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Wernher Von Braun and NASA Lies??? The Truth Is In The FIRMAMENT.

Sometimes, turning my brain off, just simply doesn’t happen. 🙂

So, I’ve been reviewing information surrounding the revisited thought that the world is flat and not round.  Many twists and turns with an abundance of top notch research on this subject and real journalism as well as dis-info circulating.  It could leave one VERY confused.  That is… if you don’t have the ability to “step back” for a CLEARER picture! 😉

I have accepted that the world is indeed flat— just as it was first believed “many moons ago”.  There’s a reason why so many believed this to be true and there is certainly text AND maps that were recorded (along the way).  Here’s one that was found in a Boston Public Library recently from 1892. That’s 1892, ya’ll, well AFTER 1492 (click all images to enlarge)! Double click the map .

Flat Earth Map 1892

So… “let’s not get it twisted”… some VERY astute people knew this to be true (start “re”-RESEARCHING Galileo and Newton AGAIN).  Is ANYONE even SLIGHTLY familiar with a “dude” named Copernicus (for example)????

Aside from that, what really made a FIRM believer out of me was a video of an amateur rocket launch that only went 72 miles in the air. and you could see BOTH the moon AND (reflection of) the sun through its’ lens!!!   If the world is round (like we’ve been “educated”)– that is simply impossible, fellow people!!!  72 miles is EXACTLY like the equivalent (1.5 hours) of DRIVING AROUND Lake Tahoe (for Pete’s Sake)!  You’ll also notice that when it stops, it’s stationary as you will be able to see the part of the rocket that dislodged itself continuing to “free fall”.  Here’s the clip…

When you read the description box (of the ORIGINAL video linked above) and you’ll see that the launch took place @ 7:32am (in New Mexico back in 2014) but SOMEHOW… we can see the moon while it’s supposed to be over AUSTRALIA??!!!  What in the “fo-cheesy”???!!!  Some are suggesting this rocket hit/pierced the Firmament.  I have strong doubts about that but what it DID reveal was the sun and moon are not on opposite ends  (of a “globe”) as we’ve been told!  NASA’s been LYIN’, ya’ll!!!  And speaking of NASA…

This bit of research (for this article) lead me back down a familiar lane (some of my SECOND “initial” research in 2009– first introduced to “world conspiracies” in 1996) and I remembered a clip of Carol Rosin speaking about Wernher Von Braun prior to his death in 1977.  HERE’S the clip I’m referring to.  Though referring to him as a “great” (that reference is in the FULL clip if I’m NOT mistaken), is very questionable as he was one of the MANY German (Nazi) scientists recruited by the U.S. who were immersed in Operation Paperclip (and formed NASA).

Something about revisiting this prompted me to want to take a look at his [Wernher’s] grave site/’memorials/statues.  Why?  Well, if he was involved in any part of the satanists (either used or voluntarily) that indeed run this world, these structures would SURELY indicate it (at some point)!  George Washington’s sure did…

george washington freemason statue bust

Do note the inscription listing Washington’s TRUE allegiance and pledge to FREEMASONRY which was OVER being the u.s. president!  By the way… so did John Belushi’s (it’s the skull and bones shown within “the arch” of HIS gravestone/site that gives THIS ONE away) as well as MANY others…

john belushi skull and bones headstone

Surprisingly, Von Braun’s was remarkably simple…


And did you notice the scripture?  Von Braun (the “father” of NASA) actually made a reference to the FIRMAMENT!!!  It’s also been said that he wanted that reference added just prior to his death!  Hmmm?  Now why would he do that?  Because as a rocket “scientist”, acknowledging the firmament (in any shape, form or notion) would have to confirm (acknowledge) what the Bible says about this world we live on!!  And according to the word of The Heavenly Father… it is flat, and encased in a “sphere” with the stars, moon and sun affixed just beneath a “DOME”!!! Ancient Hebrews understood this well (the word; “Sheol” is ALSO discussed in the Bible)…

ancient hebrew conception firmament

Shoot!  Even the (now VERY LAME, can’t BELIEVE IT’S BEEN ON THE AIR THIS LONG) Simpsons (TV “show”) has shed light in PLAIN SIGHT on the “firmament”!!  Watch this clip and see if can see that they are MOCKING us… (because of our LACK OF KNOWLEDGE)…

