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Prince’s Death… “Behind The Curtain” (and “The Dress”)

So as most of you who’ve been hangin’ with the blog for a while may know, we’ve learned to “let the smoke clear” when “celebs” die.  Just knowing the “dark side” of how the “Million Dollar Club” works makes that stand to reason.

I won’t dig too deep for now, just a simple reminder NOT to IDOLIZE these “people”.  Any of them.  And don’t get me wrong– I dug Prince too.  But I realize they are all able to be miss-directed in their choices.  Nothing will EVER be as it seems and Prince is no exception.  Just like Dave Chappelle, Prince did more than just become the “next Androgynous hit” (after David Bowie if I’m not mistaken)!!  He wore his “required dress” too very early in his career!!  Anyone remember this?


prince in dragFor the life of me, I can’t imagine the pitch to sell this for any hungry, up and coming artist to agree with.  Prince was probably one the most androgynous out there (after “the David Bowie early years”) but even HE didn’t look good in a dress!

Prince’s death could be one of three things.  He did die (with no foul play), he was sacrificed OR he faked his death.  One thing I found interesting is that for YEARS you couldn’t find a Prince song on the internet but the day he dies you’ve got everything he ever recorded back and ready to view!  Youtube has suddenly opened up the Prince Music Video Vaults!  And what timing?!

Speaking of timing… he died on the queens birthday.  You know THAT “scary heifer”?  Is that significant?  Could very well be.  Numbers and dates do matter to them who have given into the occult/witchcraft/satanism.  Click HERE for a calendar of dates that are important in that world (and do note the December dates too).

The point of this is to remind you that we should not idolize these people when they are gone.  Not even for a second.  I stopped following secular music back in 2000.  I played what I had and Prince was indeed part of my collection but I’ve been over radio for a LONG time!  I wonder what would have happened if people didn’t listen to his music or make new purchases of his music after he died?  Nah.  That’ll never happen.  People will NEVER “get” that celebs will ALWAYS be more VALUABLE dead than alive.  Here’s a clip of Chaka tellin’ it like it REALLY is, though…

It’s funny… after YEARS of not hearing his music and listening to it the other day…  what is the Jehovah’s Witness religion really about, again?! 

Can I just say that when I found the full video of “Gett Off”, instead of it looking “cool” (like it did when it was released), it just like a cleverly disguised party in Hell to me now.  You know the kind of hell that looks more like a party vs. torture?  I felt all kinds of wrong for watching it!!!!  I don’t know what his music evolved into over the years (my last Prince purchase was his CD Diamonds & Pearls and I had all of his albums since 1978) but my ears could no longer take the “worldly music”.  And Prince, WAS “in the world” in a VERY influential way.  I remind you, he took that oath TOO.  The “dress don’t lie”!  He CERTAINLY had FOREKNOWLEDGE of Bin Laden wwaaayyy BEFORE 9/11.  Click HERE in case you didn’t know. 😉

Would you believe how far this actually goes back if I showed you a picture of John Wayne “in drag”?  For the “youngins’ out there, he was the macho cowboy of the time.  The name of the flick was “The Spoilers” from 1942 that this appeared in.  “The Duke” (that’s what Wayne was called in those days) was rockin’ a boa and holding/playing with/peeling a boiled egg “provocatively”.


john wayne in dragYou can click HERE for a short list of “celebs” who’ve worn their “required ladies-wear” for their careers.  Make no mistake… they were and are, ALL part of “the club”.

And just one last thing I’d like to say about Prince.  I didn’t know this, but Prince was born one day after my grandmother.  “So what?”, you may ask?  Well, my grandmother is the only reason I’m even aware of Gemini’s, i.e.; astrology.  You see, I grew up with her (before astrology became “mainstream”).  And make no mistake, I don’t subscribe to astrology at all.  What I know about Gemini’s though, is that there are definitely “two people” (personalities) that exist within them.  And they also fight sleep like no ones business!!!  Nocturnal doesn’t really define just how long they will RESIST sleep.  As time has gone on, I’ve actually seen this characteristic in a couple of 9 month olds!  They are TRULY born with it so his “sleep problem” was not abnormal.   They are also SUPER creative but can never seem to turn their brains off which is why sleep eludes them.  They can ALSO be FILTHY (as in untidy houses) as all get out and MUST be the center of attention!!!  No offense to the Gemini’s but ya’ll are WORK!  🙂  VERY sweet but WORK!   Just keep that in mind as the Prince stories unfold. 😉

Again, if he’s gone, let him go.  He won’t be coming back to send anyone a message if he IS gone. Rest assured.  The best you can do for him (buying his music NOW is NOT helping him by the way) is to say a prayer that his soul is at rest.

So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep – Job 14:12

85 thoughts on “Prince’s Death… “Behind The Curtain” (and “The Dress”)

  1. Good post. You make some very good points. I don’t think most people realize how deep the rabbit hole goes. I’ve done some research on this and I think it’s highly likely they took him out. It was a sacrifice much like Whitney and Michael Jackson. I find it odd that it was the Queens birthday the day of his death. Hmmmmm……..that’s really strange. I did a post on my blog about it. prince also said in his song Let’s Go Crazy “don’t let the elevator break us down”. The elevator represented the Devil taking you down to Hell. And his body was found in an elevator! Coincidence??? I don’t think so. What do you think?

