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Black Folks Dancing to COUNTRY AND WESTERN??? Hilarious!! :)

Couldn’t QUITE decide on a title that I ACTUALLY liked (may change this one later) but thought this was a GOOD chuckle! lol  Our timing and rhythm is truly “off tha CHAIN”!  LOL  Thanks again, “T” for the clip– you ROCK! 🙂

Just a lil’ note before viewing. 🙂  I grew up in “white world” meaning… there were only 4 black people in my entire HIGH SCHOOL!!! lol Prior to THAT… it was only me and my sister who were “the Black kids in OUR school”– lol) so this clip may only chuckle me, but thought it was worthy of a share for a chuckle before I FINALLY “tackle.. PIZZAGATE”! UGH!!!  Just ugh, ya’ll!!!

By the way… when I do Karaoke (yep, I’ve enjoyed a fun Karaoke nite or two– tee hee) I ALWAYS trip out my friends (AND the audience) when I sing Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight”!!!  hahaha  SHOCKS them ALL, EVERY TIME!!!  Funniest thing EVER!!  LOL  In case you hadn’t heard this CLASSIC jam, click HERE!!!  🙂  I am the epitome of “never judge a book by its’ cover”!!! lol   The following clip assures me that we are QUITE an impressive group of FOLKS! 🙂  Just like FOOD… MUSIC is UNIVERSAL!!! 🙂  P.S. They are all CLASSIC clips (it’s a compilation by the way) but the first clip is my FAVORITE (if I had to chose just one)!!!  lol– wish is were longer!  hahaha  Enjoy!!! (CAUTION: SOME EXPLICIT LYRICS ARE CONTAINED HEREIN).  You guys already know how I feel about “the n-word” too. 😉

2 thoughts on “Black Folks Dancing to COUNTRY AND WESTERN??? Hilarious!! :)

    • Thanks for the “reblog” my friend! 🙂 Sho appreciate cha! 🙂

      The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

      P.S. I’ll NEVER hear “Heart and Soul” the same way again!! hahaha

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