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MAAAANNNN!!!!  This is SOOOO disturbing!   I hardly have words!!!  

Now… I KNEW your guberment was quietly stealing land from GENERATIONAL land owners/farmers but even I was surprised at the depth they would stoop!  In their efforts to support the sinister Agenda 21 as well as keeping in line with what The Georgia Guidestones represent, they are not playing around as evidenced by the information contained within the below clip! 

I’m so disturbed by this I’ll just let the video taped documentation speak for itself.  Do keep in mind that latest Oregon “shoot out” story that’s been in the news.  Melissa (the voice you’ll hear in the clip) and I share the same sentiments.  Watch, LEARN, share and GET INVOLVED!!!!  Oh!  And “BLM” refers to Bureau of Land Management in case you did not know (yep– it’s a government agency)…

I don’t work off of “conspiracy THEORIES”– just conspiracy FACTS! Although all the links you’ll need are contained within Melissa’s overview of the clip (in her description box) you can find “the burning video”  HERE (by the farmers and LAND owners own account).  And you can also find that government employee of Mary Martin, BRAGGING about these land seizures clip (that your government does) HERE!  WATCH THAT CLIP FROM BEGINNING TO END!!!!

Simply OUTRAGEOUS and yet more proof that this [U.S.] government is nothing but GUIDOS and have been for YEARS!!!!  They are counting on your complacency too!  Complacency by definition (just in case it’s needed):

a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better : a complacent feeling or condition

May The Heavenly Father watch over the Hammonds.

PLEASE NOTE:  I’m so appalled I had no patience (or time) for tags and all that comes with publishing an article.  Will do THAT in the coming days so that you can effectively use a search engine so that you can find this info in the coming days.


The Captain of THIS ship! 🙂



  1. First right of refusal only means they have the right to match the highest bid or offer. The seller make the same amount of money if he wishes to sell.

    • Hi there, “stranger”! 🙂 Long time no see! 🙂

      Now… is that REALLY your comment, man??? Did you watch the main clip (Melissa’s commentary)? I don’t see how you could leave that comment if you did. This family doesn’t want to sell at all. They are literally being forced (by FIRE) out! Did you see the part where the gov employee boasts about how they simply take people’s land? I’m confused why you’d leave that comment regarding this matter.

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