    • Hi there, my man! Gotta check yours out with the quickness! (pops popcorn)! 🙂

      I was aware of the elevator reference (my cousin broke it down for me back when the song hit) and on the cool, I DO think he was taken out! What lingers with the possibility of a hoax is, 1) No will. Like– WHO DOES THAT? I knew a chick who made her first million at 26. She got her FIRST will done at 27. Just sayin 🙂 2) He told people not to waste their prayers. Is that because he knew he’d be faking his death? I find it VERY hard to believe that a person who was spiritual would refuse the free offering of prayers. Who says anything other than; “thank you for your prayers”? In all my years I’ve never heard anyone say that. Just seems VERY strange because praying for our fellow man is just one of the things we’re SUPPOSE to do. 🙂 I’m sure Prince WAS “in the know” for a while and maybe he DID have a change of heart as he got older but he could have faked his death just like I do believe Bowie did. Prince did look “off”, while Bowie looked like the picture of health.

      Him dying on the beast’s (oops, I mean the queen’s) birthday is very suspicious and is the biggest item I see to lend to a sacrifice. That evil beast does not miss one satanic date on their calendars that’s for sure! It’s also telling that there’s all this purple lighting up the world on his behalf. Does wreak of a sacrifice!

      K– popping over to your site to read your article! 🙂


      • You bring up a good point Jazz. I really think he should’ve had a will. His estate was worth over $300 million. But I heard that Prince didn’t trust alot of people. I think to fake your death you would have to change your identity or get plastic surgery. Everyone knows what he looks like. It would be hard to pull off. Although not totally impossible. But the ruling elite have “eyes” everywhere. They have cameras everywhere you go,every street and every store. It’s hard to just disappear. I have heard stories that Michael Jackson may have tried it too. But looking at the dates and times…it semes to me they sacrificed him. I think there’s a 75-80% chance they did it. I don’t think people really study the occult and esoteric knowledge enough to know what’s going on in the world. They purposely leave clues that only the “enlightened” would catch. This is how the sick occult devil worshipers operate. I’ve been studying this stuff for over fifteen years now. And I put nothing past these demonic people. They believe they answer to no one! Here’s another video I think you’ll like. Let me know what you think.

      • YO, Money! 🙂 Before I forget… do a re-link to your site with your avtar/screen name! 🙂 I couldn’t find you for a minute when I clicked your name and I definitely want people to find ya! 🙂 And GREAT article on the subject! I liked the video clip of the guy breaking down everything too! REALLY GOOD STUFF!!! 🙂

        I’m gonna TRY to keep this short. 🙂 I think if Prince faked his death it might be easier than we think. Seclusion. They’d like for us to believe that their eyes are everywhere, and I’m SURE THEY’RE in MOST places but if there really wasn’t a hit, Prince could be part of that group of elite who already have bunkers! You know that day when they’ll all have to go “underground”? 🙂 I actually do think Michael Jackson faked his death initially but is NOW dead, though.

        And really… THANK YOU for this clip! Can I tell you how long I’ve been trying to find that channel again?! Younazi locked me out of my other channel and I can’t remember half the original channels I was diggin’! INSANELY good stuff! That subliminal “HELP” that the clock changed into is more PROOF they are deliberately “messing with our minds”! And they have been for a very long time (folks can click HERE to see something from 1958)

        This clip is a grand slam, man and should definitely peak the interest of a new comer to the subject! 🙂

      • You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. You should be able to get to my blog with my avatar. Let me know if you can’t. I’ll just post a link if you can’t get to it.

      • Hi there, man! I think I just solved the problem… it’s linked to kushitekingdom vs. your link “kushiteprince”! 🙂 Maybe WordPress can change that for you. People should be able to click your pic or your name and pop right over! 🙂 Thanks for linking us!


    • I don’t think he really died, and I think the elevator represent’s the devil has a stronghold in these time’s. I alway’s get leary when they cremate so quickly.

      • I know quite a few people who feel this way. I think it’s a 50/50 split for critical thinkers. I think when someone has a huge fan base it’s hard to let go. We don’t want to believe that someone larger than life can be taken out so easily. This is why fans want to believe that Tupac and Michael Jackson are still alive. And we still hear about Elvis sightings. We just want to believe that there’s a chance they are still out there. So I understand the mentality. I think he was taken out for a few reasons. Did you know that after he won his music from Warner Bros that they put a life insurance policy out on him? So you know they’re going to try to take the catalog back. How sick is that?? These people are truly demonic!

      • yeah a lot of people don’t know about the Warner Bros situation. You are right about John Todd. I remember watching that on YouTube years ago. Thanks for that link about the water towers. I haven’t been to that site in a long time. I remember reading that article awhile back. That whole thing with Sage Stallone is wild stuff! Really mind blowing! I also like that they exposed Warner Bros. Cool article!

