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Like A BOSS!! :)

Though many of the long time readers here may well know, I LOVES ME SOME animals (dogs, cats, puppies and kittens– you guys can have your spiders, rats or snakes as pets)!!!  🙂  This post is inspired by a video I received YEARS ago with this badddd (shut-cho-mouth) doing “a BOSS thang”!!  🙂 

Cuz I DO like to “mix it up” (when time allows) THIS dude walked a WHOLE lotta dogs (okay– FIVE German Shepherds, smiles) WITHOUT a leash!!!  Talk about a baaaddd (shut-cho-mouth)!!!  🙂  By the way, a German Shepard is the PRIMARY dog used in the “police-force”.  They are gooood guard dogs (our first was a G-Shepard named Snoopy).  Here’s the clip…

Like a BOSS, right??!!!  🙂

Here’s a cool compilation clip of some BOSSES!  Big and small!  🙂  Quick narrative but you can just go right to the clip! 🙂  DISCLAIMER… though it should be OBVIOUS do not attempt ANYTHING you see in this clip!!  It should be a no brainer… just saying, cuz you’ll get not duckets from me if you injure yourselves!  lol

There are MANY I’d like to highlight like; :30, :42, :49, :57, 1:37, 2:12 (talk about BOSS?!), 2:27 (an “itty-bitty BOSS”) and that “human pinwheel”  is SUPER impressive @ 6:36 seconds into the clip this just like the lil girl doing KARATE @ 7:22!  Karate is MOST impressive to me, by the way cuz control and being “in-tune” is PARAMOUNT!  It is a PRECISION ART!  Guys are gonna “love” the girl @ 05:01 in HIGH HEELS, I’M SURE! 🙂 BUT… this is not about “athleticism”, though!   This clip COMPILATION strikes me as MANY examples of the “human spirit”!!  Is super cool at about the 11:00 mark, too!  Precision Martial Arts at their FINEST!   I simply CAN’T leave out that bad (shut-cho-mouth) dude at the airport doing some window washing you AIN’T never seen at an airport before (hits @12:43 in this clip)!  At about 12:53 into the clip, we get some SKILLED SERVICE STUFF, (i.g. cooking/meal prep/dish washing prep, mail sorting, etc)!!! 🙂   After seeing THAT– we should tip MORE OFTEN!!  🙂  The lil boy flipping pizza dough is BAD TO THE BONE (in a GOOD WAY)!  He “GRAZES” his nose and looks into the camera as if to say… “WHAT”!!! LOL That scythe user ain’t shabby at all, either!!  Beat a “man-made” weed eater by MORE than a NOSE!  🙂  We’re really “NATURALLY” AWESOME creatures (if you ask me)!  When connected to our HIGHEST self (i.g.; GOD our HIGHEST SOURCE) we can do AMAZING THINGS!  I believe this clip lends PROOF to that! 🙂  I EVEN like the music chosen for this clip!  🙂  New to my ears!  Suited PERFECTLY for the imagery we see!

Here’s a couple of extra clips of BOSS-NESS!  🙂  Dude knows HE has “DOMINION”!! (smiles).

And THIS guy knows DOMINION better than most!  Again– don’t try this at home (or on an “adventure”)! 🙂

Since our reality is so “terribly twisted“, thought I’d add a lil “coolness” to the postings here!  Hope you enjoyed! 🙂  Thanks, “T” for the clips, my man!  You ROCK!! 🙂  Oh yeah!!!  Please “rate” our articles!  You know, 1 out of 5 stars?!  🙂  Always located at the top (UNDER THE TITLE with each posting) of each article.  Helps others on the web to find us! 🙂


The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂





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