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Hi all!  Well…  I found more proof that Obama is NOT HUMAN!  And this is an image from 2011!  Captured by Associated Press and featured on (HERE’s the link)… [NOTE: do NOT click on images this time– something very weird is happening.  Hey!  I think they are large enough to see on this one! ;)]

arrow-downobama mrs romney kiss 2011 courtesy of AP

Look at his NECK!!!   That is not photoshop!  According to, there is no manipulation whatsoever to this image.  It also lines up perfectly with a scar that starts from the back of his head…


This is one of many Obama’s that we see but this one actually has more Frankenstein stuff happening than his other clones.  Must have been a rushed-job that day back in 2011 cuz WOW!!!


Update: December 12, 2015

Just to further solidify our claim here, we’ve located another image with that peculiar “scar”!  And we also found a “comparison” image where his head is leaning back but that scar doesn’t appear (although– something’s “off” about his neck area in that photo too).  Check them out (and you CAN CLICK ON THE REMAINING IMAGES BELOW to enlarge)! 😉

arrow-downobama leaning back his head

obama leaning back his head no scars

Here’s the last one… don’t see that scar happening in this one either, do you?obama side profile no scar 08BUDGET-master675

You’re not really voting, but when you “do”– you’re “voting” for straight up MONSTERS (in every sense of the word)!!!  Thanks, “T” for the find! 🙂


Editors Note (12/1/15):  Seems this post got hit with some strangeness!!!  I can see comments and even “Likes” in my email but not on this post! Gonna try to re-upload the images as I DO think they may have everything to do with the oddities!  After all… they are linked by Associated Press and!  Paid Opposition DOES run DEEP!!!  More to come…


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