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Leo Dicaprio: Don’t Be Fooled Cuz He’s One Of “Them” Too!

Been sitting on this one for far too long (just busy you guys) and now that DiCaprio has a new film coming out, thought I’d simply warn ya’… he ain’t HUMAN either!

Now… I KNOW most would like to believe that maybe there are a few who have not been replaced, submitted to the system, or just plain ole sold their souls to the devil.   I can’t stress enough that you cannot play the game without paying the price.  When you reach a certain caliber in hellywood (sports, politics, fashion, etc.) there is no way it was through hard work and timing.  The devil RUNS hellywood (or anything where the spotlight will shine on you).  He rules this world and he turns each and every “fan” into idol worshipers.  And we have been warned about worshiping false idols too (Ezekiel 14:8). 

DiCaprio’s new film is sure to bring his fans out in droves but I just want to lend some proof to the fact that he is not what you think he is.  A hard working actor who paid his dues and just an innocent “man” making a living.  To the contrary. He’s a vessel for Satan and not even human at this point.   I can’t actually get a good screen shot of this so I’ll just let the tape roll.  Hit’s at the :14 mark.  Just ask yourself 2 questions…

  1.  Can your forehead do that?
  2. And why isn’t anything else distorted in those frames?

Just like Obama (and soooo many others), HE AIN’T HUMAN!  And yes, it IS harmful (to your soul) to indulge in whatever he is doing.  “Love not the world” – 1 John 2:15-17… that was not a suggestion, you guys.  You can no longer afford to straddle the fence.  “Choose this day whom you will serve” – Joshua 24:15.  The devil truly has you fooled if you believe that “a little sin” even exists let alone is pleasing to The Heavenly Father.

Don’t go see his movie (read the book since it’s based on true events), don’t listen to his fake climate control rhetoric, and stop caring about his personal life.  He’s a vessel for the devil and could care less about you!

Again… can your forehead to that?!!  Nothing but a demon in disguise, fellow people.

7 thoughts on “Leo Dicaprio: Don’t Be Fooled Cuz He’s One Of “Them” Too!

  1. The problem with being into these ‘conspiracies’ is you can no longer just watch something without finding the hidden meanings. My poor husband doesn’t get to watch anything without me yelling ‘did you see that’ at the screen. Zoolander 2 had some pretty interesting things in there as well if you get a chance to see that.

    • I actually think that is sort of the point– we’re really NOT suppose to take that stuff (secular ANYTHING) in! It takes us away from The Heavenly Father, you know?! And I’m the same way if someone has the tube on and I hear or catch a glimpse of something too blatant to ignore! I cringe every time! 🙂

  2. A video is not a proof. Have you checked out the original? What about the possibility that it is a spasm or a videographic abberation? You should be more cautious than that when publishing something.

    • Hello ludos! Your message was finally cleared by WordPress! Not sure why your comment showed my Gravatar but it did. (???)

      I’m a former editor and associate producer for broadcast news. There was nothing “technical” occurring. And I did go to the original U.N. source which you can find the short version here… hits at the :54-55 mark… it’s quick though!!!

      Sometimes (more oft than not) the source is listed but in this case, I chose not to (the analysis was more important) as I’d HOPE the first inclination would be for people to seek the original source themselves. Gives them to the opportunity to validate the info we provide. Thought it was a pretty easy assumption since this was a U.N. “affair”. 😉

      Just know– “Why O’ Why?” doesn’t “fly by the seat of its’ pants”. It can take weeks or a month(s) to validate leads/info so we never publish without (painstakingly) fact checking. So far, there are only 2 articles were “retractions” were necessary (with 1 left to address) during the entire span of this blog– purely a time factor so it is still forthcoming. We take what we do very seriously. Rest assured.

      Leo may look like an “advocate” but he’s more like “the devils advocate” instead. Absolutely none of “those people”, care about us. I’m certain of it.

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

  3. A NOTE: There is a comment pending but I’m having WordPress look at it prior to approval as there is something odd happening within this comment. When I get the green-light, it will be approved as I look forward to addressing your comment.

    The Captain of THIS Ship!

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