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*** Another Obama Eye Shift (It Was In Plain Sight Too) ***

So… back in 2012 during his campaigning “tour”– Obama was confronted/interrupted by one man in the audience believes (and exclaimed) in God and he froze in the midst of that.  Does anyone remember that?  You can view the clip HERE.

BIG thanks to a sharped eyed youtuber, CloudSmoke, who caught a shapeshift in that moment!  I’ll be honest, I thought there MIGHT be some manipulation but when I went to an original source (in this case, Associated Press) lo and behold if it’s actually there!  I personally captured the screen images below and they are as clear as the nose on your face.  I went right to them!   (As always, double click to enlarge.)…


obama eyeshift1 from 2012

The next one is super amazing as one eye has a crazy slit in it.  Again– I just captured a screenshot.  There is no manipulation whatsoever…obama eyeshift2 from 2012

Again– one confirmation after another proves Obama is no longer human and/or (at the very least) a vessel for demons.  HERE’s the Associated Press source I used to capture the above images. Could he have been cloned?  Of COURSE.  The point is, we are living in a terrible illusion and ANY powerful, notable public figure is a worker of satan himself. 

By the way– the upcoming 2016 “election” that so many still believes it’s about YOUR vote is also a guise used for distraction.  Hitlery (oops, Hillary) Clinton is ALSO one of them.  Been saving this image for the right time and “it can’t be no righter” than to insert it along with this article.  From a photographer named Dave LaChappelle from some years back (not doctored or anything) Hit-llary and her amazing eye shift exposing herself… hillary clinton dave lechappelle photo catches shapeshift

HERE’s the source which is straight from LaChappelle’s own art gallery.  I’m surprised it’s still on the internet to tell you the truth but I’m glad I downloaded it back then just in case anyone got hip to it and wanted to make it disappear [from the net].  

We are living in a astounding time of deceit, no doubt.  It’s time we put on our “big boy and big girl hats” and understand that we need to prepare ourselves for the UNIMAGINABLE.  Don’t let the devil and his workers fool you any longer.  Through the Grace of God– we are being given fair warning.

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