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Melissa McCarthy… YEP! She “SHIFTED” In The Movie: SPY!!!

Well, DARN IT!  Another one “bites the dust”!  CRAP!  I’ve watched this flick a few times and laughed each time because of her MOSTLY, only to ACCIDENTALLY catch her “SHAPESHIFTING” TOO!  Just CRAP!

I think she’s ADORABLE (with those killer dimples) and wondered; “where tha heck she came from” (never even heard of her prior to watching this movie) just HOPING she wouldn’t be included in the MANY who succumb to hellywood, but no luck.   This was the kind of film that I “ignored a myriad of “things” (by the way, “the CIA AND their gadgets”).  I simply TRIED to ignore THOSE THINGS and “ENJOY” a “movie”.  Well… while watching this again the other day, I paused it only to catch a straight up eye SLIT!

First, here she is with her really pretty green eyes… just as cute as she can be…

YOUNG melissa mccarthy

Now, check out her “slitted eyes” (which I caught directly from the film) and ALL I did was pause and attempted to grab a snack…

vlcsnap-2015-11-16-00h19m37s446Here’s that same shot that I’ve only resized (in the Paint program) and drew the circles so that you can see what I saw.  Quite literally, I caught this at a GLANCE!!  Totally “insane”!  Double click to enlarge… (hit Control and + to zoom in even more).  It’ll make this crystal clear, too.  By the way… is anyone else sharing this?  So many are EXCELLENT researchers out there at catching these shifts, but I didn’t find ANYONE with a glimpse at this (film)!!!  Can you? 🙂

Melissa McCarthy in the movie SPY with an eye shift red highlightsSo yeah… just… CRAP!  Goes to prove YET AGAIN (at least to me) that there are NO MOVIES that are “strictly” for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.  They are ALL “puppets/vessels” and “cutie pie”, Melissa didn’t get left out, either.  Just CRAAAPP!!!! 😦  And this movie made me laugh– she had some GREAT one-liners (which is REALLY hard to do)!  Double :(!!!!!

Keep this one in mind the next time you hear (and I’m SURE you will)  about a “celeb” take on a “platform” or a “social matter”.  Leonardo DiCaprio displayed a 5-head (should have been his FOREHEAD but his had a “rippling” effect) glitch while he took to the podium to chat about “CLIMATE CONTROL”.  Click HERE for THAT!  Ain’t nothing but demons inside of them!  And as MUCH as I “continue” to HOPE that some of these “celebs” WON’T “be bitten” by DEMONIC FORCES… they are.  They REALLY are… ALL OF THEM!   Crazy how far it appear to go back, too (click HERE for more on that)!! Just, DARN IT!  I feel I can NEVER watch a “secular” movie AGAIN (even KNOWING “the in the KNOW stuff”) cuz I am STILL human!  🙂

In a song by Vesta [Williams] (a “few time” back up singer for Chaka Khan in tha day) (EDITOR’S NOTE 8/31/16: I’m linking this one too cuz Chaka revealed real TRUTH just AFTER Whitney’s death– CHAKA ON CLIVE DAVIS AND WHITNEY). She [Vesta] sang the lyrics; “Once bitten, twice shy– keep one eye open, for the BAD GUY… I keep screamin’!”– she made CLEAR references to some DARK stuff!!  HERE’s that song for your researching.  Just listen to the lyrics she had– I met her!  SUPER nice but DIED waaayy before HER time (too)!  A “personal theory“?  They die when they TELL THA TRUTH!

And… “we OUT” (til the next post/article/find)!!!  We gone ALWAYS let cha’ know!!!  As we discover these things, we MUST (are “duty bound” to) share! 🙂  So, “debunk” THIS! 🙂

Keep your eyes WIDE open– “they” are counting on us NOT to!!!

10 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy… YEP! She “SHIFTED” In The Movie: SPY!!!

  1. A HUUGGEE THANKS to whomever rated this! 🙂 I’m finding that “rating articles” helps people know the article EXISTS! 🙂 Just wanna TRY to make sure as MANY fellow-people as possible get “wind of it”! I can’t stress enough– I caught it at a GLANCE! A GLANCE you guys!!! I ONLY came back and saw the screen when I finished making a snack)!!! A REAL bummer too cuz… ain’t she cute (AND funny)???!!!

