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*** WDBJ Shooting Is A CONFIRMED HOAX (Yet More Fake Shootings)!!! ***

I’m pretty sure a few of you might have wondered if “Why O’ Why?” would look into this one because to be honest, we’ve become bored of the hoaxes but just like Sandy Hook (Line and Stinker, among many others), I decided to take a quick look at this (for kicks and giggles).  I’ve learned to look for the obvious when researching these stories and just like all the others, “they” will usually blow their own whistle.  Well… this FAKE event is no different.

So the “shooting” took place at 6:46am according the station’s OWN Chyron… (click images to enlarge)

arrow-downscreenshot of alison parker shooting shows 646 in the morning hoaxAfter the cameraman is “shot” and drops the camera, the Chyron COMPLETELY changes and so does the time…

arrow-downReporter Shooting time changes to 6AMYAAAWWNN!!!  So you know what that means?  A straight up LIE!!!  So with that, it prompted me to do what I did while looking at the many avenues to prove Sandy Hook was a lie which was to see exactly when “this news hit the scene”.  So using WBDJ’s own website (which you can find the link HERE) to see when comments started rolling in– they busted themselves!  Just like “The Arlington Red Devil’s” article we posted– they put the cart before the horse and as you’ll see, comments about this “tragedy” came nearly TWO FULL HOURS PRIOR to the “incident”.  Just smh, you guys… arrow-downComments Made 2 Hours Before WDBJ Shooting Hoax ConfirmedAre you starting to the see the OBVIOUS pattern with these “events”?  Further… they were shot with HOLLOWPOINT bullets yet Alison was superwoman and turned into a track star as she was able to run and screamed a BUNCH of times, she nor any of them heard or saw the “gunman” during his approach or as the gun was pointing at her (oh– but if you study the video closely, you will see her glance his way), the person being interviewed had the best view of someone approaching yet never “notices him” either!!!  Hey– I could go on but you get the point, don’t you?  Too many holes.  Too many darn holes!!!!  Just another psychological operation for your “entertainment” (distraction). 

One other thing I’d like to add in conclusion (for the trolls/shills/soulless who’ll come in full force), when you click some of those comments, like the first one from Lexington High School, for example– that’s located in my home state of Massachusetts– they are on the same time zone so no malarkey about any nonsense with the time stamp. 😉


Crisis Actors and Hoaxes   —  0

Exposing the Truth ONCE AGAIN  —  Just Under A Bazillion!!!

7 thoughts on “*** WDBJ Shooting Is A CONFIRMED HOAX (Yet More Fake Shootings)!!! ***

  1. This is a great post! I agree with you 100%. I am so sick and tired of this crap. One hoax after another. And the gullible public(sheep) just eat it up. I think you’ll like this video. This guy does a great job exposing this cartoon world we live in. I hope people start waking up to the lies of the media.

    • I friggin love pocketsofthefuture on younazi! His intelligence is off the richter (even though is voice sort of reminds me of “Carlton the Doorman from Rhoda”) lol!

      And thanks for the compliment my man. 🙂 This one was too obvious from the start. And having worked in that beast before, maann, when someone is walking up on your live shot, it’s not easily ignored! There’s nat (natural) sounds that can interfere, etc. I’ve seen comments where people have said that they are trained to ignore interruptions… malarkey. I agree with you too… I’m ALMOST fed up with trying to wake the sleeping dead (sheep). I just saw headlines before opening my email that said “another professor shot at a university”. Without even reading more than the headline I immediately thought… “HERE WE GO AGAIN”! I guess since they’ve screwed up so badly with the fake reporter shooting they want to try to create one that will be more believable. As I’ve mentioned before, people are overall very good– we are being trained to be bad (scary/lone nuts– I personally can’t wait for God’s wrath on Babylon! Still can’t believe that there are so many who are willing to sell their souls to perpetrate such lies. And Alison’s “dad” and her “gay boyfriend” are shockingly worse actors than even Gene Rosen! lol Who knew that was possible? lol By the way, have you seen RussianVids capture of Andy (Alison’s “dad”) yucking it up and dancing at her “memorial”? hahaha It’ll make you chuckle (even through your anger)…

      • Yeah I love his videos! And thanks for those links. I’ll be sure to check them out. I know waking the sheep is hard. But someone has to do I appreciate all that you do. 🙂

      • I’m also loving his flat earth discovery! That weatherman lying about the mirage of the Chicago skyline from St. Joseph, Michigan that’s only 60 miles away sure opened my eyes! And thanks, man! Been a little (alot, actually) busy lately but I try to do what I can! 🙂 I appreciate what you’re doing as well. Really! 🙂 Feels like my radio show is so far off in the distance but will eventually get there! 🙂


      • What’s your take on the flat earth belief? It’s seems so out there! But then again they lie to us about everything it seems. I don’t believe the moon landing myself. There’s some things about the “landing” that seem a bit off to me. I’m not totally sold though on the flat earth theory just yet. What do you think?

  2. Maaannnn!!! I saw a clip YEARS ago where the lighting fell down during the taping of “the moon landing”! lol I also saw one where a famous director (of his time) stepped into a shot (though can’t recall his name at present, I want to say Oscar Wilde)! lol Not only do I believe we never landed ON the the moon but it ain’t that far away! So what does that say to my “feeble mind’? Umm… Not only can the earth actually be flat (and a map was recently discovered from 1892 in archive from a library of my home state in MA (Boston)– one of the first 13 colonies, though documented in Buffalo, NY, ( ) is that they’ve been yanking our chain in EVERY history/science class! lol No wonder Mr. August (my first “real” history/science teacher hated me) lol!!! I was the kid in the class that asked;”but what if” AAALLLL the time. Still doing my own research but I find it incredibly plausible and we should all dig MUCH deeper. Have you seen the raw footage of some guy who used his Nikon P900 camera to zoom in on the moon? Same if not better than what Naza (ooops, NASA) produces Hoping to do a posting on my detail research on that subject REAL soon! 🙂

    Jazz 😉

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