpY3cz0&t=9s

      Something was indeed wrong this this entire thing. I hope the Heavenly Father does reveal it SOON. Where I first thought “one thing”, I found that it WAS another. Sadly. OKAY… WHY AM I CRYING??? hahaha

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