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2016 Election DISASTER! Most IMPORTANT Political Documentary IS NOW GONE!!

I’ve been URGING people to view this IMPORTANT documentary for SEVERAL YEARS now (originally posted March 2010), only to find that it is finally GONE!  

In double-checking to see if “Hacking Democracy” was still in place (because of this SHAMEFUL “election year”), it appears to have been scrubbed not only from the “Why O’ Why?” blogsite but the sucka has COMPLETELY vanished from the ENTIRE INTERNET!!!!  Gotta wonder why, right????!!!!

While it aired on HBO while I was living overseas, I actually saw it several years later (online) when I returned to the u.s., but now it’s GONE!!!!  Bev Harris (the GRANDMOTHER and HERO) was the original person to discover that our “voting machines” are indeed, RIGGED, is who’ll you’ll need to search for if you EVER want to be enlightened!  

When I mention; “MUST SEE”, “MUST VIEWING” or “IMPORTANT VIEWING”… next time– PLEASE heed the warning!  Not only was the original articles’ video on this subject SWITCHED, so is the link in the (new) article; Some “Highlights” From the 2016 DNC!!!  Dang-NABBIT!!!!

Although this clip is NOT from the documentary, this is SWORN testimony from a “senate hearing” where a computer programmer (Clinton Eugene Curtis) gives his statements (uploaded in 2006) on just how EASY it is to switch “votes”!  He even discloses how he brought this SERIOUS issue to light back in 2000!!!!   Every since that DARN “hanging Chad’, we got DUPED, ya’ll cuz WE’RE NOT VOTING!  DAMN– WHERE IS BEV HARRIS when we NEED her????!!!

Again… her name is Bev Harris and she’s the lady that we owe MANY thanks to!  IF ANY of you find this INVALUABLE documentary again, PLEASE let me know!  Was once found on most ALL media capable platforms (Vimeo, etc.) since 2010 but now… POOF!!  Like “magic”– GONE!!!!!

It’s a SAD day in “ass-merica”!  NO DOUBT!!!!

5 thoughts on “2016 Election DISASTER! Most IMPORTANT Political Documentary IS NOW GONE!!

  1. I believe that there are many hoaxes, but I don’t quite compreh end why are these hoaxes done. And why do they inform us with subtle hints, like the Michael Jackson hoax. Could it also be that Prince’s death was a hoax?

    • Can I JUST say how LONG I’ve “waited” for ANYONE to ask those questions???!!! 🙂 “HI” there AND WELCOME! 🙂

      “why do they inform us with subtle hints, like the Michael Jackson hoax. Could it also be that Prince’s death was a hoax?”

      Yes to Prince (HIS is beginning to unveil some UNUSUAL un-foldings) and Mikey J (that’s Michael Jackson) has some REALLY deep discoveries as I CONTINUE TO follow that lead!:)

      I don’t have a lot of time right now BUT, here are SOME “trails” I’ve “sniffed”(on both so far, read the comments too) as I try to update info there as well– smiles) so you can have an idea where I’ll be coming from! 🙂 and PRINCE…

      Not only in “the land of deceit” do they tell lies but they MUST DISCLOSE [hints of] TRUTH by UNIVERSAL LAW as well. 🙂 Sidebar: Are you familiar with “the Firmament”? It was discovered back when Admiral Byrd trekked over there in 1939 to which a Treaty was formed and SOMEHOW ALL nations have not breached it. You can’t even go that far over Antarctica or your plane will be shot down! They knew it back then. Compare some of the interviews with the “ass-stro-NOTS” vs. what Admiral Byrd shares. If the firmament is real (I’m convinced that it is) they have contained the biggest secret known to mankind! Essentially, they have kept God from us (and I’m MAD about it).

      Not ONLY do I like your “screen name” (is that what it’s called?) but it’s ALSO a nice play on words!! 🙂 Am SOOO diggin’ that “Why O’ Why?” has ANOTHER reader (“hi” Kushite Prince, Nina, Folk, Resurrected, Hadia and many others dear to my heart!!) who’s EXERCISING that “critical thinking MUSCLE”! 🙂

      Give me a few days (by Wednesday/Thursday) for MORE TO COME! It’s sooo interesting that you mentioned Prince. 😉


      • Thank you for your reply. Yes I’m quite familiar with the firmament and Admiral Byrd. I’ve believed from the announcement of MJ’s death that it wax faked. Same about Prince, although, I can’t comprehend why Prince would allow that circus regarding his material possessions and music (that he was so protective of ) to continue if he were still alive. Yet I have yet to see anyone, close band members, past band members friends and family or hus ex wives and girlfriends cry or display any sadness of his passing. Yet they disrespect his entire purpose by exploiting his music everywhere.

    • Hi there!! As promised, here’s a quick follow up! 🙂

      I PERSONALLY believe these hoaxes are done to instill FEAR!!! It is our ENERGY that is NEEDED (because the SPIRITUAL realm (of demons AND devils) operates in FEAR). These DEMONS KNOW hell is real so they tempt us through our based MORAL “barometer” as IT dwells in the FLESH! Demons are BOUND by God to include TRUTH as you cannot “trick” a soul to walk away from God (and HIS promise) but… they are allowed to MISLEAD!! It’s our FREE WILL they seek but the LAW of the HEAVENLY FATHER mandates that disclosure is A MUST! So when we see things that are CLEARLY obvious (like that trailer I saw recently on Fox called; “LUCIFER”– a REAL SHOW currently airing) and dismiss it as “entertainment” but FAIL to recognize the truth of it– which denounces the HEAVENLY FATHER… WE fall short!!! Not God!!! God NEVER forces (forced) us to believe in Him. Not one time. He DOES, however, have His arms WIDE open when we FINALLY come to Him. Forgiveness on a level that NONE of us TRULY comprehend! 🙂 Here’s a few example of CRISIS ACTORS working on behalf of LUCIFER. Hey! They’re feeding masses, LIES about what is supposed to be “real events” yet they are NOT! So who do you suppose they’re “representing”?? 🙂 and this one (ALTHOUGH, I’m finding this article has been tampered with too (i.e.; NOW missing video link), I’ll insert it nevertheless as another example ;)… JUST view Melissa’s clip within the article. 🙂

      I’ll come back another day on why I THINK Prince did fake his death! Got some errands to run BUT… I’ll be back! 🙂 Rest ASSURED!

      With love and LIGHT,

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