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Some “Highlights” From The DNC 2016

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UPDATED AGAIN!!: 9/30/16– Click HERE for an update on THIS article (DARN-IT)! 😦


I simply CRINGE at the thought of so many who still believe we’re voting and just SKIMMING some of the images at the 2016 “dnc” turns my stomach.  Please watch; “Hacking Democracy”.  “Why O’ Why?” don’t people see that these “politicians” are “beguiling” them?  Even at the “dnc”, they were using subliminals or in other words– CASTING SPELLS!  Let’s just establish this before moving forward…

Aliester Crowley and Anton LaVey were real people who did exist (that LIVED in this country) and they made no secret that they were Satanists, either.  So we’ve seen this particular sign (image– made largely “popular”/familiar through LaVey) since THEY’RE time.  Not Rhiana’s, not Katy (whatever her name is) and certainly WAY before Madonna’s witchy-poo looking butt!  It’s real simple, too.  It’s an INVERTED STAR, which projects the face of a horned devil’s/”goat face” or the Sigil of Baphomet.  First, let’s look at the star we learned to draw in GRADE SCHOOL… (as usual, click all images to enlarge) 😉

There are even books (NOW) for lil tykes to learn that the 5 pointed star always has the main point at the TOP…

But the INVERTED star has LONG had a hidden meaning and SUBLIMINALLY displays an image…

And if my (limited) Arabic serves me right, that’s the number “6” on the left side (our view) of the above image.  Remember the “logo” for that Monster “drink”?  It has 3 of them! 

It’s not just an interpretation, either.  It is intentional.  People who make this into jewelry (for example) fashion a “face” within the star.  Here’s a necklace…

And here’s a couple of reminders that LaVey (for example) knew full well that these symbol are not “playthings”…

Remember, LaVey shares what that symbol is, on Manson’s (pictured above) shirt too?  You can find that HERE.  People are SO misguided they’re even wearing this symbol on their CROTCHES…

You can click HERE for other signage that is used (for witchcraft, satanism, ALL OF IT)– and HERE’s some of the Satanic dates they use).  So when/if we’re able to spot something like this, even though it’s been placed in a remarkably subtle way, it’s not without PURPOSE as it was done INTENTIONALLY.  Case in point, this years’ “dnc”.

The stage looks “normal”, right?

Here’s another shot (that’s using the same stage “format”) where I’ve only zoomed in on that tiny bottom row of “lights” (double click to enlarge)…

Random Woman On Stage At 2016 DNC 2

You can even see it without zooming in on this shot…

Examine all the lights on their stage.  It’s only the bottom row that looks like this. 

Just know that every time you attend any of these “mass gatherings” (concerts, etc.), you’re either participating in one of their rituals (it’s your ENERGY that they need) or you’re having spells cast on you!  The “supernatural” is actually real (especially to “these leaders” who practice it) whether you believe that or not.  Remember John Todd?  And the “queen” ain’t snatching up kids for nothing.

To add a bit more of a kick to the nuts… did you know that at least ONCE (that I found while researching for this post) there was an near EMPTY auditorium but it was made to look like it was filled (for the media/cameras) with HUGE supporters?  Instead of showing what ACTUALLY happened, which was a whole BUNCH of fed up folks who were BOO-ING!!!  Hope you’ll note some “once rebels” have now sold out too (i.g.; your Elizabeth Warren’s and such).  Absolutely NONE OF THEM care about this country’s, people.  None of them.  Check out Melissa’s BRILLIANT catch (and commentary)!  You won’t see this on your 5 O’clock “news”. 

One last note before your viewing… this also captures those nasty little CRISIS ACTORS in action (AGAIN)!  I keep telling you guys, “they’re real, too”.  The O’Jay’s sang; “For The Love Of Money” back in the 70’s… you don’t think a mere $50 bucks can make a person LIE to a nation?

We’re not “voting” anyway but for the ones who still think we are, they (mainstream media) wouldn’t show you the truth about a “campaign” even if they wanted to (which they don’t).  And let’s not forget those “tiny lil” Baphomet lights that are floating around.  Ain’t nothing but a witchcraft fest, “spell-bounding” everyone.  If that image meant “nothing at all”, then why not make ALL the “stars” their stage displays, look just like that bottom row?  Hell.  Why put them on the bottom row at all, if there’s “nothing to it”?  Please, just watch; “Hacking Democracy” and discover what this grandma accidentally found out YEARS ago about our “voting MACHINES”.  Kudos to the fed up audiences (in the clip) for TRYING to be heard!  At least I know YOU’RE mad!

It’s ALL theatrics (cuz the “world IS a stage”) with a whole lotta’ WITCHCRAFT!

A FOOTNOTE: Please, “Like“, “Rate” and “Share” so that we can get this out to as many people as possible (MANY “thanks” for the “Likes” so far)!! 🙂  There IS a solution (in addition to PRAYER cuz “BOY O’ BOY” do we need it)!!!! “Kick Them ALL Out” (.com) NAILS it (the “underline” IS the HYPERLINK). 🙂  JUST READ; “Putting It In Perspective”… you’ll be GLAD you did! 😉  It’s REAL short too!

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