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*** Oregon Shooting CONFIRMED HOAX ALREADY!!! ***

A HUGE thanks to “T” for spotting this one!  Wasn’t even going to waste my time proving yet another fake shooting but this is a keeper!  WKRG Channel 5 News has already deleted the initial coverage (COMPLETELY removed from their younazi account) and edited this out for another airing using a snippet of this same b-roll a few days ago, but my “partner in crime” managed to find it listed on Danny Mason’s facebook account!  Way to go, Danny!!!  Here’s the screenshot, you guys.  Below is the direct hyper link (on Danny’s name), to the only clip remaining that aired in it’s original form.  Sandy Hook b-roll hits at :08-:18.  That’s ALLLL SANDY HOOK!!!!  Again, the station has come back and chopped it out (plus I’m SURE that editor got fired)!  By the way– does anyone know how to download a video on facebook to your hard drive?  Please let me know before the only original clip gets deleted again!  Didn’t I tell you they are ALL FAKES?!!!

Sandy Hook Footage Used In Oregon ShootingThey really wanted you to believe that a kid was killing people because they were “christians”?  And people don’t think there isn’t a Spiritual Warfare taking place (not just a lame attempt at a gun-grab)?  Thanks again “T” for the find and thank you soooo much Danny Mason for grabbing this one!  You rock, my man! 🙂

Remember, fellow people… “keep your eyes open– THEY are counting on us NOT to”!


5 thoughts on “*** Oregon Shooting CONFIRMED HOAX ALREADY!!! ***

  1. The public is so gullible nowadays. We are living in a cartoon world. Every month there seems to be another hoax!! I can take much more of this. The mainstream media is totally fabricated. There’s no reason to even watch the damn news anymore.
    But I do agree with you. I think it’s a way to confiscate guns from the masses. It’s fear based mind control. They want everyone to fear guns and voluntarily give them up. The future looks really bleak to me. I think things are going to get really ugly! It’s a war between the conscious vs the sleepers.

    • I really feel your frustration, man but you won’t BELIEVE what’s been happening recently regarding these MASSIVE LIES. People are doing what they call “thumbs (down) bombing” (or something like that) on these stories! Yes, they are going to them on youtube, NBC, ABC, etc. and leaving truthful comments about their lies and straight up calling them out! This hoax on the stations younazi account has gotten a whopping 600+ thumbs down and the comments are off the chain! And that Kate chick from Sandy Hook, you know the teacher who was lifted up as a “hero” has a book coming out and several people are leaving comments on that Amazon account under reviews and leaving 1 stars! It’s a small but smart step and does prove people are getting hip to the lies and are standing up to say enough is enough! Here’s one from CNN Be encouraged! Truth prevails. 🙂 I don’t think they are going to be successful with a gun grab anytime soon to tell you the truth. There might be more “walking dead than awake” right now, but they’ve got a ways to go before they are successful that’s why they keep hitting us with dumb ass shooting hoaxes on a weekly basis. They are desperate. But we know God is in control and as long as the collective consciousness is starting to manifest, we are winning! 🙂


      • Thanks for the comment. You always have a positive outlook. I guess that’s the best attitude to take in these circumstances. I have to keep fighting against these sick demonic pedophiles that run this world. Those who are “awake” must do our best to awaken others. It seems as though things are getting worse on the internet. They are policing Twitter,Zootube and They are shills and agents acting as truthers. These evil bastards are so deceptive. Which is why we must stay alert and vigilant at all times. I appreciate all the information you put out. You’re doing a great service.

      • Thanks for YOUR comment, my friend! We do have to TRY to keep it on the positive because when it’s all said and done, we ARE going to be REWARDED! 🙂 “They” are the ones who’ll end up in a place that none of will EVER want to be– for all of ETERNITY!

        I can’t tell you just how much I FEEL YA on all these sites that ARE being monitored! I don’t even think wordpress is except! Evil beyond reproach but as long as we can, we utilize them to get the word out to as many souls who want the knowledge. I do believe we ARE WINNING but dark times are “fast” approaching. By the way– LOVE your “falsebook” reference! lol Zuckerberg is as FALSE as they come! hahaha. Still can’t believe so many are addicted to it! As far as the shills, well, I SUPPOSE that is to be expected. No matter how much it comes out (over and over again) that Alex Jones IS A SHILL, people still buy into his bullcrap! In the words of Lauryn Hill, (Forgive them Father for they know not what they do)

        Hang tight my friend, we’re gonna “get there”! 🙂


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