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*** Demon Possession While Watching The Film: Conjuring 2!!

I JUST posted on my “hunch” that the casting of spells has been included in Film since the VERY beginning, starting with Rudolph Valentino (it’s the entry right below this one) and I just got this clip in the inbox to confirm it!  Well… that witchcraft is being used in “entertainment”, that is. 😉 Thanks, “T”!!!

The clip states that a woman in Malaysia became possessed during the viewing of the film; “The Conjuring 2”!  This video was uploaded June 14th.   Just listen and you tell me if this scream sounds REMOTELY “earthly” to you!!  It even “transitions” from that, to a more “human like” scream as it progresses…

KJ Osborne with TheScariestMovieEver (younazi) has been doing some recent uploads on the uptick in possessions that have been occurring (GLOBALLY) and this one should certainly be added to his bevy of collections.  And before anyone attempts to subvert this CLEAR WARNING (that demons are REAL), John Todd spoke of how the music industry cast spells to have demons follow each and every album that is bought!  John was speaking of this in the EARLY to MID 70’S!!!

He even said that when you burn your music, you will be able to see demons in the fire as they burn!  I got rid of my collections by trashing them as I don’t particularly care to see a demon (even if it’s in flames) but should any of you decide to burn yours and record your experience, I’d be HAPPY to post it! 

I can’t impress upon you enough… if you’re watching any of these dark films (vampires, witches and HARRY POTTER too), you are being mesmerized by demons and you’ve DEFINITELY opened a portal (or simply put, an invitation) for them to enter.  And one day…  they just might! 

I’m sure this woman thought she’d be watching a harmless movie “for entertainment purposes only”.  Yet more proof that demons are in our films, wouldn’t you say?  🙂  Hey!!!  Listen to that scream again.  The people around her had the wherewithal to begin to SIMPLY pray and that demon RESPONDED.

Again… entertainment is EVIL.  Period.

2 thoughts on “*** Demon Possession While Watching The Film: Conjuring 2!!

  1. Jazz what’s your thoughts on the Mandela effect and the changes in the Bible? Just going to post this as food for thought.

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