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New Teleportations Caught On CCTV (May 2016)

I’ve been trying to source this one for a nearly a couple of weeks and no luck on what city this is in but still DARN impressive!  Just like the girl that was caught on film, this is equally cool. 

This took place on January 30, 2016 at about 12:46am.  The date also switches between the years 2016 and 2019 when he’s “moving through time’.  The entire sequence is only :37 seconds long but the clip is looped a couple of times and slowed down.  Check it out…

Whomever this cat is, he clearly used this technology to steal because he’s holding something in his left hand, placing the item in his mouth when he exits.  Tell the truth… would you use this technology to steal?  Just a lil sidebar. 😉

I also think this one has some real interesting aspects to it as well.  Though not entirely impossible to fake but the driver’s reaction gives validity to this being an actual occurrence.  He clearly tried to avoid something in his view…

This next one got picked up by Yahoo News, May 4 2014.  There’s some sort of light/flash that looks like it’s coming out of the brush/foliage when you slow it down.  Check out the :38.  It’s a wider shot and you can see the source of this light is deep within the foliage and off the right of the light pole/wiring in the shot.  Then “poof”, the car is gone in an instant…

Of all the conspiracies that are afloat as we all discover this “maddening world” we live in while stumbling over those insane rabbit holes that surround us, I do think the subject of Teleportation is the “coolest”.  Though I do caution, we really need to dig to see if this is indeed the source of true technology or “demon magic”.  Demon magic is real so we do need discernment from the Heavenly Father because deception really is at every turn. [2 Corinthians 11:13-15]

I mean… although “cool”, why would we ever need this technology?  Think about it.  Why would anyone (including the government) feel the need for this technology other than to use it in a negative way?  The girl who used this actually did help two people but home-dude (first video above) just showed us one way to use this which was to walk into a closed establishment (in the dead of night) and steal.  And on the cool?  Even with the “eye in the sky” cameras our world has quietly transitioned into (and accepted), could you identify him? (lol)  So seriously, other than to use this in a covert way, what other purpose would it serve?  Just sayin’.  Very interesting captures, though. 😉

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