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Dave Chappelle– Did He Join The Dark Side? (Why He Went To Africa: Revisited)

I just had an “oh yeah” moment because it bugged me that so many are not aware of why Dave took off and more importantly, the people involved in him deciding to jet out in the first place and THEN I remembered; “The Way Back Machine”! 

There was a website called; “The Chappelle Theory” which discloses who was behind him leaving that $50 million dollar deal.  It’s also “bumming me out” to think for a moment that Dave is returning to “hellywood” after sharing some truths about its’ darkside.  As far as wearing a dress, he already did YEARS ago in; “Robin Hood, Men In Tights”.  Anyone remember that?  (As always, click images to enlarge)

dave chappelle wears dress 1993 men in tightsIt also appears that Dave has indeed joined the brotherhood as he’s been spotted holding up signage for triple 6’s,

dave chappelle flashes triple 6 symbol 2015

… and even sporting one pant leg raised (something freemasons do when they take the blood oath).  By the way, doesn’t that symbol on his shirt remind you of that Kabbalah crap (Tree of Life)?

Dave Chappelle One Pant Leg Raised A Freemason

In case you doubt that, remember, Pink took her oath back in 2009 during her VMA’s performance… (and people thought that was artistic expression instead of a RITUAL).

pink 2009 vma accepts oath masonary witchcraft

Below is an image of a freemason accepting the blood oath which by the way, should any of them ever break their silence, part of the pledge is to be killed with their tongues being cut out.  Hey– no wonder they rarely talk!

mason_noose pant leg raised

Dave has also been spotted doing the “grand hailing sign of distress” at what appears to be his GQ “premiere”… does he look happy to you?

dave chappelle freemason distress hand symbolism

freemasonry-hailing sign of distress

Shoot, does he even look happy to be on the cover?  Doesn’t look happy at all if you ask me…


So for whatever reason, it is very surprising to see him (of all people) embracing hellywood again after what he endured.  Below is a screenshot of the site that breaks what happened down.  You can click HERE for the full (and incredibly disturbing) read.  Oh, and by the way, Bill Cosby is not only named as one of the people behind this but even back in 2005 this author (who has remained anonymous) disclosed Bill’s “drugging/raping” escapades long before 2015.  It comes from an industry insider who simply has too many details for this not to have happened to Dave.  After you read it, you’ll be asking yourself, why O’ WHY is Dave dancing with the devil… (unless they now have him under Mind Control).

dave chappelle theory screenshot

24 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle– Did He Join The Dark Side? (Why He Went To Africa: Revisited)

    • It is heartbreaking, isn’t it? I wish I knew definitively exactly how we could help them other than what I’ve been trying to get people to see which is to stop our love of evil-tainment by not participating in any of their movies, tv shows, concerts, etc. The ONLY thing I can think of is PRAYER! He and his wife actually got divorced (she didn’t believe what was happening to him). It really is sad. I do believe he is either under mind control now or has been (killed) replaced (cloned). He doesn’t even look the same.

  1. Do you think that maybe that’s his replacement? Maybe they’ve already done away with the real Dave. You just never know with these devils.

    • Hi there! It’s funny you asked that question as I just wrote “yes” under Nina’s comment! 🙂 It’s a real shame. I hope his soul is at rest (if they did do away with him). I really enjoyed his concert film that he gave freely to Brooklyn back in the day. Remember “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party”. Seemed like a really nice guy.

  2. Oh I didn’t see your comment. I agree he does not look the same. His comedy definitely will not be the same. It is very sad. I think they did away with him way back then. When he supposedly went to Africa. I mean if you think about why would these powerful people let him get away with so much? He tested them time after time by continuing with his show and they let it happen over and over? Idk…plus when he came back from Africa he was looking pretty buff. Do you remeber that? Like he was on steroids.

    • No worries! I think it was the first time I was online and responding at the same time with someone! 🙂

      And I definitely thought about Dr. Dre cuz he’s buffed like crazy! He doesn’t look the same either and one of his (fairly large) tattoos is missing! Remember? His son died too (just like Bill Cosby’s– under questionable circumstances).

