Hurricane Matthew Reveals DEMONIC Face??! Wait! WHAT???!!

So, I’m sure PRETTY sure by now, you guys know I can no longer stomach TV and ESPECIALLY “the news”.  Was once a “paid liar” for them (unbeknownst to me at the time),  but just can’t stomach it anymore (which is why I now rely on ALTERNATIVE media, i.g.; your BlackChild and such) but THIS is INTERESTING!!!  Thanks “T” for the link! 🙂

It seems an unusual “infrared satellite” image was captured by the W.I.N.K. News Station in Ft. Meyers, Florida while tracking Hurricane Matthew!  By the way… to “wink” makes a reference to ONE EYE, you know… HORUS (isn’t THAT interesting???)!!!  So ANYWHO…

Before I show you this image (you’ve PROBABLY already have seen it– remember, I don’t watch TV (other than the very rare classics like MAYBERRY or Tim Conway on Carol Burnett, LOL) I wanted to include a few “benchmarks” of this event that might be worth noting.  Again… that stations call letters are W-I-N-K.  The image you’ll see of this hurricane has a CLEAR VISIBLE EYE dead “center”!!!  Not only that, it’s got full features of a VERY SCARY face, detailing a nose, eyes (eye SOCKETS) and TEETH!  Um… when’s the last time you saw a “cloud or severe storm formation” form a friggin FACE?!  Answer?  You ain’t NEVER!!!  AND saw “a skeleton looking face”, at that?!!!  This ain’t no “Mandela Effect”!  I’m suggesting that CERN is at the heart of this!  After all… that tunnel “opening ceremony” was NOTHING short of a VERY ODD ritual!  I wonder;”HOW in the WORLD DID ANYONE (in the audience) sit through it”???!  VERY bizarre!!!  Here’s the full (edited and aired by RT-RUPTLY) clip of it…

Do you KNOW what that opening ceremony meant in its’ ENTIRETY?  NOPE!!!  And NEITHER do I AND not trying to EITHER!  It left my SPIRIT feeling USED/DIRTY, (somehow)!!  BUT… it was a CLEAR demonstration that these POWERFUL people (beHIND the scenes) know there’s SOMETHING to performing “ANCIENT” and BIZARRE rituals in front of MASSES!  By the by… any of “our” Olympics (as well) are nothing BUT “semi-annual tributes” to ZEUS!  Betcha BOOTY on THAT!  A young man named Rik Clay DIED exposing the 2012 Olympics, by the way.  I PERSONALLY feel, because he was “SO DEAD ON” in deciphering THEIR codes– he single-handedly subverted their possible “next 9/11” that year!!!  It simply would have been TOO OBVIOUS if “the next 9/11” happened ANYTIME during the 2012 olympics!

You can click HERE if you care to “get to know Rik”.  🙂  As USUAL, I’m finding YouNAZI deleted the original clips that was linked (in the ORIGINAL article) but you can find the FULL interview hyperlinked above (it’s the word HERE– 😉 )  This was a guy who was LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FOLLOWING WEEK for his SECOND radio interview on this CRITICAL subject.  (R.I.P. Rik– some of us have NOT forgotten you!)

I point my finger in the direction of CERN because I ONLY think… “why in the WORLD would there be a focus on building this MASSIVE contraption and for WHAT?!  Especially when aware of SOOO many nations who have THEIR OWN internal problems (homelessness, poverty, etc.) but somehow, this gets approved FUNDING (for a “project”, which cost MILLIONS to create and took about SEVENTEEN YEARS to build [this tunnel])??!  When you think about it… this THING [CERN] ain’t got NOTHING TO DO with our “everyday LIVES”!!!!  I mean– ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do WITH US!!!  Do some “engine searches” on CERN and Portals.  Norway yielded a FASCINATING one, once!  And in some cases, CERN was “just fired up” (activated/started) at the same time these anomalies were captured!!!  When you finally comprehend (accept) the FIRMAMENT, you’ll understand exactly why this is worthy of your attention.

So… without further ado, here’s Hurricane Matthew’s FACE!  And according to this meteorologist, Matt Devitt, it’s authentic!!!  arrow-down

Again… in ALL YOUR YEARS ON THIS EARTH… have you EVER seen an “eye of ANY storm” LOOK LIKE THAT????!  The portals are being OPENED (unbeknownst to US).  Oh– by the way… Shiva (the goddess of DESTRUCTION) has a statue located on the property at CERN.  Here she is… guarding her “temple”… (I chose a WIDE shot for a reason so STAY WITH ME!!)…

This (above) shot I chose was to show you a ritual (mock or OTHERWISE) that was performed at this place on a SIGNIFICANT date (to devil worshipers and satanists).  Here’s the ritual (which CERN had to EVENTUALLY address).  Keep in mind, this location is a HIGHLY secured area.  This was ALLOWED, not just some “lucky kid junior researchers/scientists” who gained ACCESS to “punk us”.  And IF they were allowed to play a prank, um… WHY?  WHO in their RIGHT mind would think THIS is funny????? (NOTE: the guy recording uses lots of profanity.)

I do feel the person who recorded this was invited (initially) but perhaps he changed his mind and before leaving the grounds, he might have decided to “roll and record”.  His reactions seem a bit “off” somehow, but this footage got out there and to the UPPER CRUST (at CERN) tried their BEST to dismiss this!!! 

Hey!  How many jobs have you had were employees can “breach confidentiality” and it’s JUST dismissed?!  You’d loose your job in a HEARTBEAT (at least that was the case in my 21 years in ONE field)!   I mean…wouldn’t you???  I haven’t been “on the clock” for about ALMOST 12 years now!  No need for security clearance anymore but the job I NOW have, they FOLLOW their S.O.P.’s (that’s STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES).  😉  Just sayin’! 😉

Anywho… YOU decide!  “Hot off the press”, so I’m bringin’ it to ya’ (like we ALWAYS TRY to do here at; “Why O’ Why?)”!!  😉

NOTE: Will properly tag this article in the coming days.  Felt an “urgency” to hit “PUBLISH” so “here ya go”!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew Reveals DEMONIC Face??! Wait! WHAT???!!

    • Hi there,

      I think I’ll be going in another direction. The point of the article was not to worship false idols. The more I dig, Prince’s death is uncovering more than I anticipated. A new article on that subject will be published. 🙂

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