A closing song by Prince. “CRITICAL THINKING” is advised…

JUST a REMINDER since he “died”. Dig as MUCH as you can!:)

Why O' Why?

Have any of you ever been to Prince concert?  Well, I’ve been to three (back in the day)!  I’ve attended his concerts with “Sheila E”, “Kat” and “Wendy and Lisa”.  Yep– I’m taking you guys back in time for a bit.  What I remember most about those concerts is his kick azz encores.  He always does an encore song that he is noted for doing at the end of a performance.  He’ll leave the stage but the eager/excited audience refuses to leave the theater so he returns to the stage for one last song.  This is one of those “impromptu” songs from a concert where “he does what he does”.

Now… there has been some speculation on when this was recorded.  Some say it dates back to 1998, but it’s said to be between 2000 or early 2001 so just give it a listen.  I think this was a concert…

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2 thoughts on “A closing song by Prince. “CRITICAL THINKING” is advised…

  1. I wonder if the illuminati sacrifice doves at their rituals and that’s the significance of Prince’s song, When Doves Cry?

    • Hmm… knowing what I know now, it’s HIGHLY plausible! Your comment has me wanting to go over the lyrics again to see what he was REALLY singing about. VERY interesting.

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