      • It was a really good article! I actually thought it was lost forever but that WayBackMachine is AWESOME! I hope people will be able to find it again. I hate that guy stopped doing his thang too (his site is gone)! He was like TheBlackChild on younazi but TEXT! 🙂

      • My full jury is still out on Umar (he gives me pause). As for his Prince info– I’d say it’s plausible on all counts just not sure of all of his facts. A lot of the things he shared was what we’ve learned over time about the industry. I’d have to do some digging around to see where it would lead me. “Prince had so many un-released finished product…” but he “couldn’t let go of” the Purple Rain LP? He managed to get all but one of his original masters AND his name back and THAT’s how Warner Bros did their switch-a-roo? Seems real short sided for a man of such “brilliance” but I do know Warner Bros ain’t nothin to mess with if they want something. LOTS of twists and turns.

        Whenever I want the meat and potatoes of a theory with some teeth, I head over to my homeskillet “In Search of Black Assassins”. 😉 Prince really wasn’t as innocent people thought and that Vann Jones “tearless performance” about a lost “friend”… just wreaks of really bad crisis acting too. I do smell a sacrifice. I just bookmarked his info on Prince– as always, he starts off grabbing you right off the bat!

        P.S. Umar’s division of race (EXCEPT for keeping the black dollar @ least 10 times before it leaves our communities) ain’t really my cup tea either. The elite ain’t thinking about race when they round us all up so that feels like a waste of energy and an elite “race tactic”. Could be wrong, though. 😉

        I feel like this Umar cat MIGHT be controlled opposition. I also ain’t really feelin’ anyone that might “kick it” with KRS-1. That cat did sell out.

      • Who isn’t controlled opposition?lol Umar could be I don’t know for sure. But I do know his theory makes more sense than most I’ve heard to date. I personally think Alex Jones and Mark Dice are controlled shills. Alex Jones and jesse ventura have been on mainstream media shows. Umar is nowhere near mainstream as them. Also everything he said about black artists is very true. Why don’t any big black icons control there music Jazz? Why is that? He makes a valid point. This goes way back to Cointelpro in the 60’s. Black people have been under surveillance since we got off the slave ships. Race has always been an issue. If race is a non-issue why cant black artists own their music? Why do you think Prince said record contracts were “slave contracts”? Prince also said America was a plantation. I know exactly where he was coming from. I do agree that the secret societies are oppressing everyone but black oppression has been going on from the inception of this country. That’s undeniable according to history.
        Also I like Princeray’s blog. I have learned a lot about Jay Z,Beyonce,Kanye West,Tupac,Whitney and Michael Jackson from his blog. He’s used my blog as a reference point many times. I just disagree with him about Prince having AIDS. I respectfully disagree. I think he was a sacrifice. I think the news meadi is just trying to smear the legacy of Prince. They want to dirty his image even more. They are using his sexual symbol status to say he had AIDS. Totally absurd! If he had full blown AIDS why was he doing concerts just days before he died. There too many coincidences in this tragedy.
        1. He dies in an elevator.
        2. Dies in the Queen’s birthday
        3. Instragram post he left the message “Just when U thought U were safe”
        4. They said he was using Percocet which is known as “purple pills”
        5 The Simpsons episode showing Homer killing Prince
        Also keep in mind that the news is controlled by the elite so they can say his cause of death is whatever they want it to be. CNN,NBC,ABC,MSNBC and Fox News all speread lies to the masses of sheep. Think about this Jazz.
        Time/Warner owns TMZ right? So how can TMZ be object in reporting about Prince? Prince was in a legal battle with Warner(TMZ parent company) yet we are supposed to believe that TMZ will have object reporting. That’s a joke!lol Also why does TMZ seem to always be the first to report on some of these celeb deaths? They were the first to tell the world about Micheal Jackson’s death. And now Prince? Hmmmmm…….if I didn’t know any better I’d think they had a heads up BEFORE it happened. A little food for thought.

      • Hi there, my man!

        I do agree with you. It actually does vividly appear there was foreknowledge. It still gnaws at me that there was no will and the cremation, though. Just can’t compute those two in my noggin.

        As for Umar– he might be legit, I’ve just got such a sour taste in my mouth for so many shills out there. It’s like… if I don’t already know your work, I’m not really trying to find anybody new. 🙂 Mark Dice was “aces” when I first ran across him (back when he was trying to give gold away to passer-bys and they didn’t know the value) but he QUICKLY revealed his card. It truly sucks too! Where independent researchers were becoming FAR more valid than lamestream media, shills/control ops have all but RUINED it. He also lost a couple cool points for a little sex-scandal he was involved in. When a dude can’t think with their head instead of his “head”– just can’t feel anybody who can’t PRIORITIZE. 🙂

        I also don’t think Prince actually looked well in some of the images I saw. His hair also looked “ravaged” from some form of medications. Whether AIDS or not, I thought dude had some genes that should have gone WELL past 57 before seeing crows feet!

