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*** Obama’s REAL Father! Is THIS “Tha Real Deal” (FINALLY)??!! ***

Hello, fellow people!!! 🙂

Been “sitting on this” longer than I care to mention (busy, you guys, JUST busy 😉 ) but when I posted recently on “the Obama daughters” being borrowed, I do think NOW is the time to share THIS one, too!! 

I DO believe the girls’ REAL parents have been found (see that post HERE) and like I mentioned in that article, THIS guy is a “dead ringer” for “bustin Obama” into life!  Peep THIS image…



And this is what I meant about biracial children.  Now that you’ll have a comparison, isn’t their resemblance STRIKING???

There’s no way THIS dude could POSSIBLY be Obama’s REAL dad, right?…

The link to the article is contained within the ORIGINAL description box of the clip, below… I’m just gonna let the clip speak for itself. 😉

I THINK, researchers got this one, RIGHT!!!!  Your ratings AND comments are WELCOMED!  🙂


The Lady AND Captain of THIS Ship!!!  🙂

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