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A Unique Munchkin Experience To WARM YOUR HEARTS!!! (plus an Update on “Why O’ Why?) :)

HELLLOOOO fellow people!!!  🙂  Been a LONG time I know!!! 🙂

This little clip was recently captured in Portugal while a family was on their vacation.   I think it might capture one the most PRECIOUS moments ever recorded between a mom and her baby.  You decide… 🙂

K… you guys KNOW I’ve just MELTED!  🙂  Not ONLY was the way the baby was sitting up and listening intently (those cute HANDS, YA’LL) but I thought the song was EQUALLY adorable!!!  Sooo, if ANYONE out there has any ideas of what this song is… I HOPE you’ll let me know!!!  🙂

Now, for a “brief” update… I’ve been recovering from a procedure (minor surgery)!!!  COMPLETELY inconvenient but necessary.  I will be back in the saddle soon and will continue to keep “Why O’ Why?”, ALIVE!   I PROMISE!!  🙂  As I’ve always have stated since first starting this blog… I will never commit suicide, have no known enemies and in almost near PERFECT health!  No plans of ending this journey… EVER!  Rest assured. 

I’d also like to mention that there is a posting that I need to do (courtesy of one of the FABULOUS readers here) regarding an update on the article; “Being A Woman… SUCKS”!  I thought I had compiled a pretty “witty list” but hers is SO FUNNY!!!  She’s granted permission for publishing so I can’t WAIT for you all to read it!!! 🙂  My delay in posting has been formatting (as I’m hoping WordPress won’t require re-typing THIS piece).  🙂  Rest “easy” my friend (IF you should see this)!  I’m planning to publish THIS WEEKEND!!! FINALLY!!!  🙂  I GENUINELY appreciate your patience, lady! 🙂

Additionally… there have been a few comments that have come in but unfortunately, they were not approved.  I’ve only NOT approved 2 prior but these two that I’ve left pending will remain only because they were filled with insults.  I remind you all… there is a tab for “Comments” (“New Rules For Comment– Dang Nabbit”).  It’s located right at the top!!  I personally BELIEVE I have some very astute readers who can lodge an intelligent debate without slinging insults.  No more comments will be approved if one stoops to THAT level.  So for the two who left comments that do not appear now (you KNOW who you are), that is why.  We’re GROWN UPS here so, in order to join the debates, you must be able to state your opinions, claims, MINUS childish insults.  It’s “a new day” and I will not condone that way of expressing yourselves.  “Ratchet behavior belongs on ratchet websites”.  Period.

One last notation… aside from the OBVIOUS (really, gotta be the cutest “baby and mom” contact EVER) one of the reasons I wanted to share this clip (of mom and that SWEET lil’ baby) is because my; “World Wide Pedophile” (AKA “Pizzagate”) article is STILL forthcoming.  I want you all to remember this cute babies little face and KNOW that there are MASSIVE amounts of “high ranking” elites who actually abuse (sexually too) children as young as what you see in this clip.  PLEASE… keep that image in mind.  Children are gifts and we are DUTY-BOUND to PROTECT them!!!  Whether they are yours, mine or ANY ONES!!!  I’m out for now but… I’LL BE BACK!!!  🙂

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!!!


The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship!

P.S.  Will add tags to this over the weekend but DO feel FREE to SHARE!!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Unique Munchkin Experience To WARM YOUR HEARTS!!! (plus an Update on “Why O’ Why?) :)

    • Hi there, lady! 🙂 Just sending a quick note to update this.:) Well, partially. 🙂 Seems there were a few “hiccups” with my therapy (post surgery). So with that, well, I’m still on “downtime”. They feel I have a few MORE weeks to go before I’m released (for normal activity). So there is still a “hot minute” to GO!!! 🙂 It’s my wrist that is being healed so therefore, well, I shouldn’t be typing anything!! lol WHO KNEW? hahaha I kinda’ blame myself as I’ve never had surgery before so when it started to feel a wee bit better, guess I got going sooner than I should have! I’m listening NOW!!! 🙂 Everything is STILL forthcoming!! 🙂 Just wanted YOU to know and that I HAVE NOT forgotten my promise to you! 🙂 Hope ALL is well and I hope you hang with me a wee bit longer! 🙂


      The Lady and Captain of THIS ship! 🙂

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