        And check out this little diddy– the rumors of him actually having a son (with Kat, his BADAZZ dancer) might be true! I think the kid looks like a pretty good cross between the two (though Kat’s genes dominate) and he’s actually QUITE talented! I’ve only listened to a couple of his tracks but see how the intro of his cd hits you! 🙂 There is DEFINITELY something there. Another interesting piece is that many music moguls actually (like Stevie Wonder) know of this kid! He’s ALWAYS been around during gatherings and supposedly, Diamonds & Pearl was about him (not some chick)! Remember the line; “If I gave you diamonds & pearl, would you be a happy boy or girl? All I can do is offer you my love”? 🙂

        Prince did do an AMAZING thing when he challenged Warner Bros. although he’ll never get the full credit, of course. He actually wasn’t the first that I knew of to do that. Ray Charles was the first one to knock the record execs in the nuts. 🙂 And Barry Gordy pimped every single one of his MOTOWN acts! I personally think one of the reasons the black musical artists can so easily “get got” is because they really ARE overzealous. Taking a couple a coins to an Atty to review a contract should ALWAYS be done but it’s not. Most all black musical artists come from a “hard past” (even Diana Ross) and the waving of a contract with thousands of dollars at stake is ALWAYS gonna make us short-sided. There’s a clip with Rick Ross signing a kid who didn’t even read one line before he signed the dotted line ( Remember when Left Eye Lopez broke it down? 🙂 And if I’m not mistaken, Amel Larrieux is ANOTHER one who mastered her independence (creating her own label appropriately named “Bravebird” after being signed with the majors) and got off “the product line”! 🙂 One of my FAVORITES from her quite literally spells out the music industry to a tee! She even has a line that says; “… I can’t say no more, cuz if I do they won’t let you HEAR FROM ME“! Talk about BADAZZ!!! 🙂 And people CONTINUE to think this business ain’t DEADLY?! hahaha Here’s the song I’m referring to;

        It is cool to see how he took a stand, didn’t appear to change his style and lasted (musically) as long as he did. I just hope he had his soul right. None of it means anything when we cross over. 🙂

      • Thanks for those links and videos. I don’t think people realize the music industry is really a deadly game! These demons in the industry play for keeps!

      • You’re welcome, my man! 🙂

        And you said it! People really don’t “get” that it’s DEMONS behind it all! They ALSO don’t understand just how much demons hate us LIVING. If people only knew. Although they really should ESPECIALLY when you hear someone like Chaka spilling the beans! Most probably don’t know this but she was 17 when she recorded “Sweet Thing” (I meant to type; “Tell Me Somethin’ Good”– sleep deprevation is a terrible thing). She’s been in that game for a loooonnnngggg time so really– she’s speaking truth. I’ve got a nagging feeling that she’s on their “Star Whacker List” (people keep forgetting about Randy Quaid spilling the beans too). Been feeling that way every since her statement about Clive during the night of Whitney’s death.

        UUUGGGH… can’t STAND this “business”!!!

      • Hi there, Lady!

        I wasn’t planning on digging too much into this but I agree. Cremation prior to autopsy results is suspicious whether you’re Prince Rogers Nelson or Hattie Mae Robinson (not a real person just a random name I selected to illustrate a point). It’s funny– people die with no wills (usually the not so wealthy) but they still get buried in a wooden box, not cremated. Prince didn’t have a will but somehow it was randomly decided to burn him up? Shoot… I’d think they want to preserve and study his “pretty genes” just based on GP! 🙂 It IS a red flag.

      • Look up 1932 or 1933 Time magazine cover, you will see a photo of old Rockefeller when he was young. The twin towers are behind him and his watch is set at 9:11. Note, those twin towers were not built or even in the collective consciousness at that time. Not to mention he hired Osama bin laden’s construction company to build them as well as tell him what level to imbed the explosives. Also, the bin laden family and the Bush family’s friendship goes way back to george Sr.’s father.

      • I know! Insane, isn’t it?! 🙂 And believe it or not, I lived in Houston (HATED IT but GREAT food– Goode Bar-B-Que on Kirby Dr. was tha BOMB!!!) and there USED to be a PRIVATE airport with the Bin Laden name! There was a “back road” you could take to their “beach” called Galveston (nastiest water I’ve EVER seen)! I’m SURE it’s been re-named by now– lived there back in the early 90’s (between 1990-1992). But I saw that for myself! 🙂 They (those two families) had LONG history! Just like Saddam Hussain! 🙂

    • Prince’s own words about that phrase was, he could not use the word ‘devil’ in a song at that time so he replaced it with ‘elevator’. The man (his name escapes me at the moment) that informed the world (after Prince’s death ) is suspicious only because the alledged he was found in an elevator.