Do you suppose Von Braun knew of the firmament because we once came near it (in our attempts to explore “the universe”)?  Here’s an interesting clip which suggests NASA exposed truth on a RARE occasion making reference to “the firmament” just like Von Braun…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term (firmament– it was fairly new to me too), it’s mentioned in the Bible 17 times with rather clear descriptions of how this plane is shaped (and the varying layers/”atmospheres” that surrounds it).  It’s TELLING YOU that there is NO WAY to burst (penetrate) beyond this “bubble” so no “voyages” outside this “realm” is POSSIBLE.  So that means we haven’t been ANYWHERE that NASA tells us we’ve been (tha stinkin’ liars)!!!

Could we have “landed on the moon”?  I’d like to THINK we can and did but a documentary I stumbled upon (in 2008), really DOES indicate that what we ALL saw (back in 1968) was on a SOUND (studio) stage!  This friggin “movie director”– Billy Wilde, stepped into a SHOT (or scene)!!!  It’s a REAL shame that this documentary can NO LONGER BE FOUND but I’m making this assertion without if for now, in this article (posting) nevertheless (MY memory is “CRAZY” accurate– so if you find what I’m referencing– PLEASE send me a note)! 🙂

We need to be opened to all possibilities of DECEPTION.  If these “elite” took careful care to immerse themselves (over the centuries) in EVERY SECTOR of “society”… space is also a part of their “coverage”. 

I remind you all… Von Braun wanted (felt COMPELLED) to drop us a “HINT” (when he added that scripture to his gravestone– and I DO believe the human soul can be redeemed even if you were a Nazi Scientist) so we should DEFINITELY pay ATTENTION.  I ask… “how many of you were even FAMILIAR with this word [firmament] back in 1977 (when Von Braun died)?  His reference to Psalms 19:1 states…

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

If that (amateur) rocket DID indeed “hit” any part of the firmament”… boy o’ boy, what a “breakthrough” for humankind!!! 🙂  I keep “reminding you” (us all) that The Heavenly Father” ain’t no joke”!  Click HERE for a reminder that should truly URGE you to “get busy and” simply get to know Him so that you can begin to put the pieces together for what we ALL will one day, face.  You know… when the Son of The Heavenly Father returns. 😉

Now this next portion should really tee you off!  Remember January of 1986 when that shuttle exploded and EVERYONE on board was KILLED???  Well… looks like SOME of them SURVIVED!!!  What in tha fo-cheesy??  Check out this clip…

Homeskillet is just uploading his critical thinking on the matter and poses some real “simple” questions (and making observations)… so why don’t you?  🙂  His queries are given even MORE validation when you review what RussianVids (on younazi) has discovered (9 months ago) from that day (back in 1986).  Seems crisis acting has been happening much longer than we think because a set of “parents” mustered smiles (plus much more) in such a TRAGIC moment…

This last “tidbit” is the most recent discovery (that I found) which indicates a “barrier” of some kind has been located.  According to  University of Boulder in Colorado– they’ve found SOMETHING that again, confirms “this talk” of the FIRMAMENT.  Here’s a screenshot of the article from 2014 making reference to an “invisible shield”.

Invisible Shield FIRMAMENT University of Boulder

HERE’s the link.  A parting note… no one has to believe one word on this site.  We simply encourage RESEARCHING for yourselves and APPLY “critical thinking”!!!! 🙂  “Why O’ Why?” only follows the dots (and the money) and THEN… we post! 🙂  Dig DEEP, fellow people, because this life is FAR deeper than ANY well. 😉

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