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Ron Howard aka “Richie Cunningham” Wore “The Dress” TOO!

For those of us who watched TV back when Happy Days hit the airwaves (1972), we fondly remember sweet little Richie!  Some of us even remember him as the ADORABLE Opie Taylor from “Mayberry”.  Here’s a sample of his cuteness (for those who don’t recall).  😉

He later did his stint as Richie Cunningham on the very popular Happy Days as we all know.  Seemed like a fairly innocent enough show which most people liked (including me) so it’s funny to see this show is back in syndication again!  I happened upon the show the other day while I was cleaning and decided to watch one.  Much to my surprise, I think I may have stumbled upon the episode which might give us a hint around the time that good ole’ “Opie Cunningham” took his oath! 

Most often, the focus is on the “celeb” who’s in front of the camera but the ones behind the scenes are far more immersed as they’ve been playing the game much longer.  Howard did go on to become a “beloved” producer, director, writer.  We ALL fell in love with “SPLASH”, didn’t we?  We also like to think that not everyone gets swept into the hellywood trap especially the adorable “Opie Cunniningham”, right?  Well… looks like he not only took the oath but he also had to demonstrate it in a Happy Days episode called; “The Deadly Dares”.

So JUST out of “nostalgia” I decided to watch.  I couldn’t believe what I was see considering the knowledge of the codes I’ve been learning about over the years.  Since 1996 to be exact.  The episode, although “innocent” on the surface, it was just so BLATANT that a ritual was being performed in front of our eyes.  Richie and the Potsie character were both dressed in drag in order to join a gang called, of ALL names… the Demons! 

Ron Howard In Drag 1974 He Took The Blood Oath

I’m watching the “hooded oath taking” scene and other “lil” rituals, then it involves them dressing up as women, going to a dance and getting at least one dance which ends up being with Fonzie.  Anyone remember that episode?  Don’t worry… I didn’t either. 😉


Ron Howard In Drag 1974 He Took The Blood Oath 2 with Fonzie

Seemed “cute” back then but when you take a closer look, a few things kinda “pop out”…

If I’m not mistaken, the airing date might be significant to their numbers and it’s also the 6th episode.  So I decided to see if Richie Cunningham lost a family member, etc., around that time and if the number 4 might be associated with it all.  I didn’t find that but guess what I found?

arrow-downron howard dead screenshot

The website touts itself as Fiction and maybe Ron popping up on it on May 28, 2016 (the day before today’s date, by the way) was just a quirk, but I found it interesting that Prince ALSO appeared on this website in 2014 (peep the comment section)!

arrow-downprince died screenshot 2014

While Ron’s mom died in 2000, (she was 73– still young in my opinion and there may be something to the date of her death) he doesn’t appear to have had many deaths surrounding him other than a Composer and Andy Griffith.  In addition, while doing the research for this article, I stumbled upon talks of a “Happy Days Reunion” slotted for 2017 and another article mentions that Howard is planning to retire soon. 

All of these things could mean nothing at all, but in “the real world”, it’s adding up to a lot!  Remember– these satanists do work with numbers in EVERYTHING they do.  So keep your eye on ole “Opie Cunningham”.  Either he’s about to “hoax us” or he’s about to be a not so distant, Illuminati Hit.  Though I couldn’t find 4’s associated with this so far (check out TheBlackChild’s, “Signs of An Illuminati Hit”), when and if his time comes (prematurely that is) there’s sure to be a series of numbers that will let the cat out of the bag.  The Devil will collect on his debts.  If Opie didn’t join– I’d be surprised as no one in that field gets a pass ESPECIALLY once you’ve entered the $20 Million Dollar Club.  Ron Howard’s net worth is $140 million…

9 thoughts on “Ron Howard aka “Richie Cunningham” Wore “The Dress” TOO!

    • I own it– Jazz, The Captain of THIS ship! 😉 A black woman well into her “prime” (that’s 60+ years old). And is there something off about the dates here? 🙂 I do this because as I discover things, I share what I’m learning! 🙂 Why? I recently did a post on Rudolph Valentino… see what you think when you get a moment! 🙂 They are ALL tied together and it goes WAY back! 😉

      • Ooooo!!!! I see your reference to the date question! 🙂

        It’s based on the date the article(s) hit tha press! Or in other words, the day an article is published (on the world wide web) 🙂 It’s (the date) located near the top (just below the SEO words in categories– they’re the ones in CAPS at the start of reading) of each article and just below were people can “rate” an article. 😉 You know– if one doesn’t have time to comment. 😉 By the way… RATE us, lady (and ALL you guys)! We dig the feedback! 🙂 I am “the captain” but have a couple of cohorts! 🙂 Hi “T”! 🙂


      • So your the owner of that site that pre predicts celebrity deaths?

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Yes and “no”! 🙂 I don’t “specialize” in the prediction of celebrity deaths. We try to cover a myriad of topics surrounding our DECEIVED lives! I published an article on “the flat earth” too! 🙂 And yes, I am she– the owner of said; “Why O’ Why?”…

      • I don’t think I did that. 🙂 I linked a site that “did”. Not sure how they came to their conclusion. I do find it interesting that they’ve named Ron Howard could be coming up soon while there is talk of him “retiring” soon.

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