  2. So this is unrelated to Prince but I had to share because it is weird and I can’t explain it. It also isn’t the first time this has happened to me (I’ll share that experience later!) I created a POF acct to interact with other people make friends (my circle is rather small). Everything went fine, I even have the email to prove I re-registered. Went to login today poof the acct is gone like I never created one (but the email is still there proving I did indeed register.) I’m what ‘they’ say religiously preoccupied (starting hearing voices – both good and bad, which is extremely rare, after reading the Bible). The voices (I believe the good ones to be angels and the bad ones well you KNOW) told me once that I shouldn’t go looking for love that it will come to me through Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable album.

    The other time this happened my exhusband had burned my original Bible, so when I came back from my ‘stay’ in the hospital I tried to order the same Bible I had that he had burned. I could not find it. Mysteriously as long as I stayed with my atheist husband the Bible was out of print and the ones I could find were $200+ (when I had gotten my 1st Bible for $28 on Amazon), even called Zondervan and they said it was out of print. Then as soon as I left him for good, bam the Bible I had is available. I mean I tried searching everywhere when I was with him. So many ‘unexplainable’ things I could tell you guys but IDK what is going on. I believe that the good spirits are protecting me. Jazz I would love to email you some of the crazy things that have happened since I first read the Bible, they are so crazy as ‘they’ have labelled me but all TRUE!)

  3. There are usually four reasons given as to why the Illuminati might want to snuff someone out:
    1.They are about to reveal too much.
    2.Routine Illuminati Blood sacrifice
    3.They stand in the way of an important Illuminati goal
    4.They refuse to play the Illuminati game – refusal to cooperate.
    That just about sums it up!

    1. Died in an elevator scen 19 years ago in a Muppets Tonight scene set in Hebrew year 5757 (Prince 57 when he died. Purple Rain man Muppet debuted that year as well.
    2. Performed with a group called the Twinz every weekend for awhile at the Las Vegas Club Rio 3121 (4-21).
    3. Re: song I Would Die 4U-4th month April, U alphanumerically equals 21, so 4.21. Song also 2:57 long (Prince died age 57).
    4. Purple Rain movie 111 minutes long. 4/21 111th day of year.
    5. 111 days remain in year after 9.11. Prince’s 28th album released on the eve of his future death. World Trade Center stood 28 years before being destroyed in the Hebrew year 5761. There’s that 57 again.
    6. This year Prince would have celebrated another kind of golden birthday: 58 years old, born in 1958, just as Michael Jackson would have.
    7. Lastly, Prince talked about dying young in 2:57 minute long song Under The Cherry Moon. Prince died under (just prior to) the 4/22 Cherry Moon.

    Too much to be coincidence, IMO. BTW, these facts came from a Before Its News article I found online. There’s more info in the article, as well as videos. I just listed what I felt to be most pertinent. If you find the article/videos, I would enjoy receiving feedback so we can discuss all of this.

    • Hi there, gracefulroseofsharon! By the way– you should CONTINUE with your blog! Nice start! 🙂

      I have to agree that there are way too many coincidences! The “spotlight” is very deadly. I’ve named the 2 areas that have me perplexed the most, but I also can’t ignore that he simply didn’t look well. There were images of him riding his bike a few days prior as well as performing so he must have been fine, right?

      I don’t know exactly when the images I’m referring to were captured (linked earlier in this thread, if you need another link, let me know– smiles) but he had surprisingly “aged”, in my opinion. I’ve been so far removed from the music scene I honestly can’t recall the last time I’d seen images of him (seeing him rockin an afro again was WAY cool though) but I thought SURELY he’d preserve well. Prince and I only a few years apart so I’m just REALLY surprised. He was a vegan/veggie guy, rode his bike, played hoops. In other words– diet and exercise were in check so the way he looked– just doesn’t add up… at least for me.

      I think it’s like #2 on KP’s comment! 🙂 A causality of the requirement to feed the Beast. Sacrifices MUST be made, as we know. 😉 Oh yeah! I can’t find the thread on BINs! Can you link it? I’d like to see the other tidbits that were mentioned.

      Get on that Blog of yours! That’s a cool “Hello” to the world! 🙂


  5. I am a Gemini. I just started to love Prince music 3 months ago. I don’t follow celebrities. Prince is the only exception. I hear it & nothing compares to him. His music is the only music I listen t . He is the best & only. The first & the last.

    • Hi Harmony and WELCOME! 🙂

      While his music was “cutting edge” I still caution the worship we give to these people. If I am to believe people who’ve had near death experiences, they claim to see “celebs” in hell being tortured every time a song that made them “famous” is played here on earth. If that’s true, it’s definitely “food for thought”. 🙂

  6. Looks like a scar on Prince’s upper left leg. I do pray he saw the evil in the music business and truly found God. Many of his later songs were about God. There’s a part of me that thinks he knew they were going to hit him and he planned his escape ,however, why wold the courts be divying up his assets and exposing his divorce papers? None of it makes sense unless he believed the industry was going to help him escape only to learn at the last moments they deceived him. Hence his last message, ‘Just when you think you are safe ‘.

