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*** Darthard Perry: An Ex-FBI Agent and WHISTLE BLOWER (and a Black Man)!!! ***

HELLLOOO, fellow people!!! 🙂

I JUST got wind of this! Though not the normal protocol here at “Why O’ Why?”– felt it urgent to publish right away before THIS piece of hidden history is found (by those spying ears and eyes) AND before it’s deleted!!!  So PLEASE, “view, SHARE, rate” and “ALL that jazz” of social media STUFF!!  🙂   I’ll tag this one soon.

“Why O’ Why?” so urgent?”, you MIGHT be asking???  This man touches on so many areas I’ve “stumbled upon” during research for this blog to INCLUDE how the FBI/CIA studies and INFILTRATES groups, the music we hear within our individual cultures, and created the” assassinators” of so many “great lives AND events” (to name a few) that are now lost history!!!  I’ll add/delete/edited more to that statement in the coming days. 

Perry lends some REAL insight into our government like; how the CIA/FBI was “formed” and how LOWDOWN they “get down”.  It’s a “long” view (total running time or “TRT” is 1 hour and 42 minutes– the length of an average movie– it’s a documentary after all but CAPTIVATING) so DO make the time to see, download or bookmark it!  You’ll be GLAD you did!  🙂  By the way… this aired in 1980, you guys!!!!  I never saw it!!!  Did you????!!!!

With love and LIGHT,


The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

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