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This is information for the ENTIRE world, INCLUDING THE ORGANIC  “followers”.  I won’t preface this with much other than to say, “mom’s milk is for her babies ONLY”.  That stands for momma and her kittens, momma and her baby bears, and all “momma’s” on THIS plane!!

Oh– and the lady presenting the clip is cute (for the guys with short attention spans and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”) though beside the point, so JUST watch and learn cuz SHE REALLY AIN’T LYING!!!  😉 “Dairy Cows”… NO SUCH THING!!!


7 thoughts on “MILK!!! Did You Know…. (VERY GROSS & DISTURBING WARNING)

  1. Gross!!! This is so SICK!!! One of the reasons I stopped drinking milk five years ago. But I have drank almond and rice milk. It’s a much better alternative in my opinion. Thank you for the informative video.

  2. Soy milk is all GMO,, no soy, Rice milk although that does contain a lot of sugar, almond milk, they all contain sugar moderation is the key. Rice milk is like skim milk.

    • THANKS, Nina! 🙂 I had a sneaky suspicion that most of the alternatives would be super sweet! I will definitely give the rice milk a try! 🙂 Thanks again for the heads up!

    • Hi there, Nina! I just wanted you to know that I did pick up some Rice Milk! It was a local brand in EXPENSIVE ARSE Natural Grocer’s too!!! lol A little sweet for my taste so was curious if you might know of a nationwide brand I might try?:) I’m looking for a “light milk” taste without any sweetness, if I can. 🙂

      I was a “heavy milk drinker” in my youth (as a kid… drank as many glasses of it as water when playing outside) but I GUESS I fell victim to LACTOSE INTOLERANT over the years and it became VERY apparent when I turned 27 (that’s because our bodies don’t actually DIGEST this foreign substance). If you )or ANYONE) kinda knows what I’m looking for (a NATIONWIDE BRAND), please don’t hesitate to let me know. I grocery shop based on HUGE discounts and milk does freeze and thaw out well so I’m rounding up for my monthly shopping! 🙂

      By the way– happy “pretend” Independence Day!!! This country is SUCH a joke but what a GREAT day to be on the grill! 🙂


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