    • That last message is VERY mysterious. Just like Britney Spears was speaking truth (about her TORTUROUS life) when she said, “I’m tied of people touching me and plugging things into me” (during the “meltdown” when she shaved her head). Something dirty happened. While reviewing footage of him for this article– Prince was no dummy but when these elite make the decision– hey– they have ways of executing their aim. And they’ll ALWAYS slander after you die. I do know that Prince was out spoken and the Warner Bros issue back in the day is still an angst for the biz.

      I would like to mention this about his faith– there is no way to Heaven but through the blood of Jesus Christ. If anyone follows another creed, they will not be allowed in Heaven. A Jehovah Witness is being misled (like COUNTLESS others). I think the best way to prove this is when possessions happen, it is the name of Christ that sets them free. Not Mary, not Muhammad. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church was a FREEMASON (have you read about what they believe on how we enter Heaven??!! LOL). One last thing, I’ve not seen it stated one time in the Bible where Christ (while roaming the earth) ever called us “Christians”. Where in the world did we get THAT from? 😉 We are, simply put… children of God as “… the Spirit of Christ dwelleth in you”. 😉

    • That DOES look like a scar but really hard to tell. Good eye! I pray they all saw their way out. Ain’t NOTHING cool about eviltainment. Even Lucille Ball practiced spirit channeling! And I really did love me some Lucy back then! TheBlackChild has a GRAND slam video on “The 20 Million Dollar Club”. It applies to all artists (movies, etc.). I recently heard a radio program with a guy sharing the inception of Hollywood! Search words, Nickalodeon’s in NY (maybe NJ– sleepy today). He gets into the dialogue at about the 30 minute mark. It really does explain “Hollywood’s” true origin. And these Jewish heavy hitters who moved to California practiced Jewish Mysticism. It is absolutely profound what he shares.

  7. What I don’t understand is why all the celebrities and others that have money and connections and disapprove of all the evil just don’t join Forces to strike back. They know who the lucerferians are so start targeting the enemies and take them out if the scene.

    • Painfully simple. When they take their oath, they pledge to have their tongues cut out should they ever tell the truth. Can you say– OUCH!! That’s why we ALWAYS see ‘celebs” posing with their finger over their mouths. I’m not sure how Randy Quaid has survived this long after his “Star Whacker” disclosure other than the MIGHTY power of God! Can anyone explain it? God ain’t NO joke and when you truly come to Him, He WILL dash the enemy and “nothing will come nigh thee”! 😉

      I do believe if they all knew just how much power they had collectively they might be more courageous but they’ve done and seen some really scary stuff (blood sacrifices). They are also monitored constantly so how can they strategically plan? Fear is their tool.

      P.S. I cover just how their money isn’t really their money as those elite will cut off your finances in a heartbeat. It’s in the Dave Chappelle article cuz it happened to him. 😉

  8. I’ve asked Jesus /God to come into my life for more than 25 years. Still waiting. Asked God to show his love, mercy, blessings and forgiveness in my life. To remove the evil sent to attack my life,my family and my blessings . Still struggling. Ugg

    • I chose this clip to prove if God can grow out a leg, He can CERTAINLY break any curses! 🙂 Hope you noticed that the guy in the chair was NOT in pain (as his leg was COMMANDED to grow “in AND out”)?! Pete teaches people how to understand that is our FAITH that is key! “As a man thinketh”… notice at times Pete never said a word– just pointed (and directed)? He demonstrates “the faith of a grain of a MUSTARD SEED”! While Phil (the other guy) would used “in the name of (Jesus) Christ” with each command? The results were the same because of their faith and heart cuz God KNOWS what’s in our hearts. And so do DEMONS! Watch the documentaries (online– I haven’t watched tv in YEARS) and watch the miracles take place (in your life)! God DOES hear your HEART so don’t let the devil trick you into believing that He is NOT there for you! I thought, up until I was 27, that my prayers were not heard. BOY was I wrong! REMAIN STEADFAST and get into His Word. He’ll direct you. 😉 If you can muster NOTHING, JUST sing; “Yes, Jesus Loves Me”! The demons can’t STAND it and it does PLEASE God then start looking for those lil’ miracles and BRACE yourself for the ride! 🙂 You’ll get your miracle SOON.

      P.S. Remember… he’s an ex gang-banger! NOW??? He’s healing the WORLD! 🙂 So don’t be shy! REACH OUT TO HIM!!

  9. Haven’t had tv in 5 years, but, prior to not having tv I could not look at those actors /actresses or musicals (older and the young) without feeling the pain they suffer from business’s evil. Look at Will Smith’s 2 younger children. They have such sadness and pain in their faces and bodies.

    • You’re welcome, dear heart. 😉 I simply don’t like to hear that the devil is “winning” when he’s working on someone. He’s a PUNK and my God ain’t gone do nothing to fail ME! 🙂 I added a “P.S.” in case you missed it! 😉

  10. Yes Randy Quaid was running for his life. I too was surprised he returned to the US and he is still alive. Unless the evil industry leaders are planning for one of their ritualis tic ceremonies.

    • He ain’t “running’ no more! PRAISE God! And when his time IS up, I do believe he’s ALREADY given his life to God so if he is to leave this world, I’m assuming he’s READY! God is not going to take ANYONE before THEIR time (because we ALL have a purpose which is HIS purpose). 😉 We NEED to comprehend that!