    She’s the kind of “vessel” that’ll make you put your GUARD down, won’t she???!! Satan and his minions are COMPLETELY UNSUSPECTING because they are FAR MORE WISER to the ways of deception than you and I will EVER be!! “Dimples” [Melissa] and her eye shift indicate… she done “left the building” (a LOOOONG time ago). Just like Bounce! Ooops… that’s Beyonce (as an English minor– her name is the WORST to my ears– they bleed even if I WRITE that name) 🙂

    The Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

    • Well… CRAPOLA, TWICE! I’d JUST left the above message for future readers and in checking to make sure all links for the article are still up-to-date, LO and BEHOLD, if I didn’t catch Vesta’s eyes doing (what APPEARS to be) SHIFTS! First, my Tupac article (for REVISIONS) and now this one?!!! BLIMEY! I suppose this is ACTUALLY a GOOD thing! 🙂 Better to know than NOT know! 🙂


  2. see, I was loving your posts from how hell is real and all your gospel preaching, but I must say, posting stuff like this sadly discredits all you do. this is absolutely ridiculous. how can you save souls & expect people to believe EVERYTHING you post when you have the audacity to post flawed assumptions like this? this is so lame & laughable it makes me wonder if you were even credible to begin with now….. thankfully I know the word of God on my own, so you are right in the holy aspects, for the most part but this crap really embarrassed your journalism.

    • Hello, Tim and WELCOME! 🙂

      While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’m confused by your stance. I am still saying that hell is real and proving it by showing his minions at work. Unless what you’re saying is that you don’t believe these entities walk the earth?

      One other thing that perplexes me… you’ve been digging my work but not one comment prior to say that? You only write your FIRST comment to criticize and cast doubt (in such a NEGATIVE way for a bible “enthusiast”) about my legitimacy? Get where i’m goin… 😉

      Jazz — The Captain of THIS Ship

  3. So glad to have found you, I’m wide awake and noticed all this a few years now, I really don’t watch tv at all, because of the programming of masses. Googled and found you, but I’m also on the press, I write poetry and short stories etc., certainly will be looking out for you, as well as visiting your blog. Have a wonderful day. I reseach everything 🙂 thought I was alone.

    • WOW!!! THANK YOU!! 🙂 You made a sista blush BIG TIME!!! 🙂

      Always nice to see a fellow word-presser stop by too!!! 🙂 Thank you SOO much for checking us out! And you are NOT alone at all! I TRY to turn my brain off but once awake, it’s IMPOSSIBLE!! 🙂 Gotta check out your blog cuz I’m HONORED that you found mine!!! 🙂 Love your gravatar by the way!!! Oh yeah– you MIGHT like these finds as well! Melissa is NOT alone with her “talent” of shifting… It’s a CRAZY world– I’m just thankful that I can “SEE”!! 🙂

      With love and light, my friend!

      The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

      • You’re quite welcome, I’m truly happy to have found your articles as well!! Look forward to visiting again, my blog is new and mainly poetry, however I did a blog on the death of stars, just hadn’t mastered the links unfortunately, any glad you found my reply, have an incredible day and its a pleasure to meet like minds 🙂
        Will certainly check out the links, Thanks so much, and you’re correct, the mind never sees things the same, ever again..<3

      • Hi there, Tamara!! 🙂 Thanks for getting back!!! I can’t believe you made me blush AGAIN!! 🙂 So glad your digging “Why O’ Why?”!! 🙂 I just saw your “likes”!!! 🙂

        And be “encouraged” as linkng on WordPress is super easy!!! 🙂 Look for the paperclip icon when you’re editing!!:) You’ll get the hang of it in NO TIME!! 🙂 I’m popping over NOW!!! 🙂 Oh yeah!! We’re supposed to JARED with our new VISION!! Once the eyes are opened, they’ll NEVER be shut again! 🙂 So NICE to encounter another like-mind as well!! Been hit with so many shills lately, you’re just making my day!! 🙂 You might also like Kushite Prince’s blog! He’s another wordpresser I simply ADORE!!! 🙂

        Your friend in FLIGHT! 🙂

        P.S. ALMOST forgot to throw THIS in the mix!! Still gives CHILLS cuz the pastor (you’ll hear HER in the clip) ain’t no JOKE!! William Tells (on youNAZI) was shut down. When he got his account back, I asked for this again and “lo and behold”– he DID IT! 🙂 Her WORDS are powerful along with what was captured!!! When I researched her– she’s in one of the Carolina’s! Shape-shifting is “frighteningly” REAL!!!

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