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Something SLIGHTLY “Different”… My Real Life Hummingbird EXPERIENCE! :)

About a couple a weeks ago as I was walking through my REALLY charming neighborhood (loaded with strollers, moms, cats and dogs), I was walking back to the house then out of NOWHERE… a Hummingbird swooped down to suckle the nectar from a flower RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!  The flowers’ pedals were white (by the way)! 🙂

I absolutely COULD NOT believe my eyes!  Most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed!  This is the closet image I could find to illustrate the type of bird I saw…

The eyes were JUST as you see in the ABOVE image!!!!!!!!!!  It simply brought to my mind: “who (though I KNOW it IS “the finger of God”) created such METICULOUS and VIVID details in a creature who FLUTTERS its’ wings SO rapidly?????!!!!  It brought me ALLLL the way back to when I lived in Georgia (“Hot-lanta”– left when I was around 27 back in 1980-blah, blah, blah, I think it was), when I first read the Bible and found one of my most cherished verses… Matthew 6:26…

I think birds are one of the MOST amazing creatures in general so this is just a reference for you to know how LONG I’ve felt that way. 🙂 

The way it turned its’ neck and LOOKED at me— none of MY words can truly describe it– I was left BREATHLESS!  🙂  This lasted for just UNDER a minute but the experience was in SLOW MO!!!  🙂  Completely and UTTERLY surreal!!!

There was a postal carrier delivering the mail just next to the house I was in front of, but I was frozen as I didn’t want to do anything to disturb it! BUT… I wanted SOMEONE to witness this IF I could (I was actually on my darn phone so couldn’t snap a pic!!!!!) so when I finally whispered/said; “mister postman– there’s a hummingbird”, it flew up into a tree that was next to me BUT it didn’t fly away!  When the postman came towards me (to see what I was TRYING to say), I could still see the bird but he couldn’t!  It was blending in quite well in the tree considering how VIVIDLY they are hued!  Just, WOW!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I honestly feel like one the “luckiest” people in the WORLD right now!  It is an AMAZING creature to witness!  It was as close as an “arm distance” away (not EVEN, though)!  It was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  And when it turned and actually LOOKED AT ME, the movement of its’ neck seemed COMPLETELY animated!!!  Since I couldn’t snap a photo, I wanted to see if I could find any clips of hummingbirds in action.  This is the CLOSEST I could find, and it doesn’t come NEAR what I saw and just how close the lil booger was to me!  I actually could have extended my hand and GRABBED IT (if I were fast enough)!!!  🙂  Super cool, you guys!  🙂 

Here’s a clip I found that shows just how BEAUTIFUL this little creature is (and again– “my hummingbird” was at ARMS LENGTH)! 🙂

The image above BEST represents the type of hummingbird I saw but the clip does capture how it felt to see such a BEAUTIFUL creature in slow-motion!

I’m now on a quest to find the PERFECT hummingbird feeder because I’d LOVE to have them in my backyard! 🙂  Just… WOW!

“Happy day”, you guys! 🙂 


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