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*** Darthard Perry: An Ex-FBI Agent and WHISTLE BLOWER (and a Black Man)!!! ***

HELLLOOO, fellow people!!! 🙂

I JUST got wind of this! Though not the normal protocol here at “Why O’ Why?”– felt it urgent to publish right away before THIS piece of hidden history is found (by those spying ears and eyes) AND before it’s deleted!!!  So PLEASE, “view, SHARE, rate” and “ALL that jazz” of social media STUFF!!  🙂   I’ll tag this one soon.

“Why O’ Why?” so urgent?”, you MIGHT be asking???  This man touches on so many areas I’ve “stumbled upon” during research for this blog to INCLUDE how the FBI/CIA studies and INFILTRATES groups, the music we hear within our individual cultures, and created the” assassinators” of so many “great lives AND events” (to name a few) that are now lost history!!!  I’ll add/delete/edited more to that statement in the coming days. 

Perry lends some REAL insight into our government like; how the CIA/FBI was “formed” and how LOWDOWN they “get down”.  It’s a “long” view (total running time or “TRT” is 1 hour and 42 minutes– the length of an average movie– it’s a documentary after all but CAPTIVATING) so DO make the time to see, download or bookmark it!  You’ll be GLAD you did!  🙂  By the way… this aired in 1980, you guys!!!!  I never saw it!!!  Did you????!!!!

With love and LIGHT,


The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

18 thoughts on “*** Darthard Perry: An Ex-FBI Agent and WHISTLE BLOWER (and a Black Man)!!! ***

    • Not only were the hairstyles crazy, so were the lies!!! haha I’d LOVE to find Darthard today!!! I’m personally thankful he purged his sins.

      P.S. How could I forget… “InSearchofBlackAssassins??!!! Also on WordPress. 🙂 This brother was in the trenches and talk about real life FASCINATING tales!!! Enjoy!!! DOUBLE P.S. Well WOW!!! I just did a double look and NEITHER are there now!!! Hmm??? JUST re-added them!! 🙂

  1. Darthard Perry has disappeared, most likely in self exile or possibly dead. But there is no trace of his existence at present 2017, This leads me to believe that his revelations were for the most part absolutely true.

    • Agreed, Gerard! 🙂 The fact that he’s disappeared is more than proof that he was telling the truth! It’s a real shame too because he had to abandon is girlfriend and child (for their safety)! I consider him a “hero” because he did share the inner workings. I do hope he’s still alive and okay. Thanks so much for commenting and please, feel free to share! 🙂

      The Lady and Captain of THIS ship! 🙂

    • I can’t find anything about him not even a wiki. The only person I’d think would know is Mr Dick Gregory. Idk you guys follow him but if you haven’t checked him out
      I Highly recommend it

      • Hi there, KJG! Thanks for taking the time to COMMENT! “preciate cha”! 🙂

        I’ve thought of contacting Mr. Gregory in regards to this matter but in THIS case, not sure he’d lend a helping hand! He’s become quite “cantankerous” over the years and I’m a woman who’ll not swiftly receive being “talked DOWN TO”! Saw some clips (videos) of him “cussing youngsters, in other words, YOUNGER THAN him” being CUSSED OUT! I look WWWAAAYYY younger than my years BUT only about 20 or so years younger than Gregory! So me and him in a room would PROBABLY NOT yield WELL!!! LOL I’m my father’s daughter and I will go “toe to toe” with ANYONE! Who knows… I may re-think this down the line but Mr. Gregory now days gives me PAUSE “for more reasons than 1”. And is he a mason, fraternity member or NOT?! 🙂 I find it VERY INTERESTING… that HE still STANDS! Malcolm is GONE but Dick still stands!!! Hmm? 🙂

        The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

  2. Saw the video and was horrified. Curious to know if Darthard Perry is alive. I hope they did not kill him. He suspected he would end up in jail. Any ideas?

    • Hi Ntombie and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      I’ve been searching for Mr. Perry every since I saw this to no avail. I’m hoping he “disappeared” himself instead of the other way around. I got the impression he was smart enough to do just that! 🙂 In my eyes– he’s a “HERO” as he did confess his part in the “breakdown of a nation”. I do searches for him periodically, so I’m hoping one day he’ll turn up. And I agree– this was HORRIFYING. And what a shame that so many don’t know about this. Hoping the word starts to get out. 🙂


    • He worked for the government so no he didn’t make himself disappear.smh.lol.he was taken care of.you can’t disclose information like he did and expect to live a full life

  3. Nobody knows where this man is, “he vanished” well this maybe news to most law biding people, but in the dark shadows of the criminal world “snitches get ditches”, meaning there going to be killed and buried somewhere no one will ever find them. Then afterwards we hear the person “just vanished” “nobody knows nothing” but some people do know what happened, but they know rules and choose to “live” by them, well this man Perry chose not too, so there is a good chance this man paid the ultimate price for blowing that whistle. this man broke the golden rule on both sides by making this video, banking on the third side to save him “the public” which is a big gamble, but if it worked. perhaps this man was allowed to disappear on his own quietly , but the only way i see this happening is if this man made this video for insurance purposes to protect himself. and contracted to have this video aired if something was to happen to him. so i question if this video was aired way back when it was made. or is this just coming out now. that is the real question everyone should be asking,

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