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*** The Obama Girls/”Daughters” Were “Adopted/BORROWED”. Real Parents Have Been There The ENTIRE TIME!! (PLUS 6 TOES!!) ***

I’ve always thought it was interesting that the Obama girls bare little resemblance to their parents other than height.  Cute, but they really don’t look like Michelle nor Barack.   Well… thanks to the “snoopings of” FisherOfMen2 (on younazi), I THINK their real parents have “actually” been found!  Funny thing is, they’ve been right there “in PLAIN SIGHT” (once again) the entire time.  Whatchuthink???? (As always, click all images to enlarge– 🙂


Do an “engine search” for Martin Nesbitt and Dr. Anita Blanchard.  Long time friends [of the Obamas] and are “dead ringers” for BOTH daughters!!!   I haven’t dug too deeply for this post because… what do YOU think?  Alongside THAT…

While “scouring” the MANY photos of this couple available on the internet (while the OBAMA family spent THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of tax dollars during their EXPENSIVE vacations— I’m SURE THERE ARE FAR MORE images THAN I gleaned), I came upon THIS little diddy.  I don’t know WHY I decided to look at their feet but in doing so, I noticed a FEW oddities.  Namely, 6 TOES!!!  Remember?!!  That’s a genetic marker of the NEPHILIM!!!  So yep…something smells FOUL in Denmark!!

Here’s a wide-shot from Getty’s!  They have “some pretty good” photogs, don’t they?!!  I mean… DON’T THEY???!!  🙂  I don’t THINK ANYONE has EVER questioned THEIR images (OR have they?)…


Let’s see… Barack is DEFINITELY “rockin’ 6” (toes– JUST LIKE Oprah!!), so is Sasha (the youngest) and her REAL mom in the back is doing some “special toes thang” along with a whole host of OTHER stuff (happening in this image)!  The “real dad” also has SOMETHING odd going on, too! 

Can’t quite see “them there numbs, divots, indentations or oddities” (of TOES)?   The following (below) is the same image with each foot CIRCLED (where MY EYES see this) and the shot afterwards (just below of course 🙂 ) are LOADED with arrows to help YOUR count.  Are “my eyes playin’ TRICKS on ME?!!”  😉  I mean… even in MOTION, does film REALLY do this?!  I’ve got pics of me with my toes in sandals and my nail polish on EACH TOE can be seen VERY CLEARLY.  But… these are “FLIP FLOPS”, fellow people so “where’s the DETAIL” (vividness) ???!!!  🙂  I sense some “shapeshifting”.  You tell me… is there a count of SIX or five [toes]… don’t forget to CLICK [images] to enlarge– 😉


Here’s the above image again with arrows to aide YOUR count… (double click to enlarge)


Even if they aren’t Nephilim offspring (which I SERIOUSLY DOUBT — click HERE and HERE to start to understand a SNIPPET of what’s been found), what’s up with them FEET??!!!  And what about how much the daughters favor the other couple and NOT Barack and Michelle??? By the way– how many first time moms didn’t capture their “growing belly shot” (AT LEAST ONCE) while pregnant?  Like, NO ONE DOESN’T capture THAT moment even if you think you’re as big as a BARN but Michelle can’t produce ONE while in “motherly glow”?!!  With AT LEAST one child “she carried”???  Nesbitt is a “carbon copy” of the eldest daughter JUST like Blanchard is a duplicate of the youngest!  Their hair even grows the same with the SAME natural part in the hair!!!  The lies, THA LIES!!! 

Next up?  Barack’s REAL dad!!!  And boooyyy are “they dead ringers” too!  I now believe I got the first one (the “potential real dad”, Frank Marshal Davis ) completely WRONG!!!  “Papa Obama” sure ain’t the man mainstream media claimed.  Here’s the image of “the dad to Barack” media has touted since our intro to “Obama”…

And IF this sign/billboard is real it would really been insane, wouldn’t it??

There are a few articles where Kenyans KNOW Barack was born there– I have no plans to visit the region so I can’t actually verify this [sign], but there are simply too many holes with this guy.  That Chicago Mens Club called; “Man’s Country” still nags at me too (Rahm Emanuel is ALSO a lifetime member), especially when a guy testifies in a ‘hearing” (engine search– REAL easy to find) about a “sexual encounter” in the back of a limo with Obama.  It also doesn’t help to come across this…

arrow-downobama-and-pakistani-gay-boyfriendWhat heterosexual man do YOU know that sits that close to another man when there’s CLEARLY enough room to “scoot over”????

It JUST occurred to me… that book that was published [“Dreams of My Father”] is a COMPLETE fabrication!!!  When you “meet/see” Barack’s REAL father, you’ll understand why I can make THAT claim (pose that REASONABLE question). 

The “tricky thing” about interracial unions/marriages is that the children might have the “blendings” of BOTH parents yet may not look exactly like either of them (when seen apart) but tale-tale markers can eliminate the need for DNA testing and features do BRIM!!  Again… the only thing these two girls show in common with Barack and Michelle is HEIGHT!  Stay tuned. 🙂


The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

6 thoughts on “*** The Obama Girls/”Daughters” Were “Adopted/BORROWED”. Real Parents Have Been There The ENTIRE TIME!! (PLUS 6 TOES!!) ***

    • YO, money!!! 🙂 I’ve got FIVE on it!! 🙂 I still find it odd that “Big Mike” doesn’t have one pregnant photo to share. And the girls look exactly like both of these people. If I ever see these two, I’m asking! 🙂 Will be rolling and recording too. 🙂

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