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Rudolph Valentino… Yes, He And His Wife Danced With The Devil, Too!

I will continue to say (reiterate) that hollyhell is NOTHING but the devil’s playground.  While maybe not as pervasive as today’s hollyhell, all the top ones were tapped from the very start of “entertainment”.  A food for thought reminder on the word: ENTERTAINMENT

Enter (come into, enter)

Tain (possess, hold)

Ment (a state of being) – otherwise to come into, possess & to keep individuals in a state of possession as a fan (fanatic) of said entertainer (star/idol/icon) or entertainment via one’s consciousness. The whole entertainment agenda is anti 10 Commandments.– Anonymous

Since some are STILL not convinced that this is how the WHOLE of entertainment “gets down in darkness” with most all of today’s acts, maybe a peek back to the early 1900’s will clue you in.  I’m not sure why I chose Valentino to explore and see what I might find, but it’s interesting that I did.  Waaay before Clark Gable and the likes rolled along (to include Rock Hudson), Valentino was THE very first “superstar”.  Turns out, his wife was a MEDIUM!  Valentino (and wife) “beguiled a generation” because I’m POSITIVE they were casting spells!  Why?  Hey– let’s be honest… dude wasn’t THAT fine…

arrow-downValentino GazeI suppose considering the time he was a ‘star’, the Italian born Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d’Antonguella WAS “knocking them off their feet” but he doesn’t float my boat.  As a matter of fact, this image (above) made me think he might be possessed (in that moment) so I decided to see if I could find a few things to clue me in that he might be part “the club“.  I found the below.  See if you can spot them.  It’s the same thing in each image…

rudolph valentino masonic m hand sign

rudolph valentino masonic m hand sign 2 in a sling

It’s the clever and subtle “M” he’s making with his middle and ring fingers which displays he’s a (Free)Mason.  Those in “the club” have been gesturing this for CENTURIES so it’s not a coincidence…

powerful masons display MSo yeah… me tends to think, he and his wife (as well as the “big boys of the club”) used “the craft” on people from the VERY start.  Like I’ve stated just under a ba-zillion times before.  And it appears we may have found the first “beguiler” of evil-tainment!  Why do I think he might have been “the first”?

He was remarkably YOUNG during his time and his passing.  Only 31.  And according to Wikipedia…

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was released in 1921 and became a commercial and critical success. It was one of the first films to make $1,000,000 at the box office, and remains to this day the sixth highest-grossing silent film ever.

Pretty wild to think a movie had that impact and it was a SILENT film.  He also made an interesting quote once.  MK Ultra’s first “test dummy”?  Perhaps.  Remember… by the time they present us with their technology/science– it’s the “old version”.

Rudolph Valentino quote

Here’s an image of his wife, Natacha Rambova (she was the second wife by the way) and a professed “spirit medium”.  It was no secret. 

rudolph & natacha valentino 1921 - by james abbe. Scanned by Frederic. Reworked by Nick & jane for Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: Enjoy!

Rex Ingram was the Director of “the first block buster in film history” (“The Four… Apocalypse”, as referenced above via Wiki) and he was also FASCINATED (influenced) by, guess who????

arrow-downaleister crowley the most evil man in the world

Barbara Bush’s REAL dad, Aleister Crowley!  The original occultist who referred to himself as “the great beast”.  Those notes you see, is his hand writing and directed by his spirit guide as he lists the signage we see today… and STILL think it means NOTHING!  I am going to assume that most EVERYONE knows this creep so I won’t focus on him too much other than to show you how they are ALL connected.  Always have been and always will be.   By thy fruit, man!!!  Back to Valentino…

Another image I found of Valentino is just more PROOF they definitely “got down with the darkness”.  Now… remember it’s only the EARLY 1900’s (Valentino died in 1926) so if you look at this next image and think they were simply “visionaries” (his wife was the photographer)… maaann… GET OFF MY BLOG! 

arrow-downrudolph valentino naked and painted like Pan satanic

So yeah… I blew this bad boy up because I wasn’t seeing CLOTHING!  Double click the image to see a larger version for detail cuz surprisingly, homeskillet is naked (he definitely appears to be but could be wearing something to cover himself) and TUCKING!  You can even see his pubic hairs cuz he’s got body paint on!  And who does this image reflect/represent? (Yep– I GOTTA insert one more arrow…) 🙂

arrow-downPan God Half Man Half Goat PervertedPan, the son of Hermes, the Arcadian god of lust and MAGIC who seduces men and women with his pipes and wantonness, the symbol of the libido in its sexual aspect, vagrant male sexuality, the personification of undisciplined procreation in nature.  [SOURCE]  So please, don’t try to twist in your mind that Valentino posing in this (above) image did not have a real meaning.  This ‘god’ is PERVERTED.  I personally feel “uneasy” just viewing the image (and I selected the “tamed version”).  He’s made appearances in MANY films along the way to include the “children’s flick”; “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.  What’s Pan doing in a children’s film?  Hmm.  Yeah, silly me… there’s nothing to it.

Did Valentino willingly participate or was he really the first MK Ultra victim?  And even though it’s suppose to be a jacket he’s wearing (the below image), this could sure pass for dress to my eyes!  Whatchu think?

Rudolph Valentino in DRAG Monsieur Beaucaire

Dude Looks Like A Lady

This last image of Valentino displays a hand sign we’ve been increasingly seeing over the decades which makes us THINK it has “no powers” whatsoever.  Rudolph Valentino using the sign to cast spells in 1921ish same sign used in 2016

To the contrary.  Here’s a brief clip of the infamous Anton LaVey explaining it’s true meaning and POWER.  It is indeed a sign to CURSE.

A slow and steady progress it has been and now we see it throughout every aspect of our lives.  Do you really think Rihanna (just ONE example) just thought of the SAME HAND SIGN as Valentino by COINCIDENCE? (Click HERE for “a Rihanna reminder”, by the way).

rihanna flashing same devil horn sign as rudolph valentino COIENCIDENCE

I’ll say it again… ENTERTAINMENT IS EVIL (always has been).  Period.

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