      Randy is yet another “testimony” that God is REAL! Here’s his clip as he BRAVELY talks about “Star Whackers” (for the OTHER readers to come that DON’T know). 😉

      P.S. Maybe there’s a generational curse involving your family? I met a family who had the worst “luck” FOR YEARS and they STILL came out on the OTHER SIDE (which included HAPPINESS). 🙂

      • Could be family curse , but still want free from it. Been told several times who and why cursed me It’s the same ol readonly, jealousy and wanting what I had.

      • Do you “know” what you’re saying???!!! 🙂

        You KNOW (at least have heard) a curse was placed on you (AND by whom!) which you CLEARLY believe (and know the affects of) yet you’re UNSURE that God can fix it???!!! 🙂 He REALLY CAN! 🙂 The “blockage” is stemming from YOU! 🙂 Next time you to go to the grocery store, go to the spice section and look at the SIZE of… A MUSTARD SEED! That’s ALL the faith you need to ALLOW Him into your HEART! 🙂 I’m telling you… Pete can help you BREAK THAT barrier! He’s got a way (a GIFT) of helping people that breaks THAT wall COMPLETELY! 🙂 If you want my advice? Watch Finger of God then Furious Love– there’s a particular thing that happened when they were in Massachusetts at a “witch festival” I think it was, that is simply BREATHTAKING! 🙂 then… CONTACT Pete! 🙂

        The fact that you found my blog is a TRUE sign that “maybe… just MAYBE”… God is trying to tell you somethin’! 🙂

        With love AND light,

        Jazz 🙂

      • Jazz, I attempted to Co tact Pete Cabrear only to learn his contact information is only for booking him for a seminar or event.

      • Hi! His youtube account accepts email. You could email him through his website though! 🙂 He now travels the world. He’ll get your message. 🙂


    • DIFFICULT indeed! But it CAN be done! He’s ALWAYS has His EXTENDED hand waiting on US! 🙂 We should do as prescribed in the Bible. Be ENCOURAGED! 😉

      You’re gonna feel SOOO much better after ONE chat with Pete, too! I’m SURE of it! 🙂

      With LOVE, dear heart! 🙂

      Jazz 🙂

  11. You can count on white people to support black artists and fill arenas for them when they’re living, furthermore packing the streets by the thousands and lighting up buildings in their honor when they die. You can count on envious, toxic information junkie to hate on black artists and come up with all types of mentally ill inspired delusions of conspiracy when they die. Thank you white America, Europe and beyond for making Prince the purple musical genuine a star. I wish he wouldn’t have made any positive comments about black people during his soul train awards acceptance speech because 90% of blacks didn’t give two shots about him or his secret contributions to so many in need.

    • Hi Sekhmet and thanks for the comment although, the usage of the n-word is not allowed on this site. There is a tab; “Rules for Comments”. I removed that word from your comment in order for it to be approved. Here’s a message on that from Richard Pryor.

      While I do agree that black folks have a tendency NOT to support one another, I do feel like Prince was an exception so I’m not sure how you came to your conclusion but would be interested to find out. The three Prince concerts I attended always had far more blacks in the audience.

      And try not to fall for the “race bait” because when it’s all said and done, race won’t matter one hill of beans to the powers that be. It is the same “force” Prince contended with during his Warner Bros battle. 🙂

      I didn’t watch the awards but my guess as to why Prince had something positive to say about black folks is the sell of an album is broken down in many categories including age and race. Prince KNEW who supported him. No doubt. 🙂

      By the way, a Prince tweet said; “Just when you thought you were safe”… no conspiracy “theory” there, something was messed up by his OWN account.


      • Thank you white America for making prince a star. Race isn’t real but people with white skin showed prince an amazing amount of love and acceptance no matter if he was doing rock, r&b or funk no matter if he wore a suit or a bikini. That alone speaks volumes. You couldn’t wait to put up a pic of him in a dress and gossip and spew delusional religious garbage on your blog. So glad Prince and the other greats didnt have to rely on people like you to be who they were called to be. Absolutely immature and ridiculous.

      • The dress he wore demonstrates his PARTICIPATION into “the brotherhood”. Not spreading gossip. It symbolized that he too took “the oath”. Have you ever heard the quote;

        “But even in the Christian religion, much of its real meaning is hidden by words that are misleading and symbols that but few understand.” Author: Ernest Holmes

        Some find it hard to believe but Tupac did too. Not spotted in a dress but a bathtub (like MANY others– notice the “bee hive like” image off to his right which represents the hive-mind mentality) ) which symbolizes that they DID participate or were in the KNOW (or in Britney’s case SACRIFICED). Hell. Tupac even talked about how Quincy Jones wanted him (Tupac) to have sex with him. Prince had a great influence on us believing in a “dual gender” (aka androgyny or that God got it wrong). He also knew of the name Bin Laden before 9/11. Ridiculous? Says you!


