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Before The Year Ends… Some “Likes/DISLIKES” About Ass-mericans!!!

If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you’ll know that I lived outside of the u.s. for nearly a decade.  With that does come this unexpected shock by some of the behavioral and cultural differences.  We are some pretty rude, self-absorbed, inconsiderate and largely disgusting people as a whole.  Not all, but far more noticeable to me now that I’ve returned. 

I’m a very observant person so I watch EVERYTHING.  Back in the day, “americas favorite pass time” USED to be, “driving and picking your nose” (JUST GROSS) but now we’ve developed a list of disgusting “pass times”!  First up…

SPITTING IN PUBLIC!  Something that used to be far and few between!  I actually like very much where I’ve chosen to live (for now) but these have got to be the most spitting people I’ve EVER encountered (next to Fahaheel in Kuwait)!!!  I’m talking AMAZINGLY DISGUSTING!  They don’t even have the “courtesy or wherewithal” to spit in the grass!  It’s just all over every sidewalk, on any street, subdivision, trail, park, etc.!  Men and women spitting ALL THE TIME!  What is going on with that?!  I drink the same water, tea or whatever and I don’t feel the need to spit AT ALL!  True when you have a cold, you gotta get rid of that phlegm as it breaks up but everyone one here AIN’T GOT COLDS!  And spitting can cause TUBERCULOSIS!  Think about this… if you drop your keys, wallet, purse, bags or ANYTHING on a sidewalk that is just laden with spit…  JUST GRRRROOOOSSSSS!!!!  It’s so thick that it stays firmly on the sidewalk even during a HARD RAIN!!!!  And this is supposed to be one of those “healthy states”, i.e. bike trails, organic growing, hiking and all that!!!  PLEASE stop that nastiness!  States like Nebraska actually passed a “law/ordinance” and have noticed a substantial decrease (apparently, this state is not the only one ass-mericans are stinkin up)!  Seriously… WHATSAMATTA YOU?!!!

PREGNANT WOMEN AND SMOKING:  WhatTha FRIED CHICKEN is the matter with you?!!!!  Are you THAT SELFISH that you can’t stop YOUR habit for 9 months?!  And then you’re devastated if your child has a birth defect?!  I’ve had SEVERAL VERY pregnant women just walk right up to me asking if I have a spare cigarette!  They actually get offended when I tell them no!  Where else do they do that?!  I’ve never seen it before!

BLOWING YOUR SNOT ON THE SIDEWALK/PUBLIC: Really??!!!  Just REALLY??!!!  Got to be the NASTIEST thing EVER!  For all men who do this, that is not a sign of MANLINESS!  That is poor upbringing AND hygiene!!!!   To think… getting SLIMY snot/boogers on your hands (which causes hepatitis) and then going about your day touching door handles, toothpicks, mints, or other shared items because you KNOW you did not washed your hands after you did that DISGUSTING act!

THINKING YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE ON THE SIDEWALK:  I really do think today’s gadgets (especially these big phones) are such a distraction people are not mindful that they are not the only one on a sidewalk!  They will stop right in a pathway when they are reading/sending a text which can cause a cluster for no darn reason OTHER THAN Beth and Ann are TEXTING!  PLEASE… step to YOUR right side or KEEP WALKING!  And use your INSIDE voice when your on your phone calls!  No one wants to hear you jabber about returning crap to the MALL!

PLAYING YOUR MUSIC WITHOUT YOUR EARPHONES/PLUGS: Just a plain no brainer!  Really… everyone does NOT have the same taste in music so just USE YOUR attachments!  UGH!!!!

DRAGGING YOUR FEET WHEN WALKING:  How trifling do you have to be to not pick up your feet?!  Dragging your feet every step you is insanely annoying!  Since when did people start walking like they have no muscle in order to be able to lift their legs when they take a step?  That has almost ruined me to want to walk.  Don’t do it near as much as I used to!

And now for the “LIKES”!  🙂

SOME ARE STILL VERY FRIENDLY:  Not entirely sure if this is just here or not (though I do get this pretty much wherever I go) but I find the people here (more than anywhere I’ve been in the u.s.) are pretty darn friendly!  I was pleasantly surprised as I simply didn’t expect it!  I’m living downtown so I can pretty much walk most places (which I enjoy) so I have had COUNTLESS people walk up to me and just engage in very pleasant exchanges!  Who knew that actually STILL existed on any level (anywhere)?!  Out of 10 stars that’s a 10!!!!!

Welp… that about raps that up! 😉


The Captain of THIS Ship!

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