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When I chat with friends about subjects of this nature, I’m ALWAYS prepared that no one will “like” what I have to say.  But since I give them the FACTS, they are MORE than willing to accept reality.  Hope you will too.🙂

After getting an “alert” for new younazi video uploads, I took a look at a channel that I’ve “subbed to” and found a VERY interesting find.  An ADMISSION is more like it!  Check it out…

RussianVids got a heads up from a subscriber who found a PDF on NASA’s OWN website from 1988 that actually PROVES they’ve known of OUR FLAT EARTH for a VERY LONG TIME!  Admiral Byrd got it right wwaaayyyy back in 1939, ya’ll! 🙂

Just go to and within their OWN search area, type in (OR cut/paste): “reference publication 1207”.  lol  Once you scroll past the table of contents– just read THE SUMMARY!!  hahaha  It’s also mentioned in the INTRODUCTION.  And when you get to page 102 of this document (it’ll be #16 or the ABSTRACT) “lo and behold” if they don’t REPEAT themselves again (and the aim of this “mission” back in 1988)!! Here’s a screenshot for ya so that you know this document exists on THEIR website… (download it fast just in case the “dummies” take it down– CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE).

nasa-and-publication-1207-from-1988The FLAT EARTH is real!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only according to the unseen Omnipotent ONE, but NASA has ACTUALLY confirmed it (what in THA FO-CHEESY??? and LOL)!!  JUST LIKE the Bible, Admiral Byrd ALONG with EVEN Wernher Von Braun!!!!!   Yep.  This is a SLAM DUNK, fellow people!!  :)  Why do I say that??? (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


nasa-summaryAnd it turns out the “heads up” given to RussianVids was ACTUALLY discovered OVER 1 year ago (by others who have gleaned this trail as well) as of OCTOBER 2015!!!!   It’s been SITTING on NASA’s website JUST WAITING to be found!!!  hahaha  And people say; “our government could NEVER keep a secret of this kind on such a MASSIVE SCALE”!!  They’re absolutely right!!  LOL

HERE is the direct link to NASA’s PDF (on the “flat, non-rotating earth”…  THEIR words, not mine).  As always, EVERYTHING is “hidden” in PLAIN SIGHT.   A HUGE THANKS to RussianVids and his subscriber for sharing!!!


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