      • Now… I WOULD “chuckle” @ your reply here, but REALLY, this is FAR BIGGER than “you and I”. Hadn’t heard a “chatty cathy” reference in EVER but TOUCHE’!! 🙂 Your ASSUMPTION to my mess is yet a long life rule of thumb… NEVER judge a book by it’s cover. Even in textual form. 😉

        Why I “care” is simple. Another “celeb” dies (in THIS case, maybe, maybe NOT) but this PERSON is held up as an ICON! We should recognize that any ICON who dies will be WORSHIPED. Plain and simple, idol worships goes against OUR CREATOR. Or in the words of that “lil” book called the Bible says, the ALPHA and Omega. I “care” because as one DAUGHTER of the HEAVENLY FATHER… I DO acknowledge and ACCEPT that I am a CHILD of CHRIST cuz I KNOW the SPIRIT of CHRIST “dwelleth in ME”. I TRY to represent HIM (try my BEST to). If you cannot see that, it’s because you do NOT want to. Been at this since 2009. I DON’T get paid for it (my time, AT ALL). So what ARE you saying? If I understand (or OVERstand the HEAVENLY FATHER AS I DO), there is no GRACE for not sharing that He is ALIVE. These “celebs” are mostly VESSELS that DEMONS inhabit! God is NOT involved in ANY secular ANYTHING. So whatchu sayin???

      • I have this feeling /belief that some of them that took the oath were either Forced and/or to joung to fully comprehend the significance of taking the oath. After all , those in charge are the masters of deception.

      • Well… HI THERE, lady!!! Hope ALL is well (and getting BETTER)! 🙂

        Good for you to ponder this more! 🙂 I didn’t think you’d stick around after a reply (AND approval) 🙂 And the point of the article is not ONLY to keep the naive from WORSHIPPING (false idols) but to introduce how this industry (in PARTICULAR) is NOTHING but a vessel for DECEPTION! I am a FORMER (and PROUD OF IT) “industry insider” as some may call us. I worked on one the FIRST environmental tv programs EVER (a Ted Turner Production A CLIMATE AWARENESS effort) and then a bounty hunter show that we can absolutely credit for “Dog The Bounty hunter” ever having a chance to be seen by the world! THAT show had it’s chance because of a show I have worked LONG before it’s day! Everything “old is NEW” again! HIS-story, is ACTUALLY somethin’ else… when we DISSECT it! 🙂 Don’t EVER disregard a feeling you have on these matters that are beyond your personal scope (or outside of your knowledge). Richard Nixon is captured at the Bohemian Grove (in a photo “from days gone by”) and SHORTLY thereAFTER became THIS country’s “president”. Hand picked and decided before you and I were even BORN. Although… I WAS born in the early 50’s… lol… “never judge a book”, as they say…

        Here’s Nixon at Boheim Grove way BEFORE he was the “president” of “ass-merica”! Notice Ronald Regan (the ACTOR) who later became “our president” for NEARLY a DECADE” 🙂 Really… it’s a friggin JOKE! LOL and THEN… There’s ACTUALLY AUDIO of him [Nixon] expressing this! Yep… I’m kinda “that old”!
        The Captain of THIS ship!

      • Funny, I too was born into this world in the 50’s. Back in the 80’s many of us were aware that our votes didn’t matter, that the powers to be chose all presidents. It is just that back then many of us didn’t quite understand who the powers to be were nor the depth of the evilness and agenda. Thru out my life I’ve known many things without having logic, when I’d mention certain things, I’d be called crazy (playfully ) and ‘out of this world. Only to have come to pass the very things that Ijust knew. BTW, still struggling with depression and Jesus.

      • Hi there, lady! You hang in there! 🙂 Mark my words, you’ll be able to say it’s part of your past in NO TIME! Here’s a favorite of mine! 🙂 Matthew 6:25-27

        You know… when I was a kid, I instinctively knew SOMETHING was “off” about this life. Now it’s clear as a bell. “For we wrestle with…”. It’s too bad knowledge has been hidden so long but THANK GOD He’s opening the eyes that want to see! Unfortunately, “they” are the ones who are “out of this world”. They’ll “catch up”… eventually. 🙂 You hang tough! He’s got your back and will make His presence known, soon! 😉


      • They do “trick them” BUT when a person doesn’t take the time to read through their contract (with a Lawyer) that has to be “on them”. Most black artists (for example) are notorious for NOT doing due diligence. Challenging circumstance (i.g. POVERTY) leaves them at a disadvantage (because they are TOO EAGER). Shoot, even Barry Gordy took advantage of black artists who came up in “hard times”. It is the nature of the biz to count on naivety! Rick Ross (only know of him just based on researching for the blog) has a video of a young and hungry kid, signing the dotted line without reading one WORD of a contract. Here’s a quick clip (TheBlackChild NAILS IT–

        It’s only AFTER the fact that they get a CLUE about what they actually joined! Sad. Just SO sad! I forget her name but this lady NAILS it too! She’s speaking NOTHING but TRUTH so be warned for all you up and coming “artists”!

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