      My “theory” on when they might have offed him is definitely after Africa only because I think that interview with Oprah was a real “put him in check”. Some of his comedy that he was doing outside of hellywood DID look like him for a moment. I think they actually kidnapped him sometime later and then did the switch-a-roo. He was a VALUABLE commodity and did sign that $50 million contract. He did stand up to them for a time, but also, maybe they cut his funds off so he might have had to walk into their offices to “re-negotiate” and THAT’S when they got him! According to the website I linked, they did cut off his credit cards while he was at a bistro, called him and told him; “try your cards now”. He looked very odd on David Letterman that’s for sure. It’s so deep to think how far they will go yet the masses LOVE THEIR HELLYWOOD AND aspire to be a part of it (no matter how much they are warned!


      • Yes I was thinking of dr dre too! And I was thinking about the interviews he was doing after Africa too. He did that Oprah interview where he was basically trying to expose hollyweird. You’re right, my timeline was off. He did a lot of those interviews. Clearly he was trying to fight back and that’s what probably further pissed them off and like you said thats when they got him. Sickos!! Eminem is def not the same, as well as Amanda Bynes. Have you seen her latest pics? How can anyone even think thats plastic surgery?? That’s just naming a few.
        I’m love your blog btw. I really like everything you post. I’ve been following a long time. This is my first time commenting. I love Dave and really hoped he actually got away, but thats never the case with these devils. Look at poor Lamar Odom.

      • AAWWEEE! Thank you! I appreciate that! Always warms my heart to know that what we’re doing here is helping someone! And thank you for commenting too! 🙂

        And it’s funny you mentioned Eminem as I actually found the lost footage of him doing a CRAZY morph! Of course the original channel got terminated but I found it again and uploaded (although younazi has locked me out of my channel). Check it out when you get a moment! 🙂

        And that whole Lamar ordeal is truly a trip. TheBlackChild did a really good expose’ on it! Those witches are something else! Yet another example of people’s fascination with pure darkness. And poor Amanda. That poor child. I do blame the parents as they offer their children up to these sick demons. The O’Jays said it best back in the day… “For the love of money”.

        Jazz 🙂

  3. You did some great research on this post. I love symbolism breakdown. I’ve always liked Dave. He always found a way to sneak in some truth in his comedy. He was great at speaking truth on racial issues which is a difficult balance to pull off. I think Richard Pryor did it the best. All the best comics have a way of making us laugh from the pain they endured growing up. Having said that,I do think Dave sold out. All the evidence is there. He sold out so he could come back into the industry. I’m sure he was punished in some way. I’m not sure if I believe he’s been cloned though. I’m not sold on the whole cloning theory just yet. But I do believe he had to do some things to get back into good graces with them. You are not allowed to speak to much truth without some repercussions.

  4. I am disappointed in the Dave Chappelle turnabout but it reminds me not to elevate folks to hero status. I’ve previously relied on his judicious exodus from hellywood and his subsequent interviews loaded with subtext (actors studio and Oprah) wherein the hosts appeared to be handlers of some type who knew exactly what Chappelle was referring to when he said ‘they made him an offer he had to refuse’- I paraphrase but that’s the gist. Oprah in particular seemed bent on getting him to choose his words wisely when she saw the road he was going down in front of a live studio audience. I found that damning and revelatory. Her fidgetyness, her body language in response to what he was saying and telling him I think it was ‘to be careful’. Now that he seems to have been brainwashed and rewired or replaced with a clone? I just don’t know but dang, he was a perfect example to wake people up using words from the horse mouth wherein you could say, look an insider is telling you how this ish goes down. Now, not so much. Boo.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this article and the included links. I’ve been researching for hours for the “chappelle theory” in its entirety and have been coming upon dead link after dead link (even on webarchive), and page after page that had been taken down at some point by someone because it contained the full “theory”. For whatever reason, your link works. Thank you.

    • Aawweee! 🙂 Thank YOU and so glad you found us! 🙂 “Welcome to the Party”, mrchubner! 🙂

      I guess I found the link in a nick of time! 🙂 Thank goodness or it might have been lost forever! And can I say thanks for having a pic? I don’t know why the readers here are SOOOO shy! I go to other sites and see also sorts of PEOPLE but here? For the most part… nothin but “squares” in different colours. I don’t get it. 🙂

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

      P.S. How did you find us? I’m just curious. 🙂

  6. According to the research and pictures with positioning you have found, anybody could be found a Satanist. Seriously, this is ridiculous!!

  7. Sorry but your Freemasonry meanings are wrong, they do some of the things you say but you missing too much information.

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